Saturday, 31 July 2010

stop go stop go stop...........ok go. No stop.

Someone described Mars and Saturn working together driving with the brakes on.  I said it is like throwing a spear at a brick wall. Same result. No result.

Mars is the planet of action, and Saturn insists on  delays.  Both are in Libra where both side of any options seem equally good. Help.

Mars is very impatient and Saturn wants to go SLOW. 

And Mars in Libra is also considered weak. That's because Libra wants harmony, while Mars wants a fight.  So in Libra Mars tends to go underground and passive aggressive activity is the result. So be sure to say what you mean, mean what you say.

I have already had two confrontations in the last few days...and it has been a real challenge to stay clear and not play games. Mars in Libra can be like that.

And, with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Mars and Saturn, everything gets lit up and  intensified.  Talk about pressure.   We crave change, action, movement, yet we hesitate, prevaricate, resist. That's because Saturn rules at this time, thus getting its own way.  Yet delays and blockages can be useful and productive. Gives us time to think things over, which both Mars and Uranus Jupiter conjunction won't. (They want to move NOW).

And then there's the Saturn Pluto square....part of the major T-square (see earlier posts)  Not exact at the moment, but pretty close. Exact later in August so pressure building. Aiyayayai. Please don't hit me!

So this is a good time to plan for a little chaos and confusion,,,,then it won't come as a surprise.   Be creative...(Uranus, Jupiter)and open to the unexpected.... you may surprise yourself.

p.s. my daughter has these all aspecting her own Mars and Saturn. You  would think it would be a difficult time, (well I would) but instead she is full steam ahead. Instead of being stymied, she is feeling energized by all this wild energy...and really moving forward in her life.  So its just a matter of how you use the forces at hand.

" Wherever I go, there I am"  Nat Thick Tan

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Post Full Moon

During this recent Full Moon in Aquarius, I was in the countryside at a beautiful house on a Lake in the Gatineau hills Quebec Canada. The Moon  hung in the air with such majesty...I felt its shimmering beauty deep in my being. It was  hitting my Chiron (wounds, vulnerabilities..the wounded healer). Good time to be on retreat and sit with myself.  It was exactly full at 2 degrees Aquarius on Sun July 25th. Aquarius relates to freedom and brother (sister) hood.

One thing about Full Moons: because they are caused by an opposition they involve some kind of polarity. A push and pull of forces. The Sun  in Leo  can be very self centered and demanding.  The opposition between Leo and Aquarius emphasizes the call of humanity vs our personal ego. As the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, the Moon invited us to serve the greater good for the collective benefit of humanity. With it aspecting my Chiron, I have been really feeling the wounds of the world ... several times lately, I have found myself crying with a sense of deep sadness for the way we seem to keep hurting ourselves and our planet.

  The Full Moon also formed a Grand Rectangle with Mars/Saturn on the Virgo Libra border, and Sun in Leo, Jupiter, Uranus at the Pisces, Aries border.  A Grand Rectangle is an auspicious, protective configuration and helps offset the tension of the ongoing T-square. Like a safety net, this gave us some respite from the pressured atmosphere of current skies. I felt that too... a sense of redemption and Divine Grace, despite the craziness going on in the world. And as long as there is Grace.... there is hope.

Full Moons are a coming to fruition of the energy set off by the previous new Moon.  As you may have read, this last one  involved an eclipse and was especially powerful, and whatever situations or issues got triggered by it may have come to a head during the past week. ( read back to last new moon eclipse) There was a sense of endings and new beginnings, and the need for emotional healing: the wounded feminine crying out to be acknowledged and heard. Listen to your heart. Pay attention to your feelings.

Next, we will be  dealing with Mars hitting Saturn in Virgo..and the Moon is heading that way. Oh boy...shit may hit the fan. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mars Saturn: watch your step

When planets are affecting me, I often know it before I know it...if you know what I mean. I didn't used to know it, I just felt something was up...but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Now I can usually sense when planets are playing with me, and when I look up my chart...sure enough...

I am better at spotting some planets influence than others...partly because some come round more often and have a more pronounced effect. One of those is Mars. Mars is the planet of aggression. Its our passionate, fiery nature and how we act out in the world. A masculine warrior planet; it helps us get going and get to it. It also can make us impatient and a bit feisty...depending on where it lies in our chart.

My Mars is in Pisces...not the most aggressive of signs, to say the least. Mars is supposedly afflicted here....which means its is less effective. I have a Grand Trine between Mars. Saturn. and my Sun ...which gives it some pretty good energy, but they are all in water signs, which lessens the impact again.

