Sunday, 19 December 2010

Full Moon Eclipse Solstice WOW!!

“The solstice lunar eclipse will be followed, in early January, by a solar eclipse. Many mystics believe that during the time between any pair of eclipses, while the Sun Moon and Earth are aligned in three dimensions... a portal opens up. For a couple of weeks, there's a doorway, through which it is possible to pass into 'other realms'. It could be a very interesting Christmas…

This eclipse speaks of doubt followed by certainty, fear replaced by hope. It seems as if, lately, individuals and nations around the world, have been reacting to anxieties and insecurities rather than planning positively for the future. But that may all be about to change.”  Jonathan Cainer

I have quoted Jonathan Cainer here because I find him to be ever the optimist and always focused on positive outcomes.

In the last blog we looked at the close proximity of Mars and Pluto and North Node in Capricorn … sitting close to the Sun and Mercury on or near the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn.

This rather powerful and potentially explosive combination will be hit with a blast of powerful lunar energy on the Full Moon Eclipse which coincides with the Dec 20th  Solstice,  highlighting once again the Cardinal Grand Cross ( at the Aries point) we have been seeing all through this year. This, followed by the Solar Eclipse in the first week of January, and the exact opposition of Uranus and Pluto throughout 2011, means it looks like it is going to be another intense and unsettling year. 

So what can we do about it? 

The Trine/Sextile of Venus and Neptune to the Sun/Moon opposition on this Solstice bring Hope, Love,  and Divine Grace to us all as we begin our emergence into a New Year and ...perhaps...a new era.Yes, sometimes the birth pangs are difficult to bear....but they do bring with them profound transformation...and the birth of new possibilities.

I am going to celebrate this Solstice by making and decorating beeswax drip candles with my grandkids, and lighting  one specially marked candle…to represent the return of the light…the return of the Sun. For me it symbolizes Hope. 

We all need hope in our lives. And the symbolism of the Solstice is that there is always hope. We are always returning again and again to the light.  

On the outside...the days will begin to get longer, brighter, warmer (well eventually). And you never know... maybe this will be the year we get it... we will begin to understand how precious  life on this planet is. 

And on the inside...well...the same... that every moment is precious. Every breath is sacred.  And... anything is possible. 

So why not celebrate?

Happy Solstice!

p.s. Something as powerful as this eclipse will be felt by all....whether consciously or unconsciously. Watch your dreams over the next few days.  If you have any planets   close to the cusp of the signs involved...(see to get your own chart)you may feel it bigtime. What that means and how that manifests is as individual as you are. Set your intention and see what manifests. And let me know if any portals open up for you .....

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

 “Sagittarius is fiery, mutable, changeable, adaptable, and refuses to be boxed in by ordinary thinking. The Sun in Sagittarius shines the light of wisdom on how we must be open to our freedom to explore universal perspectives, and can lead us to a greater spiritual and philosophical aspiration that demonstrates the higher benevolent law of our cosmos.” Robert Wilkinson Aquarius Papers (see sidebar) 

Whew, that’s a mouth full. (an appropriate Sagittarian figure of speech). Over indulgence is definitely a manifestation of the expansive, Jupiter ruled, current skies. I know chocolate is full of nutrients and actually good for you, but… 

Seriously, it is a powerful time and there's lots going on out there. 

Mercury is now going retrograde and will back over the Galactic Core in Sagittarius, increasing the strong emphasis right now on all things Sagittarian (see last blog entry). Although several planets are moving into Capricorn territory (Mars, Mercury, Venus…and Sun …at the Solstice), the Sagittarius New Moon, also at the Galactic core… has set the tone, and the coming Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini (Opposite Sag) will seal it…

Let's hope the joviality and peaceful energy of Jupiter (ruler of Sag) in Pisces can bring wishes for Peace on Earth to the fore.

I learned about the Galactic Core from Eric Francis … at 17 degrees Sagittarius it impels us to find a higher Truth; find our True Purpose and individuals and as a collective. All this movement over the core, and especially Mercury going retrograde, can pull our thoughts inward to an inner awakening to our Higher Purpose.

Yes, there is always something pulling outward into the chaos and busyness of the holidays, so it may take some effort to find a quiet and still moment to hear this inner calling.

Speaking of chaos, the Mercury retrograde brings the usual possibilities of all kinds of mix-ups and mayhem relating to electronics and communications. (Make sure that email/mail really got sent etc etc)

More importantly, Mercury will cross back over the combination of Pluto Mars and North Node, all tightly squeezed into the beginning of Capricorn, and setting off… yes… yet again… the  Grand Cross  at the Aries point. (sidebar: April: Preponderance of the Great) (More on that next blog). Just know that communications are going to be tricky: secrets coming out, others going underground. Tempers may flare. Powerful forces at work. Already happening...just wait and watch.

With Mars hitting Pluto at this pressurized point, something or someone may kick up a fuss and demand attention. Big-time. (something from the past?...Mercury retrograde)

 Pluto Mars combinations can be violent and highly disruptive…so do be extra careful driving and watch out for road rage. And any Jupitarian outbursts and/or pontifications may get us into trouble, so  try to keep it of good cheer and good will to all.

There is major truth telling (Sagittarius) going on out there that is highly refreshing and exciting. Its like something is stirring and people are beginning to respond.

And on Dec 20th, the Full Moon Eclipse (end of Sagittarius) right smack on the Solstice will bring us into a continuation of the big theme of our time, which has been set all year by the Cardinal Grand Cross. All things Capricorn…structures systems (including monetary ones) organizations, authorities etc continue to be called to stand up and be counted. Pluto/Saturn has shaken the tree and Uranus may well bring it tumbling down.

There is some very volatile energy out there, reminiscent of the sixties, when Uranus and Pluto were in close contact (see link at bottom)

Resistance, Restlessness, Rebellion and Revolution are in the air. Students marching on Whitehall in England, huge protests (and violence) in Europe (particularly France and Greece)... the Wikileaks drama… all speak of Renegade action against the status quo (Capricorn).

(I am no political analyst…read Eric Francis at Planet Waves (sidebar) for more in depth look at the world scene. He is both a Journalist and an Astrologer....highly recommended.)

Meanwhile,with all this mayhem being stirred up by Uranus and Pluto, the combination of  Uranus with Jupiter in Pisces, can mitigate some of the anger and intensity flying around.
Here lies a portal to divine Grace and/or benevolent forces. Innocence has power. 

