Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Moon in Virgo (it's all in the detail)

Tomorrow , Wednesday, is a New Moon in Virgo. Remember to make your New Moon wish or intention...as the Moon/Sun combination gives a blast of new energy to whatever we focus on. And as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, what we think about , or say, has special impact now (even more than usual). Details and perfectionism are hallmarks of Virgo energy, so beware of any critical tendencies. You may  feel a need to tell the truth about something...either to yourself ....or to someone in your life. Now's the time to do it...with care.

With the Sun, Moon and Mercury so close together, our thoughts and words are emotionally charged, while Moon opposite Chiron/Neptune brings our vulnerabilities to the surface, making us all a bit defensive.

 Be careful what you think and say... is the message of the day.

Eric Francis says that Virgo is about "applying reason and rationality to our sometimes muddled perception of the world". The current Mercury Retrograde (going backwards in a sign) is contributing to this muddling effect...so communications could tend to be unclear.  We have just gone through two years of Saturn in Virgo, there has been lots to learn about how to think clearly and what underlies our thought processes and communication (it's all in the details).

 With Jupiter and Uranus pulling against the Saturn in Virgo, there was also a tendency to resent restrictive thinking and a desire to break free of old paradygms. The critisicm emphasised by Saturn in Virgo was met with fierce resistance from Uranus/Jupiter. Crtisicm triggers defensiveness at the best of times so be aware of this polarity. Jupiter wants us to think big, and Uranus wants to be free. Creative thinking offers new insights into old problems.

Now that Saturn has moved out of Virgo and into Libra, we will next be challenged to apply our newly found creativity to our relationships. Today's  emphasis on Mercury means communications are highlighted. Telling the truth in relationships is not easy and requires a lot of diplomacy and care....traits that fall within the Libra domain. Words, and thoughts, have power, and learning to use them well and side step conflict are part of Libra's lesson. In the last blog I wrote about how the polarity in the sky right now will bring out big issues in our personal lives.

Meanwhile, Mercury, has been retrograde for a few weeks. As I said, this can cause a loss of clarity, and those truths may come out all wrong. Erring on the side of caution is not a bad idea now. Mercury retorgrade scrambles our best intentions...going over everything twice is good advice. Apparently the confusion increases at the beginnng and end of a retrograde, called a Mercury storm, so the next week will be the time to double check all things Mercurial (emails, electronics, signed agreements, etc and all forms of communication) That said, don't let it rule you....we al know fear creates it's own problems. People go nuts about Mercury retrograde, warning of all kinds of communication disasters. Me thinks this may create some self fulfilling prophesies.

The main thing about a retrograde is the energy of the panet is reversed. Mercury rules communication....so be aware, yes, but don't go overboard. Just dot the i's and cross the t's a bit more carefully (always a good idea anyway).

 A positive aspect of Mercury retrograde is it pushes us to review things. So you have nearly a week to get an overview of any situation that needs mulling over...before things start to straighten out on the 12th of September.

And remember..New Moon... new intention. Make a wish.

"The ability to think is God's gift to us; what we think about is our gift to ourselves." (unknown)

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