Saturday, 6 November 2010

New Moon in Scorpio.

The New Moon occurred round midnight last if you are sending out a wish or intention you have till the same time tonight for its effect to be optimized. The New Moon wish carries through the next month. With the Scorpio New Moon, whatever we wish for will have an intensity and depth to it owing to the transformative power of Scorpio energy.

And with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, I suspect there will be some who are wishing whatever drama is going on will go away. I wrote before about Venus retrograde drawing us inward, as well as bringing us back over issues that need to be revisited. 

With Venus in Scorpio, we could be dealing with sexual issues, jealousy, or other kinds of experiences that bring up a need to feel in control. We could be holding onto money in some way...especially in regard to someone perhaps holding back an unpaid dept, or there nay be some hurts that need to be addressed. Scorpios can stew for a long time, and old grudges could come up as Venus is calling us to release the old before she turns direct in a few days.

According to Astrologer  Eric Francis,

"This weekend is the helical rise of Venus....the pivotal moment of the retrograde cycle, signifying a revelation of some kind, or of many kinds .....Venus is the planet of emotional intelligence. Scorpio is one of the most emotionally driven signs, yet has a wide spectrum that reaches into the most sublime levels of soul consciousness."

So this may be a time of deep healing or release from what Venus may have brought up in the last week or so of its backward motion. As the planet of love...Venus is always a symbol for that deepest longing in every human be be ok. That there is a love that pervades all existenc,e I know intuitively, yet I sometimes feel separate, and perceive myself as being alone. Even though I know that is an illusion, I can forget to stop and feel the subtle yet powerful presence that so sublimely carries me through every day of my life.

So my own New Moon wish is that the combination of  inner love and inner depth  that Venus in Scorpio brings will carry me past my fear and resistance into the abundant love I know exists all around me and in me.

 Let it be so.


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