So with the Mercury retrograde heading back to the Galactic Core, returning to our core is the personal theme. Time to go home. Where is that exactly? Could it be within? Our soul purpose calls us loud and clear at this time. Who am I and why am I here? 

And, all around us our earthly home is under threat. So, things are being shaken up, both internally and externally. It is a time for  revolution, inner and outer. First inner purification/clarification/expansion, and then we can manifest from a place of clarity and strength (as within, so without).  The shake up may be a bit scary as much of what we assume or rely on is being called into question. Yet, the pool of consciousness begins to clear,  we can see our true reflection. And really, though it is a revolutionary time, it is our natural evolution, for to survive we need to live in harmony with ourselves and with our environment.

And without true Inner Peace, no action, no thought, no idea can have the clarity needed to manifest what is being called for: the transformation of our world (Pluto in Capricorn).  Without clarity we cannot see. 

Time to turn on the big light. 

This coming eclipse thus highlights the Solstice, which literally, and symbolically, represents the return of the light. 

Where there is darkness, let there be light.

“Pluto is the planet associated with the evolution of the soul, and what some psychologists call the "processing of shadow material." Pluto is dense, unrelenting and takes no prisoners. Uranus is all about invention, revolution, sudden and shocking changes, and a spirit of freedom; it should be called Prometheus, whose spirit is that of ‘awakening’

Eric Francis, from “Born in the Sixties”

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sagittarius New Moon hohoho

Today is a New Moon in Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is identified as a centaur: half human, half horse. This Fire sign is also the sign of the archer, seen aiming high: and is about big ideas, big learning and big visions. It can invoke in us a need for exploration, enjoyment and excess. Sagittarians don’t do small very well.

That’s because Sagittarius is ruled by the largest planet, Jupiter, that brings the expansiveness and joviality associated with this sign. Sagittarians don’t see obstacles, they see possibilities. This fiery buoyant nature gives a cheerful tone to this time of year…(the classic Santa Claus image is a very Sagittarian one…full round belly, red fiery coloured clothing…sharing gifts and abundance to all…with a hohoho.

So… a New Moon in this sign gives us a positive boost in the midst of a rather daunting and intense year. If you have an expansive vision, this is New Moon can help you shoot for it. Abundance abounds.

Sagittarius is also associated with truth and justice. Even though wikilinks is in trouble for telling the truth…it’s completely appropriate at this time (and always, actually)

Jupiter, currently sitting together with Uranus in Pisces, brings inspiring, spiritual visions (perhaps also somewhat surprising and new ones). Flashes of insight can balance the rather  bizarre and surreal goings on in the world right now. There may also be an urge to get drunk.

Lets hope rather than double vision…we have visions for a better world, a better us.

                   “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”  Goethe

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Howling at the Taurus Full Moon

When the Sun and the Moon aspect each other in a big way (New and Full Moons) they set the tone for the coming weeks. Whatever else is going on, this Sun-Moon meeting will usually highlight the rest of the skye (literally). 

Last few weeks, the Scorpio New Moon, combined with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, gave us some juicy, if somewhat inward focused love energy, and a chance to redress unfinished issues in the areas described (sexuality, financial partnerships, control issues) (see last blog entry).

Now the Sun is in a critical degree at the end of Scorpio, opposite the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a destabilizing aspect, bringing tension and a double emphasis on the Full Moon. To have a look at where this lies in your own chart, go to and create a chart)

The Moon will then be quickly moving into Gemini and opposite the Mercury Mars combo in Sagittarius that may already have gotten a few people into trouble lately with its aggressive, no holds barred expression. With a Gemini Moon opposite the planet of communication and the planet of war, be careful with how you approach others. Diplomacy and humour will help.

 Before we get into that fight on Sunday night, we can lie in and let the Taurus Full Moon indulge us in sensual and earthly delights. Or those famous Taurian insecurities could make us seek some kind of comfort to keep away the cold.  Breakfast in bed (with someone to cuddle up to)? Or perhaps, later, curling up in front of a cozy fire (by yourself is fine)…. after a leisurely walk outside, with a bowl of hot yummy soup.  Thing is,  the Scorpio Sun combined with this sensual Moon may have us howling for a bit of sexual satisfaction.  And Venus, as Jupiter, going direct, means we are more likely to go after what we want.

It’s like a curtain has been lifted and we can start to manifest those wishes we put out on the New Moon. Jupiter and Uranus are in harmony with the Sun, so  this is the perfect time to create your  vision.

Just be aware that Venus Trine Neptune may blur that vision a little (with a little help from some Neptunian indulgence i.e. spirits..of whatever kind) and perhaps create a fantasy instead. So while Venus and Neptune can bring us closer to our deepest soul and self, be prepared, if you have directed that dreamy energy to a human being,  for the rude awakening the Gemini Moon opposite Merc/Mars could bring. 

 Thats because the Moon is also square Chiron and Neptune, meaning our emotional vulnerabilities and deepest hurts can either bring us down to that painful eye opening, or we can heal those broken dreams for once and for all.

Wow, this is sounding like a column for the Lovelorn.  Looks like there are a variety of factors that can create a wish come true, or deeply disappoint our expectations. Perhaps the key is to stay in the moment and let the light of the Full Moon illuminate our heart and fill it with love. Period. That is all we really need. Blessings on this weekend.

"Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."
- Rumi

Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Moon in Scorpio.

The New Moon occurred round midnight last if you are sending out a wish or intention you have till the same time tonight for its effect to be optimized. The New Moon wish carries through the next month. With the Scorpio New Moon, whatever we wish for will have an intensity and depth to it owing to the transformative power of Scorpio energy.

And with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, I suspect there will be some who are wishing whatever drama is going on will go away. I wrote before about Venus retrograde drawing us inward, as well as bringing us back over issues that need to be revisited. 

With Venus in Scorpio, we could be dealing with sexual issues, jealousy, or other kinds of experiences that bring up a need to feel in control. We could be holding onto money in some way...especially in regard to someone perhaps holding back an unpaid dept, or there nay be some hurts that need to be addressed. Scorpios can stew for a long time, and old grudges could come up as Venus is calling us to release the old before she turns direct in a few days.

According to Astrologer  Eric Francis,

"This weekend is the helical rise of Venus....the pivotal moment of the retrograde cycle, signifying a revelation of some kind, or of many kinds .....Venus is the planet of emotional intelligence. Scorpio is one of the most emotionally driven signs, yet has a wide spectrum that reaches into the most sublime levels of soul consciousness."

