Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wherever I go, there I am....

I am still in transit (as in moving from lace to place)(like the planets!)  so my time on here is a bit patchy. My Uranus conjunct Sun is fully active as my life continues to be ever changing and unsettled. Not easy for a Cancerian yet great fun for a Sagittarius Moon. Adventurous to the core. Sigh.

With Mercury now direct and Pluto as well... things should slowly be moving forward.  There are still a few retrograde planets and it will take a while for energies to really get going again...(end of Sept) but any stalled plans or communications should finally begin to resolve.

We are still being affected by the Grand Square/Cross...and though it too is slowly waning in influence,  it will be with us for a while yet. This means there is still great tension in the air as old systems and structures are resisting the change and movement that both Pluto and the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction are pushing us to create.

Yesterday the Moon was in Capricorn and set off the cosmic Cross yet again. I don't know about you but I had an intense day. The Sun is now at 25 degrees Virgo and opposite the Uranus, Jupiter conjunction which has moved backward into Pisces for a while. Our dreams and wishes are  big and powerful right now...and also perhaps an urge to escape it all. Or to create something new and wonderful. This urge will continue as the Sun moves toward being Full on the 23rd. This falls at  the beginning of Libra and yet again the Grand Cross is set off. it is also the Autumnal Equinox point...which falls directly oppossite the Aries point. Powerful stuff.

A Full Moon is a culmination of the energy which began with the New Moon..recently in Virgo. All those tasks and details are going to get an intense pressure with the Grand Cross energy. With the Full Moon sitting on top of the Uranus(sudden change) and Jupiter (expansion) new developments will set things off in unexpected directions. b continued.....

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