Saturday, 20 November 2010

Howling at the Taurus Full Moon

When the Sun and the Moon aspect each other in a big way (New and Full Moons) they set the tone for the coming weeks. Whatever else is going on, this Sun-Moon meeting will usually highlight the rest of the skye (literally). 

Last few weeks, the Scorpio New Moon, combined with Venus retrograde in Scorpio, gave us some juicy, if somewhat inward focused love energy, and a chance to redress unfinished issues in the areas described (sexuality, financial partnerships, control issues) (see last blog entry).

Now the Sun is in a critical degree at the end of Scorpio, opposite the Full Moon in Taurus. This is a destabilizing aspect, bringing tension and a double emphasis on the Full Moon. To have a look at where this lies in your own chart, go to and create a chart)

The Moon will then be quickly moving into Gemini and opposite the Mercury Mars combo in Sagittarius that may already have gotten a few people into trouble lately with its aggressive, no holds barred expression. With a Gemini Moon opposite the planet of communication and the planet of war, be careful with how you approach others. Diplomacy and humour will help.

 Before we get into that fight on Sunday night, we can lie in and let the Taurus Full Moon indulge us in sensual and earthly delights. Or those famous Taurian insecurities could make us seek some kind of comfort to keep away the cold.  Breakfast in bed (with someone to cuddle up to)? Or perhaps, later, curling up in front of a cozy fire (by yourself is fine)…. after a leisurely walk outside, with a bowl of hot yummy soup.  Thing is,  the Scorpio Sun combined with this sensual Moon may have us howling for a bit of sexual satisfaction.  And Venus, as Jupiter, going direct, means we are more likely to go after what we want.

It’s like a curtain has been lifted and we can start to manifest those wishes we put out on the New Moon. Jupiter and Uranus are in harmony with the Sun, so  this is the perfect time to create your  vision.

Just be aware that Venus Trine Neptune may blur that vision a little (with a little help from some Neptunian indulgence i.e. spirits..of whatever kind) and perhaps create a fantasy instead. So while Venus and Neptune can bring us closer to our deepest soul and self, be prepared, if you have directed that dreamy energy to a human being,  for the rude awakening the Gemini Moon opposite Merc/Mars could bring. 

 Thats because the Moon is also square Chiron and Neptune, meaning our emotional vulnerabilities and deepest hurts can either bring us down to that painful eye opening, or we can heal those broken dreams for once and for all.

Wow, this is sounding like a column for the Lovelorn.  Looks like there are a variety of factors that can create a wish come true, or deeply disappoint our expectations. Perhaps the key is to stay in the moment and let the light of the Full Moon illuminate our heart and fill it with love. Period. That is all we really need. Blessings on this weekend.

"Our task is not to seek love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."
- Rumi

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  1. love this post Sue, and your quote from Rumi at the end is priceless.