So this may be a time of deep healing or release from what Venus may have brought up in the last week or so of its backward motion. As the planet of love...Venus is always a symbol for that deepest longing in every human be be ok. That there is a love that pervades all existenc,e I know intuitively, yet I sometimes feel separate, and perceive myself as being alone. Even though I know that is an illusion, I can forget to stop and feel the subtle yet powerful presence that so sublimely carries me through every day of my life.

So my own New Moon wish is that the combination of  inner love and inner depth  that Venus in Scorpio brings will carry me past my fear and resistance into the abundant love I know exists all around me and in me.

 Let it be so.


New Moon in Scorpio.

to be continued.....

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


"Traditionally, Samhain marked the end of the bright, bountiful summer season and the beginning of the dark, difficult winter season. (The ancient Celtic year was split into two seasons.)

On Samhain, Celts would often feast on weak livestock or set this meat aside for later meals, since these animals weren’t expected to live through the winter. Death became associated with the festival, and perhaps most important, Celts believed that the “wall” between the world of the living and the world of the dead thinned on Samhain, so the spirits of the dead roamed streets and homes. Some Celts would dress in costume to scare or appease the spirits; others would leave out food; and still others would carve faces into turnips to ward off evil spirits.

Today, some Wiccans still invite the spirits of the dead to attend festivities, taking the time to honor ancestors and those who have passed on. The traditional colors of orange, black and silver are worn by many Pagans and Wiccans, and feasts of pork, gourds, apples and mulled wines fill devotees’ tables."
In Catholic countries its 'All Saints Day'... and 'All Souls Day' ...honouring dead martyrs, and the departed, respectively,  and in Mexico its a full blown 'Day of the Dead' with parades and ceremonies full of skeletons and ghosts and offerings of food meant to remember those who have passed.
All over the world there are also festivals of light at this time of year. From Michaelmas in late September, where lamps are carried in procession to call in Archangel Michael to protect us from the  dark forces, to the bonfires of Samhain (which has transposed into bonfire night in the UK) , the lights and fires (and fireworks) are there to ward off the approaching darkness. The  colder, shorter days can bring deep melancholy and inwardness, and it is natural that as everything dies off, we remember those who have passed on. Creating your own ritual or ceremony may be helpful as  way to acknowledge this time of year. Make a toast the those who have passed on.
With Venus (our way of relating) retrograde in Scorpio (pychological depth, life and death), inwardness is emphasized even more strongly, so its a good time to retreat in some way to process any old issues that may be coming to the surface. We all have inner demons or shadows or unfinished business with others, whether we acknowledge them or not...and some introspection and inner work may be fruitful now at this juncture of light and dark. I love the dressing up.... as demons...and monsters... witches.... (I saw a lot of vampires and zombies) as we externalize those aspects of our psyche. Whether it is to scare off real spirits or to exorcize our own hidden aspects, its deeply symbolic of a need to face the dark. And don't worry... down the road, spring will come again as the cycle of life is repeated.
So while all is dying, there is hope. Rudolf Steiner, a spiritual scientist, and founder of Anthroposophy,  said that, although in winter everything is outwardly dying and seemingly inactive, on a deep level the underground life forces are doing their most intense work as they build up the energies that will later burst force as new life in the spring.   We can take this symbolism personally, to know that whatever is finishing in our life, something new will arise out of the ashes. The Phoenix, symbol of Scorpio, the current sign, rises again and again. 
So as we enter this time of transition to winter, take the time to slow down and look within. You never know what treasures you may find there.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturn in Libra Relationships and Oppositions in the current sky

Saturn In Libra in the current sky brings us lessons in relationships and/or oppositions. Self and other. Although truly we inhabit just one vehicle called the self, when we open our eyes we see the other. What we see and how we see it is often coloured by our own sense of self... the other is often a mirror of our own image. Yet not exactly.

In Jungian psychology it is said that everything we experience is a projection of our own inner reality. I personally believe that is partly true. It makes sense that our personal bias colours how we perceive others. Put on rose coloured glasses and everything looks rosy. In Astrology, we can look at how our planets (in our birth chart) are interacting with the other persons. It is quite remarkable how much that describes our interactions.

For example, I once knew someone that, no mater what, always seemed to trump me. He always had a better answer, smarted response, bigger insight etc. I felt dwarfed by him and no matter how I tried it just was the way it was. I was just getting into Astrology at that time and someone gave me a book on Synestry : the relationship of  two people's charts/planets. I looked up his and my charts and discovered that his Jupiter was opposite my Sun. Jupiter is the largest planet, and is all about expansiveness/bigness.  It can be a know-it-all and a bit overbearing. His Jupiter was thus overshadowing my own sense of self (Sun). I found the description so accurate I had to laugh, and after that I stopped trying to big myself up around him...I let him be right as much as he wanted and it actually became quite humourous.

A few years later I met a woman with  the same need to always be right or be better etc. I again felt a sense of having to shrink back from her overbearing energy. It felt familiar, and remembering the last time,  I looked up our charts.  Lo and behold...there was the same configuration: her Jupiter opposite my Sun.

Since that time, I have used synestry charts again and again to make sense of various experiences with others, or, as an astrologer,  to help people in relationships understand the dynamics between them. Its a fascinating tool to help step back from our reactions and see that its all just energy interacting.  Having a relationship chart done is a really good idea at some point in your partnership...  of whatever kind. Perhaps not at the beginning...I wouldn't think its a good idea to go in with too many preconceptions. But once patterns start to emerge, a good look at your interactive charts can help immeasurably.


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Venus Retrograde: going over it all one more time

The  Moon is now in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus...the ruling planet of Taurus. The opposite sign to Taurus (and thus the 7th house of relationships ) Venus is in Scorpio right now and going backward. This puts emphasis on going over past issues re our I said last blog. Venus, being the planet of love, is a powerful archetype in all our lives. Who doesn't want love?

With this Scorpio retrograde, Venus may bring us down into the depths to explore old issues and go over past trespasses. It may also bring us into contact with the sacred sexuality that Venus in Scorpio can lead to. In his last newsletter Eric Franic(see sidebar) has written a brilliant article on  this subject. He brings in the astroid Vesta...which has just moved into Scorpio as well. The Vestal Virgins (Vesta) were sacred prostitues that had a prominent placement in ancient Rome,and their devotion and care of the sacred fire was at the heart of Roman life.  Francis says that when they were suppressed the fall of Rome followed shortly after.

