Monday, 27 September 2010

Getting an Astrological Chart Reading: The Journey begins

If we see life as a quest…we must ask ourselves what are we questing for? Do you feel dissatisfied, as though some essential knowledge has been left out?

I see myself as an Astrological Educator. The Latin word educare means "to lead forth", and an astrological reading, in this deeper sense, is about inspiring a vision of meaning and order through which we can go out into the world with a greater sense of self. Through discovering the connections between different parts of ourselves we can begin to see how those parts relate to the world/others etc.

My job as an Astrological Counselor is to help you discover your own truths and encourage your own learning process. Using the Planets as metaphors for the inner and outer components of the psyche, we can map out patterns and tendencies to gain a clear understanding of how you tend to experience life.

I also incorporate Hand Reading into a session, which gives us added verification as well as very physical sense of how patterns manifest in us. For instance, the Head line on your hand will correspond to Mercury in the birth chart, which describes how you think and communicate. The hand itself is thus a personal map, just as your birth chart is.

Overall, a reading will give you insights and understanding into why and how you act and behave as you do. We will uncover (and celebrate) your skills and strengths, as well as examine where development is needed. Rather than predict a specific future, this knowledge will help you create the life you want, within the scope of your  own soul qualities and  inherent skills. My goal is to support you and aid you in your quest for self- understanding.

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 Readings can be done in person in Calgary Ab Canada or by Skype to anywhere in the world.The Introductory Rate is $75 for an hour... or $125 for 1/1/2 hrs. A Personal Chart Booklet (roughly 20 pages of chart details) can be purchased as well for $35.

 (all readings come with a 100% satisfaction  guarantee or a full refund).

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