So... Mars in Pisces is a bit soft; a bit passive aggressive; a bit of an underdog. Always fighting for lost causes or protecting the weary and the weak. Always a sucker for a good sob story. Easily distracted and a bit spacey. I don't always or easily stand up for myself (or haven't in the past: that is changing) and though I do get angry from time to time, I am much more of a pleaser than an aggressor.

This is why I always know when my Mars is being aspected by transiting planets...especially of its Mars or Pluto...because suddenly I am picking fights or others are picking them with me. Its quite funny actually, because it's so unusual...and I am now able to recognize it and say to myself...hmmm...this feels like Mars again. I will find I am suddenly easily irritated and a bit spikey...I don't tolerate as much as I usually do and I snap more at silly little things.

Now there are lots of reasons for this sort of behaviour...such as lack of sleep or some kind of stress etc. But when I notice it again and again over several days, I start to think maybe Mars is acting up again. Such as today. I found myself being quite short with someone for no real reason, and that's not the first time in the last few days (or weeks actually). Being a bit of an appeaser, it can feel quite good to be a bit feisty, yet overall I am quite uncomfortable in an aggressive role. I don't really like the way I have been sounding.

Sure enough, when I looked at whats happening in my chart, for several weeks the current Mars has been opposite Mars in my chart. And the Sun is also going over my natal Sun, so my ego is amplified for a short while. Just enough to give me the balls to confront people's bullshit and be more than a bit impatient with irritations I usually let go.

Mars is about to hit Saturn, which has just moved into we are all about to get a dose of friction and tension in Libra...which means in our relationships. Co operation and humility will be especially needed during this time so be prepared to give a little and don't forget to seek a win win whenever possible. Mars is our warrior energy and Saturn our rigid boundaries so Mars hitting Saturn may be like throwing a spear at a brick wall. No too effective. Or, conversely, it can provide structure (Saturn) to fight (Mars) for what is right. Saturn is part of the T-square/sometimes Grand Cross configuration, so there is more wallop to the Saturn/Mars meeting. So tiptoe round your temper and try to find middle ground.

"What goes around, comes around."

p.s. When  we deny or repress aspects of ourselves they are said to form our shadow. Shadow stuff is not easy, for the very reason that we can't or don't want to see it.  One thing about transits is sometimes they kick off things that usually the shadows. Like my Mars.  So actually I am a powerful warrior, but because of the watery Piscean veil over my Mars, I don't always own that side of my nature. Just ask my family though. When I was young I was always fighting with my brothers...two against one. And I often won!  My Mars is in my 4th house...which is where family resides. So Mars will manifest there, even though I don't show it in public often. See how it works?  Where is your Mars? (Astrology is such a fascinating subject...)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Breakdown or breakthrough?

 I have excepted from an article by Daniel Pinchbeck  (from a website called Reality Sandwich) as it speaks very powerfully to the massive crisis of the Gulf Oil spill and (unknowingly) to the Grand Cross that is putting massive pressure from both the outside and the inside on us to evolve or self destruct.   (thanks to Lynn Hays at astrodynamics:astrology on the web for posting a link this fantastic article )

“It is now agonizingly obvious that humans do not change their ways until they are far outside of their comfort zone. It is only at the point of death that transmutation becomes possible. Perhaps the rampant desecration of the physical world is going to force the more conscious subset of humanity to purify their intentions, clearing cobwebs from the shadowy corners of the psyche, to access extrasensory capacities on a regular basis. Many of us have experiences of this energy, this potential, but the manifestations tend to occur at uncontrollable junctures and in mysterious ways...

As I explored in previous works, I am convinced that we are reaching the hinge point of a shift in human consciousness and the earth that will either lead to a rapid transformation of our way of life, our “civilization” and its basic paradigm, or the termination of our species in a series of intensifying cataclysms. One clear reason for this is that our technological powers continue to advance rapidly, while those who are currently in control of these galvanic forces reveal a dangerously reduced consciousness, a lack of forethought based on their self-centered greed, combined with a complete absence of ethical and moral development. As Rolling Stone recently exposed in a great piece of investigative journalism, the bungled handling of the oil spill was preceded by the gutting of the regulatory system that monitored such operations, revealing once again the government’s capitulation to corporate interests.

It seems increasingly obvious that, if we wish to survive as a species, the current ruling corporate, political, and financial elite – working seamlessly together to bring about our collective suicide – must be deposed, replaced by a new orchestration of civil society, an openly democratic and truly transparent system, where nothing is hidden, where profit is not the only motivation, and all have a voice...

