Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mars Saturn: watch your step

When planets are affecting me, I often know it before I know it...if you know what I mean. I didn't used to know it, I just felt something was up...but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I can usually sense when planets are playing with me, and when I look up my chart...sure enough...

I am better at spotting some planets influence than others...partly because some come round more often and have a more pronounced effect. One of those is Mars. Mars is the planet of aggression. Its our passionate, fiery nature and how we act out in the world. A masculine warrior planet; it helps us get going and get to it. It also can make us impatient and a bit feisty...depending on where it lies in our chart.

My Mars is in Pisces...not the most aggressive of signs, to say the least. Mars is supposedly afflicted here....which means its is less effective. I have a Grand Trine between Mars. Saturn. and my Sun ...which gives it some pretty good energy, but they are all in water signs, which lessens the impact again.

So... Mars in Pisces is a bit soft; a bit passive aggressive; a bit of an underdog. Always fighting for lost causes or protecting the weary and the weak. Always a sucker for a good sob story. Easily distracted and a bit spacey. I don't always or easily stand up for myself (or haven't in the past: that is changing) and though I do get angry from time to time, I am much more of a pleaser than an aggressor.

This is why I always know when my Mars is being aspected by transiting planets...especially of its Mars or Pluto...because suddenly I am picking fights or others are picking them with me. Its quite funny actually, because it's so unusual...and I am now able to recognize it and say to myself...hmmm...this feels like Mars again. I will find I am suddenly easily irritated and a bit spikey...I don't tolerate as much as I usually do and I snap more at silly little things.

Now there are lots of reasons for this sort of behaviour...such as lack of sleep or some kind of stress etc. But when I notice it again and again over several days, I start to think maybe Mars is acting up again. Such as today. I found myself being quite short with someone for no real reason, and that's not the first time in the last few days (or weeks actually). Being a bit of an appeaser, it can feel quite good to be a bit feisty, yet overall I am quite uncomfortable in an aggressive role. I don't really like the way I have been sounding.

Sure enough, when I looked at whats happening in my chart, for several weeks the current Mars has been opposite Mars in my chart. And the Sun is also going over my natal Sun, so my ego is amplified for a short while. Just enough to give me the balls to confront people's bullshit and be more than a bit impatient with irritations I usually let go.

Mars is about to hit Saturn, which has just moved into we are all about to get a dose of friction and tension in Libra...which means in our relationships. Co operation and humility will be especially needed during this time so be prepared to give a little and don't forget to seek a win win whenever possible. Mars is our warrior energy and Saturn our rigid boundaries so Mars hitting Saturn may be like throwing a spear at a brick wall. No too effective. Or, conversely, it can provide structure (Saturn) to fight (Mars) for what is right. Saturn is part of the T-square/sometimes Grand Cross configuration, so there is more wallop to the Saturn/Mars meeting. So tiptoe round your temper and try to find middle ground.

"What goes around, comes around."

p.s. When  we deny or repress aspects of ourselves they are said to form our shadow. Shadow stuff is not easy, for the very reason that we can't or don't want to see it.  One thing about transits is sometimes they kick off things that usually the shadows. Like my Mars.  So actually I am a powerful warrior, but because of the watery Piscean veil over my Mars, I don't always own that side of my nature. Just ask my family though. When I was young I was always fighting with my brothers...two against one. And I often won!  My Mars is in my 4th house...which is where family resides. So Mars will manifest there, even though I don't show it in public often. See how it works?  Where is your Mars? (Astrology is such a fascinating subject...)

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