Monday, 30 August 2010


I have  been away from this blog a lot  lately due to a variety of family activities : weddings visits etc. I have been travelling and visiting and basically preoccupied with a lot of stuff. It's been good to take a break and step back from constantly looking and analysing the planets and what they are doing.

Writing this blog has been a new experience and has brought up a lot of thoughts, insights etc re how I want to relate to Astrology. I began writing to provide some introduction to Astrology and also to myself ... for people who come to me for readings.  I was also writing an article for 'In Touch'  Reiki magazine and needed to do a more daily type astrology began using this blog to practice.

I resisted this somewhat as I am more interested in personl birth charts and/or relationship charts, and tend to avoid getting bound up in the day to day sky. Not saying I am not looking, but I don't want my decisions and /or actions to be dictated by some idea of what the planets are telling me to do.  That feels too restrictive and prescriptive for my Uranus/Sun conjunction (freedom, independance).

Nonetheless, I have found myself writing a lot  about the daily sky because this year  has been so powerful and dynamic.  It's been a bit hard to ignore it. The Grand Cross at the Aries Point (beginning of the zodiac) heralds major transformation and change ...beginning with massive breakdown and upheaval. The world around us in a state of confusion and dissolution and it has been very interesting to examine what is going on...(which I have done in previous on blog titles on side bar)

The current opposition of Saturn  in Libra and Uranus in Aries brings the subject back to my own interest: Relationships. The Self.  Relationships are front and center with Venus and Mars and Saturn in Libra.
 There's a polarity going on that is creating a push pull between our own needs and those of others. There are obligations to others ( Saturn in Libra) fighting against the urge for freedom  ( Uranus ).  Uranus was in Aries,  but has recently gone retrograde and is back in Pisces for a short time. But the polarity still exists between our lessons, restrictions and obligations vs our need for freedom and independance. And Saturn in Libra brings it all into the realm of relatedness/relationships.

 The current retrograde into  Pisces brings us into the realm of dreams and the deeper unconscious... blurring   boundaries a little. Problem is Saturn insists on boundaries. So a little tension there as Saturn in Libra brings it's critical and challenging energy to how we relate to others. There's a need to be clear and a tendency not to be. Reality vs fantasy. With Saturn's influence, we can learn from these tensions and build better, stronger relationships... (once the dust settles...did I forget to mention Pluto is in the mix...squared Saturn...?!)  Pluto forces an end to the old and heralds profound change.

There is also currently a trine between  Mars/Venus together in Libra and Neptune/Chiron in Aquarius...bringing both vulnerablity and healing into the mix.

So if your relationships with others are feeling tense and or polarized...just know it is there for a reason and a chance to grow and learn through compromise and also...for the moment...compassion (Pisces).

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