Friday, 17 September 2010

Wherever I go...there I was?

 ( see past posts for discussions on the Grand Cosmic Cross that has been going on all year)

We are at a major juncture in time between our past and our future. Ok...we are always at a major juncture in time between our past and future. That juncture is called NOW. It is the only reality there is. The past is gone....and  the future ain't here yet.

Yet sometimes that juncture of NOW is so squeezed that it feels particularly intense; pressured; fraught. This is definitely one of those times. This pressurized Grand Cross energy (which actually began in 2008)....has been building all year. Sharp angles  between very powerful planets are manifesting in extreme tensions in us and around us. Some say time is speeding up. Some say its the end of time. The 2012 Mayan prediction is.... that all  we know...(or think we know)  will end.

This is not a doomsday report don't worry.

 The main thing is that the planets, as archetypal reflections and embodiments of our own inner energies...are telling us its time to grow up... wake up .... get with the program. Pluto in Capricorn is at the focal point of the T-Square (it becomes a Grand Cross whenever a planet is at the beginning of Cancer). Capricorn is about our stability, our sense of duty and our relationship to physical creation. To how we live on  planet Earth. It also represents the archetypal Father...the authority figure of the zodiac.

Saturn, Capricorn's a karmic planet which marks key life cycles. You know the 7 year itch? Thats also a Saturn cycle. In fact, all 7 year cycles are  run by Saturn...which takes roughly 28 years to circle the zodiac. Every 7 years or so it hits an angle to its original starting point...and these are the markers. They indicate shifts in how we see or do things and impel us to look in the mirror and see what we have got up to so far.

 So.... with Saturn square Pluto... in Capricorn ...which it rules...we are dealing with some very physical  realities of manifestation. The old boys patriarchal system is breaking down as Pluto brings death to the old  and ushers in the new. The time in between, called 'the blessed unrest" by Lynne Twist (see below). is uncomfortable for a reason. We have to change.

 Our planet earth is in trouble and we  must find a way to transform our way of living and transition into a new era. And to do that we must transform ourselves (I believe).

So...end of the earth? Hmmmm. Possibly.  End of an era? Definitely. Can we change? That remains to be seen. And if we do it will be just in the nick of time.

                  "Be the change you want to see in the world" (Gandhi)

Watch this video about transformational leadership...about 'turning the tide' in what Lynne Twist calls this time of 'blessed unrest':

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