I pray this is the universe’s wager for us: that we will go beyond our current ruts and limitations, that we will manifest a future of imaginative joy by stepping into our potential, becoming the wizards, warriors, and initiates that the world needs so desperately now. As Nietzsche pointed out accurately, “man”, in his current form, can only be a transitional creature. Either we are rapidly approaching the terminus point for our species or we can collectively choose to transmute, creating an evolutionary implosion, from the physical to the psychic realm. As the oil gushes forth and the earth’s resources disappear, it may be that we can learn to thrive on subtler and far more powerful forms of energy. Working together, we can guide the world toward its next phase of being – a plateau of intensified consciousness and synchronic coherence, in which conscious evolution becomes both sacred game and participatory art form."

Daniel Pinchbeck in Reality Sandwich

"May you live in interesting times"

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


With the recent eclipses and New Moon in Cancer, as well as the current crisis in the Gilf of Mexico, I have been thinking about...water. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Water is necessary for life to exist. Remember the excitement last year when they found ice on the moon? That meant the possibility of life.

Water is powerful yet subtle. It has no colour and also no shape or takes whatever form it is in.

"Water flows on uninterruptedly and reaches its goal:it never loses its own essential nature. " From I Ching, Willheilm Banes (29. The Abyss)

Water powers our hydro electric dams and in turn, our computers, our lights, our fridges, our stoves. Its flushes our toilets, it cleans away our dirt. It can wear away even the hardest stone, and yet it's so soft it leaves you skin feeling soft and fresh. We can go many days without food, yet without water we will die quickly. It hydrates our cells and washes impurities out of our bodies. It satisfies our thirst.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are highly intuitive and emotionally sensitive. They pick up on the slightest emotional undercurrants (!). If you are like that then it is highly likely you have a strong water element in your chart. Water  is a carries vibrations. Have you ever heard a loon's call drifting over a lake in the evening? And if there is a lightning storm, stay away from water!

So, the nature of water in our being is receptive yet powerful.

Our watery selves can swim and dive in the sea of the unconscious and bring up hidden treasures. To dive deep is to know the expansiveness of an uncharted universe within. Learn to swim in the inner ocean. Drink from the inner well.

(Some say that the whole ocean is contained in a single drop of water....)

" Everything changes. The town changes, the people change. The well never changes."
I Ching, Willhelm Banes ( 49.The Well)

Monday, 12 July 2010

Moving right along

The eclipse has passed and the tension will ease for a while. Right now the Moon in Leo is conjunct Mercury and trine the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction at the Aries point. Means some nice easy energy for a change, energizing the current T-square with positive and optimistic feelings.

When there is a pressure point ( like a t-square) which has a trine attaching to it (positive channel of energy) the intense energy can get channeled into the trine. In this case, pressure goes to the Moon conjunct Mercury in Leo, combining warm, generous and possibly a bit dramatic expression (Leo) with an intuitive, emotional feeling(Moon). The result will be creativity.

Our communications can also be emotionally powered by the T Square and this can not only mitigate some of the fallout from the last few days, it can provide the positive vibes to move us forward. Inspiration and insight abound.

Plus, the Sun trine the Jupiter/Uranus conjuction and sextile Mars can energize us in a positive and productive direction.

So make hay while the sun shines. And laugh while you are at it.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tomorrow at 7:45 EST there will be a full Solar Eclipse in Cancer; New Moon in Cancer.

New Moons bring a new cycle and are instilled with the energy of the sign they are in. An eclipse gives a blast of that energy as well, and it then permeats the atmosphere for months afterward. As the Sun is being eclipsed by the Moon coming between it and earth, the Moon energy will be emphasised. The Eclipse also hits the Grand Cross energy I have been going on about (scroll back over past entries to see what its about) so altogether its a very intense configuration.

Needless to say this a very powerful and significant eclipse. Now astrologers always seem to be hyping about various significant amazing events going on, and to be honest, I tend to roll my eyes and think yes, ok, so what?

Maybe its because I am doing a lot of astrological writing these day, but when I look at the chart of the sky it does look pretty amazing. The planets are all so neatlty lined up within the Grand Cross. That itself is such an interesting signature which brings great tension and pressure as well as an opportunity for deep transformation.

Today I will focus on the Cancerian energy in todays blog as this is being so highly emphasised. The Sun in Cancer being eclipsed by the New Moon in Cancer, where the Moon is also the ruling planet. Thats a lot of one thing. So lets look at what the sign Cancer is all about.

