Saturday, 31 July 2010

stop go stop go stop...........ok go. No stop.

Someone described Mars and Saturn working together driving with the brakes on.  I said it is like throwing a spear at a brick wall. Same result. No result.

Mars is the planet of action, and Saturn insists on  delays.  Both are in Libra where both side of any options seem equally good. Help.

Mars is very impatient and Saturn wants to go SLOW. 

And Mars in Libra is also considered weak. That's because Libra wants harmony, while Mars wants a fight.  So in Libra Mars tends to go underground and passive aggressive activity is the result. So be sure to say what you mean, mean what you say.

I have already had two confrontations in the last few days...and it has been a real challenge to stay clear and not play games. Mars in Libra can be like that.

And, with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Mars and Saturn, everything gets lit up and  intensified.  Talk about pressure.   We crave change, action, movement, yet we hesitate, prevaricate, resist. That's because Saturn rules at this time, thus getting its own way.  Yet delays and blockages can be useful and productive. Gives us time to think things over, which both Mars and Uranus Jupiter conjunction won't. (They want to move NOW).

And then there's the Saturn Pluto square....part of the major T-square (see earlier posts)  Not exact at the moment, but pretty close. Exact later in August so pressure building. Aiyayayai. Please don't hit me!

So this is a good time to plan for a little chaos and confusion,,,,then it won't come as a surprise.   Be creative...(Uranus, Jupiter)and open to the unexpected.... you may surprise yourself.

p.s. my daughter has these all aspecting her own Mars and Saturn. You  would think it would be a difficult time, (well I would) but instead she is full steam ahead. Instead of being stymied, she is feeling energized by all this wild energy...and really moving forward in her life.  So its just a matter of how you use the forces at hand.

" Wherever I go, there I am"  Nat Thick Tan

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  1. good post Sue, nice to know the moon and stars are orbiting around and throwing us off kilter. Today was one heck of a day....almost burned the house down, shopped for linens and stuff for chalet...but not very grounded.