The message: sexuality is powerful and sacred and not to be messed with.

This next week or two is a good time to  go inward and seek contact with your own inner it sexual or celibate...(as the name virgin implies). We often  leap into sexual things too quickly and now may be the time to stand back and witness our own self before we connect to another. The Mars Venus conjunction in Scopio made slowing down  highly unlikely  in the past few weeks, (yikes) ,  but now we have a chance to take some time to explore our inner selves and let scared healing happen. The planets are with us in this journey. Let Venus (love) come into your dreams and awaken your heart.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Full Moon is in Aries.

 Its so close to the cusp I thought it was Taurus. Interesting. Puts more focus on Mars(aggression, assertion, sexuality)

Same as I already said re sexual issues with a little more umph. Asking for what you want? getting what you want? Surrendering when you don't get what you want?Publish Post

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Full Moon coming up in Taurus.

This Full Moon in Taurus will accentuate the Scorpio energies I suspect we have all been feeling. I was going to write about relationships...and I so much energy right now is bringing up relationship issues. How we relate to others, and particularly in the sexual arena (ruled by Scorpio) will be in the fore this next week. Unfortunately,  I am very have been sidetracked by some personal stuff. ...probably due to this intense Scorpio energy (conjunct my Ascendant...)

Relationships have been accented for a while now, with all the Libra energy floating about recently (Saturn in Libra etc) , and then with Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio things  really hotted up. The Full moon is in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio  is joined by Mercury and Venus. The Venus retrograde will bring up old issues...and Mercury's presence may trigger some necessary conversations to deal with the issues brought up by Venus going retrograde. Retrograde planets encourage us to go back over things one more time....and are more inwardly oriented; and Venus is all about LOVE and relating to others. Scorpio is about power, control,survival and about sexual love.

Sexual healing may be on the agenda...and  the ongoing T-square between PLuto and Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus...continues to mean everything is pressurized and ultimately transformative. My own personal issues are way on the surface at the moment and my body is reflecting old wounds that are coming up for healing. With my Scorpio Ascendant (our physical body, and how we go into the world) being hit hard by all these planets, its not been easy, yet I am actually glad things are coming up for healing and transformation. (The antibiotics help as well....)

So whether the review that Venus instigates is of a sexual nature with a partner, or a more personal inner journey, there are potent forces working with us to help us move through sexual issues and come through into the light.

Positive angles between the T-square planets and the Sun/Moon opposition provides extra impetus to deal with old 'shit' that may be coming up, and will help us get real with ourselves and others. Jupiter/Uranus open us to inspiration and bring positive healing energy to whatever we are facing.

So.... go slow and steady through yet another day/week/month of growth and transformation and remember 'you are the love you are looking for'.


Friday, 8 October 2010



Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sexy New Moon


Today is a New moon in Libra. This is hitting the infamous cardinal T-Square,  meaning the Moon (and Sun) are hitting Saturn and square Pluto in Capricorn, and opposite Uranus and Jupiter in end of Pisces/Aries cusp. The tension continues….with a special emphasis on Libra and the planets there-in.

A New Moon sets the tone for the coming month. That is why it is said if you make a wish at this time it has a greater chance of coming true. This Moon says set your intention for your relationships.

The symbol for Libra is a set of scales. Librans are all about balance and harmony. A need for balance implies two of something. Polarity. Libra is all about relationships. With the New Moon hitting Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Libra, relationships will be up for examination. And discussion.  And learning.

Libra’s ruler is Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus is now in Scorpio snuggled up to Mars… which is our yang sexual energy.  Some very sexy energy going on here! Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars; everyone knows Scorpios are sex crazy. And with all this focus on relationships and sex , the atmosphere is definitely heating up.

If you have relationship issues, or would like to have relationship issues, this is a good time to get your dibs in. Venus is going retrograde tomorrow (Oct 8) and Mercury is exactly conjunct Saturn. Retrogrades mean going over unfinished business re the planet concerned, and with Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio …. its likely we may be revisiting some old familiar scenarios and situations.

Now that could be rather fun, or not. The Saturn influence could mean there are some challenging issues to be dealt with. In connection to Mercury, watch what you say. Or don’t say. The seriousness and intensity here that could provoke confrontations and/or force a rehashing old business.

Don’t dismay….help is on the way. Jupiter and Uranus together (opposite the New Moon) bring  fresh perspective and inspiration…surprises are highly likely.

As retrogrades are more inward facing, its also a good time to do some work on self love.  (you can take that on any level it strikes you: mental, emotional, physical spiritual....)

We all are mirrors for each other…and what we see reflected in the other are often our own inner issues. So with Venus retrograde in Scorpio , and conjunct Mars, be prepared for your sexuality to be challenged, exposed, explored, enjoyed.

And remember: As within, so without.

( Tomorrow …in keeping with these themes…. I will start an examination of the Astrology of Relatonships.  Stay tuned…)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Getting an Astrological Chart Reading: The Journey begins

If we see life as a quest…we must ask ourselves what are we questing for? Do you feel dissatisfied, as though some essential knowledge has been left out?

I see myself as an Astrological Educator. The Latin word educare means "to lead forth", and an astrological reading, in this deeper sense, is about inspiring a vision of meaning and order through which we can go out into the world with a greater sense of self. Through discovering the connections between different parts of ourselves we can begin to see how those parts relate to the world/others etc.

My job as an Astrological Counselor is to help you discover your own truths and encourage your own learning process. Using the Planets as metaphors for the inner and outer components of the psyche, we can map out patterns and tendencies to gain a clear understanding of how you tend to experience life.

I also incorporate Hand Reading into a session, which gives us added verification as well as very physical sense of how patterns manifest in us. For instance, the Head line on your hand will correspond to Mercury in the birth chart, which describes how you think and communicate. The hand itself is thus a personal map, just as your birth chart is.

Overall, a reading will give you insights and understanding into why and how you act and behave as you do. We will uncover (and celebrate) your skills and strengths, as well as examine where development is needed. Rather than predict a specific future, this knowledge will help you create the life you want, within the scope of your  own soul qualities and  inherent skills. My goal is to support you and aid you in your quest for self- understanding.

(Scroll down for earlier blogs on Astrological issues/events  or click on the titles in the  Archive in the side bar)

 Readings can be done in person in Calgary Ab Canada or by Skype to anywhere in the world.The Introductory Rate is $75 for an hour... or $125 for 1/1/2 hrs. A Personal Chart Booklet (roughly 20 pages of chart details) can be purchased as well for $35.

