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Wouldn't it help if you  knew your personal strengths and could uncover your hidden weaknesses?  Astrology can help (really).

In a personal  reading we examine the elements that need to learn to work together to create your version of success. So much remains unconscious and that's what trips us up. When we open your eyes, we tend to trip less often.

 The sky at the time of your birth contained a detailed map that describes who you are and what you came here to learn and to accomplish. A personal reading zooms in on key aspects of your personality to help you uncover your hidden destiny.  For instance, it shows your relationship with money as well as your key  talents and areas of work. It will also reveal your tendency to travel or seek change as well as your communication style.

Your Birth Chart also describes who you will attract, as well as who will irritate you the most (in other words who has the most to teach you). Our relationships are our greatest mirrors.

Before you get a relationship chart done it is best to start with self knowledge. A one-to-one reading can bring understanding around where you have come from (your roots), as well as help you to see the way forward.  Relationships flourish when each person knows who and where they are.

Once you have that basic personal info, you can then start to explore your shared goals and values. You would be surprised how much information there is in a relationship chart reading. That is what got me interested in Astrology in the first place! (We need all the help we can get!!)
Insight into our  inter-personal dynamics brings tolerance and understand to most situations.

A Couples reading is extremely helpful and provides insights into the dynamics of the relationship.

If you are needing some insight into your own patterns, or hope to shine a light on the way forward, or ... if you want to gain more insight into a relationship you are in, I suggest you start with a personal chart reading, then move on to look at your Relationship Chart.

The astrology right now is all about fresh starts and making different choices.
Investing in yourself never looked better. It all starts with the first step!

A 1.5 hr  Reading is $125  (includes looking at your hand).
With 20 + page booklet  (very detailed info re all aspects of chart)   $150.

Booklet on its own is $40.

All prices in Canadian dollars.

To book a reading or get more information contact me at

I look forward to meeting you!

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