Sunday, 19 December 2010

Full Moon Eclipse Solstice WOW!!

“The solstice lunar eclipse will be followed, in early January, by a solar eclipse. Many mystics believe that during the time between any pair of eclipses, while the Sun Moon and Earth are aligned in three dimensions... a portal opens up. For a couple of weeks, there's a doorway, through which it is possible to pass into 'other realms'. It could be a very interesting Christmas…

This eclipse speaks of doubt followed by certainty, fear replaced by hope. It seems as if, lately, individuals and nations around the world, have been reacting to anxieties and insecurities rather than planning positively for the future. But that may all be about to change.”  Jonathan Cainer

I have quoted Jonathan Cainer here because I find him to be ever the optimist and always focused on positive outcomes.

In the last blog we looked at the close proximity of Mars and Pluto and North Node in Capricorn … sitting close to the Sun and Mercury on or near the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn.

This rather powerful and potentially explosive combination will be hit with a blast of powerful lunar energy on the Full Moon Eclipse which coincides with the Dec 20th  Solstice,  highlighting once again the Cardinal Grand Cross ( at the Aries point) we have been seeing all through this year. This, followed by the Solar Eclipse in the first week of January, and the exact opposition of Uranus and Pluto throughout 2011, means it looks like it is going to be another intense and unsettling year. 

So what can we do about it? 

The Trine/Sextile of Venus and Neptune to the Sun/Moon opposition on this Solstice bring Hope, Love,  and Divine Grace to us all as we begin our emergence into a New Year and ...perhaps...a new era.Yes, sometimes the birth pangs are difficult to bear....but they do bring with them profound transformation...and the birth of new possibilities.

I am going to celebrate this Solstice by making and decorating beeswax drip candles with my grandkids, and lighting  one specially marked candle…to represent the return of the light…the return of the Sun. For me it symbolizes Hope. 

We all need hope in our lives. And the symbolism of the Solstice is that there is always hope. We are always returning again and again to the light.  

On the outside...the days will begin to get longer, brighter, warmer (well eventually). And you never know... maybe this will be the year we get it... we will begin to understand how precious  life on this planet is. 

And on the inside...well...the same... that every moment is precious. Every breath is sacred.  And... anything is possible. 

So why not celebrate?

Happy Solstice!

p.s. Something as powerful as this eclipse will be felt by all....whether consciously or unconsciously. Watch your dreams over the next few days.  If you have any planets   close to the cusp of the signs involved...(see to get your own chart)you may feel it bigtime. What that means and how that manifests is as individual as you are. Set your intention and see what manifests. And let me know if any portals open up for you .....

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  1. thanks for this Sue, it's nice to know the stars and planets align for a reason, and that the Hope is stronger than the Turmoil.