 (all readings come with a 100% satisfaction  guarantee or a full refund).

 Please contact me at


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bring on the Light

Tomorrow the Moon will be Full. Of course you all know this means the Sun and Moon are opposite. Oppositions accentuate each planet's qualities and create a polarized energy. They highlight relationships, agreements, partnerships etc. The push-pull of the two 'lights' is always a powerful time... tides are affected, more babies get born and werewolves come out of hiding....(sound of howling in background)

(just kidding about the last one...)(though with Venus and Mars close together in Scorpio...anything is possible..)

This Full Moon falls almost exactly on the Autumnal Equinox. It is smack at the beginning of Libra and opposite the Aries point that I have spoken about in previous posts....(the beginning of the zodiac and thus the yearly cycle).  These are potent points alone and are also part of the ever present T-square (and sometimes Grand Cross) we have been dancing around all year.

The Full Moon is hitting Jupiter and Uranus, who are also dancing very close together right now. These two are an exciting, creative, very dynamic combination, and with  the Sun exactly opposite and Moon exactly Full right on top of them, we can expect some wild and crazy happenings in and around us.

Jupiter expands and Uranus awakens. An expansive awakening? A lightning bolt out of the sky? A big idea?  Apparently there has been a history of  major scientific breakthroughs with Jupiter Uranus man on the Moon kind of stuff. That  one was 49 years ago and the last one in Pisces was in the 1500's...when all sorts of new inventions and discoveries were flooding the scene  (see Eric Francis...on sidebar...for more details of these).

Uranus is also the ruler of the Aquarian age.... which is upon us...nearly...almost...already...heralding a new community of enlightened humanity  (one can only hope!!).

So a Full Moon and Sun setting off a Jupiter Uranus conjunction at the Equinox can only be a positive thing. Of course, if you prefer to stay sleep,  it might be a bit irritating...

Otherwise...expect good news. Expect breakthroughs. Expect illumination...

(what we expect we get....well not in an obvious way but our unconscious expectations often do determine a lot of what happens to us)

So let there be a conscious choice to move out of old worn out attitudes and an embracing of a new more positive dynamic.

 ‘the Jupiter-Uranus planetary duo has been very much present at peak points in the never-ending process of human development and discovery.’      from Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“  by Anne Whitaker

I hope the skies are clear enough where I am to catch a glimpse of it tomorrow. Right now there is an icy fog everywhere here in Calgary, Alberta. It is supposed to clear up...the forecast is good....and that is an apt metaphor for my life right now. Let there be light.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Wherever I go...there I was?

 ( see past posts for discussions on the Grand Cosmic Cross that has been going on all year)

We are at a major juncture in time between our past and our future. Ok...we are always at a major juncture in time between our past and future. That juncture is called NOW. It is the only reality there is. The past is gone....and  the future ain't here yet.

Yet sometimes that juncture of NOW is so squeezed that it feels particularly intense; pressured; fraught. This is definitely one of those times. This pressurized Grand Cross energy (which actually began in 2008)....has been building all year. Sharp angles  between very powerful planets are manifesting in extreme tensions in us and around us. Some say time is speeding up. Some say its the end of time. The 2012 Mayan prediction is.... that all  we know...(or think we know)  will end.

This is not a doomsday report don't worry.

 The main thing is that the planets, as archetypal reflections and embodiments of our own inner energies...are telling us its time to grow up... wake up .... get with the program. Pluto in Capricorn is at the focal point of the T-Square (it becomes a Grand Cross whenever a planet is at the beginning of Cancer). Capricorn is about our stability, our sense of duty and our relationship to physical creation. To how we live on  planet Earth. It also represents the archetypal Father...the authority figure of the zodiac.

Saturn, Capricorn's a karmic planet which marks key life cycles. You know the 7 year itch? Thats also a Saturn cycle. In fact, all 7 year cycles are  run by Saturn...which takes roughly 28 years to circle the zodiac. Every 7 years or so it hits an angle to its original starting point...and these are the markers. They indicate shifts in how we see or do things and impel us to look in the mirror and see what we have got up to so far.

 So.... with Saturn square Pluto... in Capricorn ...which it rules...we are dealing with some very physical  realities of manifestation. The old boys patriarchal system is breaking down as Pluto brings death to the old  and ushers in the new. The time in between, called 'the blessed unrest" by Lynne Twist (see below). is uncomfortable for a reason. We have to change.

 Our planet earth is in trouble and we  must find a way to transform our way of living and transition into a new era. And to do that we must transform ourselves (I believe).

So...end of the earth? Hmmmm. Possibly.  End of an era? Definitely. Can we change? That remains to be seen. And if we do it will be just in the nick of time.

                  "Be the change you want to see in the world" (Gandhi)

Watch this video about transformational leadership...about 'turning the tide' in what Lynne Twist calls this time of 'blessed unrest':

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wherever I go, there I am....

I am still in transit (as in moving from lace to place)(like the planets!)  so my time on here is a bit patchy. My Uranus conjunct Sun is fully active as my life continues to be ever changing and unsettled. Not easy for a Cancerian yet great fun for a Sagittarius Moon. Adventurous to the core. Sigh.

With Mercury now direct and Pluto as well... things should slowly be moving forward.  There are still a few retrograde planets and it will take a while for energies to really get going again...(end of Sept) but any stalled plans or communications should finally begin to resolve.

We are still being affected by the Grand Square/Cross...and though it too is slowly waning in influence,  it will be with us for a while yet. This means there is still great tension in the air as old systems and structures are resisting the change and movement that both Pluto and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction are pushing us to create.

Yesterday the Moon was in Capricorn and set off the cosmic Cross yet again. I don't know about you but I had an intense day. The Sun is now at 25 degrees Virgo and opposite the Uranus, Jupiter conjunction which has moved backward into Pisces for a while. Our dreams and wishes are  big and powerful right now...and also perhaps an urge to escape it all. Or to create something new and wonderful. This urge will continue as the Sun moves toward being Full on the 23rd. This falls at  the beginning of Libra and yet again the Grand Cross is set off. it is also the Autumnal Equinox point...which falls directly oppossite the Aries point. Powerful stuff.

A Full Moon is a culmination of the energy which began with the New Moon..recently in Virgo. All those tasks and details are going to get an intense pressure with the Grand Cross energy. With the Full Moon sitting on top of the Uranus(sudden change) and Jupiter (expansion) new developments will set things off in unexpected directions. b continued.....

