Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Post Full Moon

During this recent Full Moon in Aquarius, I was in the countryside at a beautiful house on a Lake in the Gatineau hills Quebec Canada. The Moon  hung in the air with such majesty...I felt its shimmering beauty deep in my being. It was  hitting my Chiron (wounds, vulnerabilities..the wounded healer). Good time to be on retreat and sit with myself.  It was exactly full at 2 degrees Aquarius on Sun July 25th. Aquarius relates to freedom and brother (sister) hood.

One thing about Full Moons: because they are caused by an opposition they involve some kind of polarity. A push and pull of forces. The Sun  in Leo  can be very self centered and demanding.  The opposition between Leo and Aquarius emphasizes the call of humanity vs our personal ego. As the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the Moon invited us to serve the greater good for the collective benefit of humanity. With it aspecting my Chiron, I have been really feeling the wounds of the world ... several times lately, I have found myself crying with a sense of deep sadness for the way we seem to keep hurting ourselves and our planet.

  The Full Moon also formed a Grand Rectangle with Mars/Saturn on the Virgo Libra border, and Sun in Leo, Jupiter, Uranus at the Pisces, Aries border.  A Grand Rectangle is an auspicious, protective configuration and helps offset the tension of the ongoing T-square. Like a safety net, this gave us some respite from the pressured atmosphere of current skies. I felt that too... a sense of redemption and Divine Grace, despite the craziness going on in the world. And as long as there is Grace.... there is hope.

Full Moons are a coming to fruition of the energy set off by the previous new Moon.  As you may have read, this last one  involved an eclipse and was especially powerful, and whatever situations or issues got triggered by it may have come to a head during the past week. ( read back to last new moon eclipse) There was a sense of endings and new beginnings, and the need for emotional healing: the wounded feminine crying out to be acknowledged and heard. Listen to your heart. Pay attention to your feelings.

Next, we will be  dealing with Mars hitting Saturn in Virgo..and the Moon is heading that way. Oh boy...shit may hit the fan. More tomorrow.

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