Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Full Moon in Pisces

I am late for this blog... the Full Moon was yesterday... in Pisces. That's actually a very Piscean thing... to be late. In Pisces, boundaries are blurred and nothing is particularly solid. It's ruler, Neptune, rules the deep seas...and the uncounscious. What did you dream last night?

Moon in Pisces will call  to our deepest longings; our need to connect to the ineffable; our most hidden wishes. Neptune can signify great illusions as well as Divine Love (higher love). It is said to be the higher aspect of Venus, the planet of love and relatedness. So  Neptune calls us to our higher selves and our soul's inspirations.

It also can lead us down a path of fantasy and illusion. Its ilusiory misty veils can blur our vision and cause us to wander far from our path.  Drugs and escapism are a result of its siren call.

So listen carefully to what your heart truly desires. What is the true love vs the illusiory one?  What is your true longing vs those temporary distractions.

Watch how it's very subtle vibration is nonetheless very powerful, as the Full Moon in Pisces brings us into the watery etherial realms of the unconscious...and into our deepest self.

May all your dreams come true.

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