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Moon in Virgo (it's all in the detail)

Tomorrow , Wednesday, is a New Moon in Virgo. Remember to make your New Moon wish or the Moon/Sun combination gives a blast of new energy to whatever we focus on. And as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, what we think about , or say, has special impact now (even more than usual). Details and perfectionism are hallmarks of Virgo energy, so beware of any critical tendencies. You may  feel a need to tell the truth about something...either to yourself ....or to someone in your life. Now's the time to do it...with care.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury so close together, our thoughts and words are emotionally charged, while Moon opposite Chiron/Neptune brings our vulnerabilities to the surface, making us all a bit defensive.

 Be careful what you think and say... is the message of the day.

Eric Francis says that Virgo is about "applying reason and rationality to our sometimes muddled perception of the world". The current Mercury Retrograde (going backwards in a sign) is contributing to this muddling communications could tend to be unclear.  We have just gone through two years of Saturn in Virgo, there has been lots to learn about how to think clearly and what underlies our thought processes and communication (it's all in the details).

 With Jupiter and Uranus pulling against the Saturn in Virgo, there was also a tendency to resent restrictive thinking and a desire to break free of old paradygms. The critisicm emphasised by Saturn in Virgo was met with fierce resistance from Uranus/Jupiter. Crtisicm triggers defensiveness at the best of times so be aware of this polarity. Jupiter wants us to think big, and Uranus wants to be free. Creative thinking offers new insights into old problems.

Now that Saturn has moved out of Virgo and into Libra, we will next be challenged to apply our newly found creativity to our relationships. Today's  emphasis on Mercury means communications are highlighted. Telling the truth in relationships is not easy and requires a lot of diplomacy and care....traits that fall within the Libra domain. Words, and thoughts, have power, and learning to use them well and side step conflict are part of Libra's lesson. In the last blog I wrote about how the polarity in the sky right now will bring out big issues in our personal lives.

Meanwhile, Mercury, has been retrograde for a few weeks. As I said, this can cause a loss of clarity, and those truths may come out all wrong. Erring on the side of caution is not a bad idea now. Mercury retorgrade scrambles our best intentions...going over everything twice is good advice. Apparently the confusion increases at the beginnng and end of a retrograde, called a Mercury storm, so the next week will be the time to double check all things Mercurial (emails, electronics, signed agreements, etc and all forms of communication) That said, don't let it rule you....we al know fear creates it's own problems. People go nuts about Mercury retrograde, warning of all kinds of communication disasters. Me thinks this may create some self fulfilling prophesies.

The main thing about a retrograde is the energy of the panet is reversed. Mercury rules be aware, yes, but don't go overboard. Just dot the i's and cross the t's a bit more carefully (always a good idea anyway).

 A positive aspect of Mercury retrograde is it pushes us to review things. So you have nearly a week to get an overview of any situation that needs mulling over...before things start to straighten out on the 12th of September.

And remember..New Moon... new intention. Make a wish.

"The ability to think is God's gift to us; what we think about is our gift to ourselves." (unknown)

If you want to discuss any of these issues in relation to your own chart do contact me at

Monday, 30 August 2010


I have  been away from this blog a lot  lately due to a variety of family activities : weddings visits etc. I have been travelling and visiting and basically preoccupied with a lot of stuff. It's been good to take a break and step back from constantly looking and analysing the planets and what they are doing.

Writing this blog has been a new experience and has brought up a lot of thoughts, insights etc re how I want to relate to Astrology. I began writing to provide some introduction to Astrology and also to myself ... for people who come to me for readings.  I was also writing an article for 'In Touch'  Reiki magazine and needed to do a more daily type astrology began using this blog to practice.

I resisted this somewhat as I am more interested in personl birth charts and/or relationship charts, and tend to avoid getting bound up in the day to day sky. Not saying I am not looking, but I don't want my decisions and /or actions to be dictated by some idea of what the planets are telling me to do.  That feels too restrictive and prescriptive for my Uranus/Sun conjunction (freedom, independance).

Nonetheless, I have found myself writing a lot  about the daily sky because this year  has been so powerful and dynamic.  It's been a bit hard to ignore it. The Grand Cross at the Aries Point (beginning of the zodiac) heralds major transformation and change ...beginning with massive breakdown and upheaval. The world around us in a state of confusion and dissolution and it has been very interesting to examine what is going on...(which I have done in previous on blog titles on side bar)

The current opposition of Saturn  in Libra and Uranus in Aries brings the subject back to my own interest: Relationships. The Self.  Relationships are front and center with Venus and Mars and Saturn in Libra.
 There's a polarity going on that is creating a push pull between our own needs and those of others. There are obligations to others ( Saturn in Libra) fighting against the urge for freedom  ( Uranus ).  Uranus was in Aries,  but has recently gone retrograde and is back in Pisces for a short time. But the polarity still exists between our lessons, restrictions and obligations vs our need for freedom and independance. And Saturn in Libra brings it all into the realm of relatedness/relationships.

 The current retrograde into  Pisces brings us into the realm of dreams and the deeper unconscious... blurring   boundaries a little. Problem is Saturn insists on boundaries. So a little tension there as Saturn in Libra brings it's critical and challenging energy to how we relate to others. There's a need to be clear and a tendency not to be. Reality vs fantasy. With Saturn's influence, we can learn from these tensions and build better, stronger relationships... (once the dust settles...did I forget to mention Pluto is in the mix...squared Saturn...?!)  Pluto forces an end to the old and heralds profound change.

There is also currently a trine between  Mars/Venus together in Libra and Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius...bringing both vulnerablity and healing into the mix.

So if your relationships with others are feeling tense and or polarized...just know it is there for a reason and a chance to grow and learn through compromise and also...for the moment...compassion (Pisces).

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Full Moon in Pisces

I am late for this blog... the Full Moon was yesterday... in Pisces. That's actually a very Piscean thing... to be late. In Pisces, boundaries are blurred and nothing is particularly solid. It's ruler, Neptune, rules the deep seas...and the uncounscious. What did you dream last night?

Moon in Pisces will call  to our deepest longings; our need to connect to the ineffable; our most hidden wishes. Neptune can signify great illusions as well as Divine Love (higher love). It is said to be the higher aspect of Venus, the planet of love and relatedness. So  Neptune calls us to our higher selves and our soul's inspirations.

