Thursday, 5 August 2010

Keeping Up...

I am moving about a lot right now as I travel across Canada. I was late in my last post so the Moon is now already halfway through Gemini then tomorrow later in the day  it moves into Cancer. It's hard to keep up!  That's the thing about the keeps moving. And it's also why Cancerians are said to be so moody and changeable...because they (we) are ruled by the Moon... (that's my story and I'm sticking to it...).

Anyway, the main think I thought I might point out is that yet again we will be experiencing  the current cosmic Grand Square. It is increased in potency yet again by the presence of Mars and Venus joining  Saturn's  opposition to Uranus and Jupiter and exactly squaring Pluto. Yikes!!  Might be some fireworks.

So....more of the same pressure, intensity, drama, pressure(did I already say that) choices, oppositions, surprises, push/pull, relationship issues....  lots of dynamic, creative energy. Out with the old in with the new. But don't expect it to happen overnight. This is about  long term change that's been coming a long long time.

I have written about the Grand Square a lot and if you want to read more you can scan back over the titles on the side bar for previous posts.

As a Cancer I am feeling it all rather intensely, though the T-square/Grand square is not exactly on my own planets. I think that focusing on it all the time (as an astrologer) doesn't help! (what you focus on grows).

The Moon will conjunct my Sun on Saturday as I head over to my son's to begin a week of wedding preparations... heading toward the big day on the 14th. I will have to watch my emotions...I am already getting teary.  He has picked an interesting time to get married.

All that said, I believe we create our own reality and whatever the planets are doing, we remain free human beings.

So...under the light of the moon we can  dance with Pluto, shimmy up to Venus,  party with Mars, twirl with Jupiter, and fly with Uranus. It's all a circus and we are part of the show.

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