Cancer is a Cardinal water sign and is signified by the crab. A crab has a tough shell but is pretty soft inside. Its lives in and near water (the sea or ocean) which is affected by the tides of the Moon. Cancers are deeply emotional and caring, and though they may act tough, it is only to protect their highly sensitive insides. I know this well as I am a Cancerian myself. Like the tides of the moon our moods are highly changable, and we feel the environment very deeply.

The Fourth house is ruled by Cancer and is about mother, home, family, and our roots.The cyclical nature of the Moon means it has an influence over life cylces and is said to rule the past. And as the Moon is mostly seen at night, it is associated with dreams and the unconscious (which is also ruled by water).

So the energy we are about to be flooded with is highly intuitive, soulful, emotional, deeply nurturing and may bring up issues relating to your past. As the feminine has been greatly subdued in this patriarchal, solar (reason,logic) based epoch, this eclipse heralds the turning point back toward a renewed connection to the Femine Principal. It is time to heal our inner selves as well as heal our Mother Earth, and to do so we first need to turn within and awaken to our instinctive, intuitive, feeling selves.

It is therefore important to be aware of dreams at this time, and to make an effort to hold a focused intention. It is said that wishes made on a New Moon have a lot of power...and that effect will be greatly maginified at this time due to the eclipses and the Grand Cross.

This New Moon Eclipse energy says to take care of your inner self, listen to your heart, nuture yourself and others, (connect with your mom) (or your children) and allow the moon waves to bring a new tide of love and wellbeing into your consciousness. Let every breath take you deeper into your feelings and ask them what message they have for you. Then make a heartfelt wish...and know it will be so.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

July month of the Moon

July brings a solar eclipse, a stationary Jupiter, a repeat of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, a conjunction of Mars and Saturn, and an exact right angle from Jupiter to Pluto. When powerful planets have formed a T-square in the sky and the pressure point is Pluto in Capricorn...then a planet passes through Cancer which is opposite capricorn.... it turns it into a Grand Cross. When there is also an eclipse of a luminary setting off the Grand Cross, something quite transformative is coming to life in the sky. This Sunday is a solar eclipse in Cancer doing just this.

Re Jupiter: When a planet goes stationary its kind of on hold...then it reverses backward. Some say this reverses its energies or makes them go inward. Let's hope some help will come from benevolent Jupiter backing into Pisces (ruled by Neptune, god of the seas). The horrible disaster of the oil spill may soon find some resolution. One can only hope.

And the Saturn/Uranus conjunction first started off the financial collapse. Its exact again and one might wonder.... Whats next?

With Mars hitting Saturn, when it is in opposition to Uranus and part of the T square grand cross thingy..things could get tense. Again. (Arent they already dramatic enough!)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Moon in Aries 'Lessons'

The Moon went into Aries yesterday and yet again the Grand Cross was triggered off for a day. If you felt extra tension just shrug it it should be lessened. Hmmm. Or 'lessoned'. All these tensions and oppositions and things that try us are all part of our lessons in the school of life. Ok, I know that sounds so cliche'. But cliche's happen because they are so long as we remember what the truth is.

Anyway Moon in Aries is fiery and impatient and gets us going. So though yesterday you may have felt stymied, today it opens up and we can move forward. Sun trine Mars and Pluto adds to that impetus, so its a good day for purposeful action.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is at the Aries point, which falls at beginning of the zodiac (Aries - spring) and hits each seasonal marker (Cancer-summer, Libra- autumn, Capricorn-winter) Another astrologer said this shows us at a crossroads. A time of great change and transformation. All one has to do is look around to see that is true. If we don't sort ourselves out ...on a global level...there may be dire consequences. There already are dire consequences.

And if we don't sort ourselves out on the inside we won't have the consciousness to sort ourselves out on the outside.

So as the mirror intensifies we have the chance to choose. To be conscious and to then manifest that consciousness in our life.With Pluto in Capricorn the transformation is definitely needing to happen on a material plane, and Saturn moving into Libra shortly will put pressure on our relationships.

The Uranus Jupiter conjunction in Aries set off new and exciting possibilities and visions. As Uranus goes retorgrade today ( appears to move backward in the sky) there will be some backward movement, and time to rethink/ reflect on those visions before we can move forward.

The Sun in Cancer and an upcoming Solar Eclipse (July 11th) in the same, heightens our emotional sensitivity and reflectivity. Depending on where this falls in your chart, you will find an increased sense of intuition and feeling dominating your consciousness...putting pressure on what needs to change and/or transform in your life. Whether it is something material (Pluto in Capricorn) or in your work or relationships (Saturn in Virgo/Libra), it always begins within you.

As within so without.