Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Full Moon coming up in Taurus.

This Full Moon in Taurus will accentuate the Scorpio energies I suspect we have all been feeling. I was going to write about relationships...and I so much energy right now is bringing up relationship issues. How we relate to others, and particularly in the sexual arena (ruled by Scorpio) will be in the fore this next week. Unfortunately,  I am very have been sidetracked by some personal stuff. ...probably due to this intense Scorpio energy (conjunct my Ascendant...)

Relationships have been accented for a while now, with all the Libra energy floating about recently (Saturn in Libra etc) , and then with Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio things  really hotted up. The Full moon is in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio  is joined by Mercury and Venus. The Venus retrograde will bring up old issues...and Mercury's presence may trigger some necessary conversations to deal with the issues brought up by Venus going retrograde. Retrograde planets encourage us to go back over things one more time....and are more inwardly oriented; and Venus is all about LOVE and relating to others. Scorpio is about power, control,survival and about sexual love.

Sexual healing may be on the agenda...and  the ongoing T-square between PLuto and Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus...continues to mean everything is pressurized and ultimately transformative. My own personal issues are way on the surface at the moment and my body is reflecting old wounds that are coming up for healing. With my Scorpio Ascendant (our physical body, and how we go into the world) being hit hard by all these planets, its not been easy, yet I am actually glad things are coming up for healing and transformation. (The antibiotics help as well....)

So whether the review that Venus instigates is of a sexual nature with a partner, or a more personal inner journey, there are potent forces working with us to help us move through sexual issues and come through into the light.

Positive angles between the T-square planets and the Sun/Moon opposition provides extra impetus to deal with old 'shit' that may be coming up, and will help us get real with ourselves and others. Jupiter/Uranus open us to inspiration and bring positive healing energy to whatever we are facing.

So.... go slow and steady through yet another day/week/month of growth and transformation and remember 'you are the love you are looking for'.


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