Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Bring on the Light

Tomorrow the Moon will be Full. Of course you all know this means the Sun and Moon are opposite. Oppositions accentuate each planet's qualities and create a polarized energy. They highlight relationships, agreements, partnerships etc. The push-pull of the two 'lights' is always a powerful time... tides are affected, more babies get born and werewolves come out of hiding....(sound of howling in background)

(just kidding about the last one...)(though with Venus and Mars close together in Scorpio...anything is possible..)

This Full Moon falls almost exactly on the Autumnal Equinox. It is smack at the beginning of Libra and opposite the Aries point that I have spoken about in previous posts....(the beginning of the zodiac and thus the yearly cycle).  These are potent points alone and are also part of the ever present T-square (and sometimes Grand Cross) we have been dancing around all year.

The Full Moon is hitting Jupiter and Uranus, who are also dancing very close together right now. These two are an exciting, creative, very dynamic combination, and with  the Sun exactly opposite and Moon exactly Full right on top of them, we can expect some wild and crazy happenings in and around us.

Jupiter expands and Uranus awakens. An expansive awakening? A lightning bolt out of the sky? A big idea?  Apparently there has been a history of  major scientific breakthroughs with Jupiter Uranus man on the Moon kind of stuff. That  one was 49 years ago and the last one in Pisces was in the 1500's...when all sorts of new inventions and discoveries were flooding the scene  (see Eric Francis...on sidebar...for more details of these).

Uranus is also the ruler of the Aquarian age.... which is upon us...nearly...almost...already...heralding a new community of enlightened humanity  (one can only hope!!).

So a Full Moon and Sun setting off a Jupiter Uranus conjunction at the Equinox can only be a positive thing. Of course, if you prefer to stay sleep,  it might be a bit irritating...

Otherwise...expect good news. Expect breakthroughs. Expect illumination...

(what we expect we get....well not in an obvious way but our unconscious expectations often do determine a lot of what happens to us)

So let there be a conscious choice to move out of old worn out attitudes and an embracing of a new more positive dynamic.

 ‘the Jupiter-Uranus planetary duo has been very much present at peak points in the never-ending process of human development and discovery.’      from Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“  by Anne Whitaker

I hope the skies are clear enough where I am to catch a glimpse of it tomorrow. Right now there is an icy fog everywhere here in Calgary, Alberta. It is supposed to clear up...the forecast is good....and that is an apt metaphor for my life right now. Let there be light.



  1. intersting! I was at a Hudson music club rehearsal last night, our quartet performs at their show Sat, and got so many goosebumps watching them perform in groups or solo, their Broadway pieces....One, singular sensation!! highstepping gold sparkly hats and such love of musical theatre reawakened....

  2. with Uranus on your midheaven you are a natural star!!