It also can lead us down a path of fantasy and illusion. Its ilusiory misty veils can blur our vision and cause us to wander far from our path.  Drugs and escapism are a result of its siren call.

So listen carefully to what your heart truly desires. What is the true love vs the illusiory one?  What is your true longing vs those temporary distractions.

Watch how it's very subtle vibration is nonetheless very powerful, as the Full Moon in Pisces brings us into the watery etherial realms of the unconscious...and into our deepest self.

May all your dreams come true.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Keeping Up...

I am moving about a lot right now as I travel across Canada. I was late in my last post so the Moon is now already halfway through Gemini then tomorrow later in the day  it moves into Cancer. It's hard to keep up!  That's the thing about the keeps moving. And it's also why Cancerians are said to be so moody and changeable...because they (we) are ruled by the Moon... (that's my story and I'm sticking to it...).

Anyway, the main think I thought I might point out is that yet again we will be experiencing  the current cosmic Grand Square. It is increased in potency yet again by the presence of Mars and Venus joining  Saturn's  opposition to Uranus and Jupiter and exactly squaring Pluto. Yikes!!  Might be some fireworks.

So....more of the same pressure, intensity, drama, pressure(did I already say that) choices, oppositions, surprises, push/pull, relationship issues....  lots of dynamic, creative energy. Out with the old in with the new. But don't expect it to happen overnight. This is about  long term change that's been coming a long long time.

I have written about the Grand Square a lot and if you want to read more you can scan back over the titles on the side bar for previous posts.

As a Cancer I am feeling it all rather intensely, though the T-square/Grand square is not exactly on my own planets. I think that focusing on it all the time (as an astrologer) doesn't help! (what you focus on grows).

The Moon will conjunct my Sun on Saturday as I head over to my son's to begin a week of wedding preparations... heading toward the big day on the 14th. I will have to watch my emotions...I am already getting teary.  He has picked an interesting time to get married.

All that said, I believe we create our own reality and whatever the planets are doing, we remain free human beings.

So...under the light of the moon we can  dance with Pluto, shimmy up to Venus,  party with Mars, twirl with Jupiter, and fly with Uranus. It's all a circus and we are part of the show.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Do unto others......

Today is a good day for emotional healing. Tense aspects to Mercury (communication) and Chiron (wounds, vulnerability) conjunct Neptune(healing, dreams, illusions, divine grace) as well as a trine and sextile to the powerful T-square currently in the sky...means vulnerabilities may come to the surface to be healed.  There is a deep longing for  loving kindness in all of us and also sometimes a hidden belief that we don't deserve it.

Watch what you say. Try to yourself and to whoever you deal with today. Even if it appears that they want to hurt you, they are probably acting out of their own hurt. Be gentle on yourself and each other. Let compassion rule the day.

The Moon  in  Taurus  is about our need for security and safety. It is sensual and tactile so perhaps a massage today will help ease the fears and vulnerabilites that are rising to the surface. The profound energy of the T- square gives tremendous transformative power to whatever arises today.

Let it come, let it out, let it go.

"Seek first to understand before you seek to be understood"  

Steven Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People

Saturday, 31 July 2010

stop go stop go stop...........ok go. No stop.

Someone described Mars and Saturn working together driving with the brakes on.  I said it is like throwing a spear at a brick wall. Same result. No result.

Mars is the planet of action, and Saturn insists on  delays.  Both are in Libra where both side of any options seem equally good. Help.

Mars is very impatient and Saturn wants to go SLOW. 

And Mars in Libra is also considered weak. That's because Libra wants harmony, while Mars wants a fight.  So in Libra Mars tends to go underground and passive aggressive activity is the result. So be sure to say what you mean, mean what you say.

I have already had two confrontations in the last few days...and it has been a real challenge to stay clear and not play games. Mars in Libra can be like that.

And, with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Mars and Saturn, everything gets lit up and  intensified.  Talk about pressure.   We crave change, action, movement, yet we hesitate, prevaricate, resist. That's because Saturn rules at this time, thus getting its own way.  Yet delays and blockages can be useful and productive. Gives us time to think things over, which both Mars and Uranus Jupiter conjunction won't. (They want to move NOW).

And then there's the Saturn Pluto square....part of the major T-square (see earlier posts)  Not exact at the moment, but pretty close. Exact later in August so pressure building. Aiyayayai. Please don't hit me!

So this is a good time to plan for a little chaos and confusion,,,,then it won't come as a surprise.   Be creative...(Uranus, Jupiter)and open to the unexpected.... you may surprise yourself.

p.s. my daughter has these all aspecting her own Mars and Saturn. You  would think it would be a difficult time, (well I would) but instead she is full steam ahead. Instead of being stymied, she is feeling energized by all this wild energy...and really moving forward in her life.  So its just a matter of how you use the forces at hand.

" Wherever I go, there I am"  Nat Thick Tan

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Post Full Moon

During this recent Full Moon in Aquarius, I was in the countryside at a beautiful house on a Lake in the Gatineau hills Quebec Canada. The Moon  hung in the air with such majesty...I felt its shimmering beauty deep in my being. It was  hitting my Chiron (wounds, vulnerabilities..the wounded healer). Good time to be on retreat and sit with myself.  It was exactly full at 2 degrees Aquarius on Sun July 25th. Aquarius relates to freedom and brother (sister) hood.

One thing about Full Moons: because they are caused by an opposition they involve some kind of polarity. A push and pull of forces. The Sun  in Leo  can be very self centered and demanding.  The opposition between Leo and Aquarius emphasizes the call of humanity vs our personal ego. As the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the Moon invited us to serve the greater good for the collective benefit of humanity. With it aspecting my Chiron, I have been really feeling the wounds of the world ... several times lately, I have found myself crying with a sense of deep sadness for the way we seem to keep hurting ourselves and our planet.

  The Full Moon also formed a Grand Rectangle with Mars/Saturn on the Virgo Libra border, and Sun in Leo, Jupiter, Uranus at the Pisces, Aries border.  A Grand Rectangle is an auspicious, protective configuration and helps offset the tension of the ongoing T-square. Like a safety net, this gave us some respite from the pressured atmosphere of current skies. I felt that too... a sense of redemption and Divine Grace, despite the craziness going on in the world. And as long as there is Grace.... there is hope.

