Saturday, 23 October 2010

Venus Retrograde: going over it all one more time

The  Moon is now in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus...the ruling planet of Taurus. The opposite sign to Taurus (and thus the 7th house of relationships ) Venus is in Scorpio right now and going backward. This puts emphasis on going over past issues re our I said last blog. Venus, being the planet of love, is a powerful archetype in all our lives. Who doesn't want love?

With this Scorpio retrograde, Venus may bring us down into the depths to explore old issues and go over past trespasses. It may also bring us into contact with the sacred sexuality that Venus in Scorpio can lead to. In his last newsletter Eric Franic(see sidebar) has written a brilliant article on  this subject. He brings in the astroid Vesta...which has just moved into Scorpio as well. The Vestal Virgins (Vesta) were sacred prostitues that had a prominent placement in ancient Rome,and their devotion and care of the sacred fire was at the heart of Roman life.  Francis says that when they were suppressed the fall of Rome followed shortly after.

The message: sexuality is powerful and sacred and not to be messed with.

This next week or two is a good time to  go inward and seek contact with your own inner it sexual or celibate...(as the name virgin implies). We often  leap into sexual things too quickly and now may be the time to stand back and witness our own self before we connect to another. The Mars Venus conjunction in Scopio made slowing down  highly unlikely  in the past few weeks, (yikes) ,  but now we have a chance to take some time to explore our inner selves and let scared healing happen. The planets are with us in this journey. Let Venus (love) come into your dreams and awaken your heart.


  1. Yes, this Scorpio is beginning to feel a very strange energy from the past.

  2. How is that manifesting for you...?

  3. The Vestal Virgins were NOT sacred prostitutes. They were priestesses who were expected to preserve their chastity throughout their thirty year tenure.

  4. I have read the same...yet some writers also state that Vestal Virgins engaged in d 'sacred sexuality' (more secret and thus perhaps less well known) and in Eric Francis article, which inspired my writing, he referred to them as sacred prostitutes. It may all be getting mixed up with the sacred prostitutes of ancient Greece. Here are two bits that I came across. The first refers to what you are saying..the second to what I meant in my own article.

    "The priestesses of the goddess Vesta were known as the Vestal Virgins. They were responsible for maintaining the sacred fire within the Temple of Vesta on the Forum Romanum. Other duties included performing rituals in regards to the Goddess Vesta, and baking the sacred salt cake to be used at numerous ceremonies in the year....The vestals vowed to live in chastity for the thirty years their tenure lasted.....While enjoying many benefits, including a rather luxurious life in the House of Vestal Virgins, punishment for breaking the rules were severe. The punishment for breaking the vow of chastity was death by burial alive as this was the adopted to kill a vestal without shedding her blood. "

    (the article said that these deaths as punishment were rare...)

    Vestal Virgins and Sex Magick

    Ishtar, the Great Whore of Babylon, was sometimes called the Goddess Har since she was the mother of the Harlots. These Harlots were not prostitutes as we know them, but priestesses, sorceresses, prophets, and healers. Sacred Whores were known sometimes as the Holy Virgins of Goddesses such as Ishtar, Asherah, or Aphrodite. The famous Vestal Virgins were thought to have practiced secret sex magical rites in honor of the Roman Goddess Vesta, the same as the Greek goddess Hestia -- Goddess of the Hearth, or "center of the world." from

  5. Still: I should have referred to them as sacred is a bit misleading if you don't know my reference.. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Hi Sue!
    Really interesting to read your blog. Hope life good for you in Canada.
    Hugs from Laragh