Full Moons are a coming to fruition of the energy set off by the previous new Moon.  As you may have read, this last one  involved an eclipse and was especially powerful, and whatever situations or issues got triggered by it may have come to a head during the past week. ( read back to last new moon eclipse) There was a sense of endings and new beginnings, and the need for emotional healing: the wounded feminine crying out to be acknowledged and heard. Listen to your heart. Pay attention to your feelings.

Next, we will be  dealing with Mars hitting Saturn in Virgo..and the Moon is heading that way. Oh boy...shit may hit the fan. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mars Saturn: watch your step

When planets are affecting me, I often know it before I know it...if you know what I mean. I didn't used to know it, I just felt something was up...but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I can usually sense when planets are playing with me, and when I look up my chart...sure enough...

I am better at spotting some planets influence than others...partly because some come round more often and have a more pronounced effect. One of those is Mars. Mars is the planet of aggression. Its our passionate, fiery nature and how we act out in the world. A masculine warrior planet; it helps us get going and get to it. It also can make us impatient and a bit feisty...depending on where it lies in our chart.

My Mars is in Pisces...not the most aggressive of signs, to say the least. Mars is supposedly afflicted here....which means its is less effective. I have a Grand Trine between Mars. Saturn. and my Sun ...which gives it some pretty good energy, but they are all in water signs, which lessens the impact again.

So... Mars in Pisces is a bit soft; a bit passive aggressive; a bit of an underdog. Always fighting for lost causes or protecting the weary and the weak. Always a sucker for a good sob story. Easily distracted and a bit spacey. I don't always or easily stand up for myself (or haven't in the past: that is changing) and though I do get angry from time to time, I am much more of a pleaser than an aggressor.

This is why I always know when my Mars is being aspected by transiting planets...especially of its Mars or Pluto...because suddenly I am picking fights or others are picking them with me. Its quite funny actually, because it's so unusual...and I am now able to recognize it and say to myself...hmmm...this feels like Mars again. I will find I am suddenly easily irritated and a bit spikey...I don't tolerate as much as I usually do and I snap more at silly little things.

Now there are lots of reasons for this sort of behaviour...such as lack of sleep or some kind of stress etc. But when I notice it again and again over several days, I start to think maybe Mars is acting up again. Such as today. I found myself being quite short with someone for no real reason, and that's not the first time in the last few days (or weeks actually). Being a bit of an appeaser, it can feel quite good to be a bit feisty, yet overall I am quite uncomfortable in an aggressive role. I don't really like the way I have been sounding.

Sure enough, when I looked at whats happening in my chart, for several weeks the current Mars has been opposite Mars in my chart. And the Sun is also going over my natal Sun, so my ego is amplified for a short while. Just enough to give me the balls to confront people's bullshit and be more than a bit impatient with irritations I usually let go.

Mars is about to hit Saturn, which has just moved into we are all about to get a dose of friction and tension in Libra...which means in our relationships. Co operation and humility will be especially needed during this time so be prepared to give a little and don't forget to seek a win win whenever possible. Mars is our warrior energy and Saturn our rigid boundaries so Mars hitting Saturn may be like throwing a spear at a brick wall. No too effective. Or, conversely, it can provide structure (Saturn) to fight (Mars) for what is right. Saturn is part of the T-square/sometimes Grand Cross configuration, so there is more wallop to the Saturn/Mars meeting. So tiptoe round your temper and try to find middle ground.

"What goes around, comes around."

p.s. When  we deny or repress aspects of ourselves they are said to form our shadow. Shadow stuff is not easy, for the very reason that we can't or don't want to see it.  One thing about transits is sometimes they kick off things that usually the shadows. Like my Mars.  So actually I am a powerful warrior, but because of the watery Piscean veil over my Mars, I don't always own that side of my nature. Just ask my family though. When I was young I was always fighting with my brothers...two against one. And I often won!  My Mars is in my 4th house...which is where family resides. So Mars will manifest there, even though I don't show it in public often. See how it works?  Where is your Mars? (Astrology is such a fascinating subject...)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Breakdown or breakthrough?

 I have excepted from an article by Daniel Pinchbeck  (from a website called Reality Sandwich) as it speaks very powerfully to the massive crisis of the Gulf Oil spill and (unknowingly) to the Grand Cross that is putting massive pressure from both the outside and the inside on us to evolve or self destruct.   (thanks to Lynn Hays at astrodynamics:astrology on the web for posting a link this fantastic article )

“It is now agonizingly obvious that humans do not change their ways until they are far outside of their comfort zone. It is only at the point of death that transmutation becomes possible. Perhaps the rampant desecration of the physical world is going to force the more conscious subset of humanity to purify their intentions, clearing cobwebs from the shadowy corners of the psyche, to access extrasensory capacities on a regular basis. Many of us have experiences of this energy, this potential, but the manifestations tend to occur at uncontrollable junctures and in mysterious ways...

As I explored in previous works, I am convinced that we are reaching the hinge point of a shift in human consciousness and the earth that will either lead to a rapid transformation of our way of life, our “civilization” and its basic paradigm, or the termination of our species in a series of intensifying cataclysms. One clear reason for this is that our technological powers continue to advance rapidly, while those who are currently in control of these galvanic forces reveal a dangerously reduced consciousness, a lack of forethought based on their self-centered greed, combined with a complete absence of ethical and moral development. As Rolling Stone recently exposed in a great piece of investigative journalism, the bungled handling of the oil spill was preceded by the gutting of the regulatory system that monitored such operations, revealing once again the government’s capitulation to corporate interests.

It seems increasingly obvious that, if we wish to survive as a species, the current ruling corporate, political, and financial elite – working seamlessly together to bring about our collective suicide – must be deposed, replaced by a new orchestration of civil society, an openly democratic and truly transparent system, where nothing is hidden, where profit is not the only motivation, and all have a voice...

I pray this is the universe’s wager for us: that we will go beyond our current ruts and limitations, that we will manifest a future of imaginative joy by stepping into our potential, becoming the wizards, warriors, and initiates that the world needs so desperately now. As Nietzsche pointed out accurately, “man”, in his current form, can only be a transitional creature. Either we are rapidly approaching the terminus point for our species or we can collectively choose to transmute, creating an evolutionary implosion, from the physical to the psychic realm. As the oil gushes forth and the earth’s resources disappear, it may be that we can learn to thrive on subtler and far more powerful forms of energy. Working together, we can guide the world toward its next phase of being – a plateau of intensified consciousness and synchronic coherence, in which conscious evolution becomes both sacred game and participatory art form."

Daniel Pinchbeck in Reality Sandwich

"May you live in interesting times"