Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tomorrow at 7:45 EST there will be a full Solar Eclipse in Cancer; New Moon in Cancer.

New Moons bring a new cycle and are instilled with the energy of the sign they are in. An eclipse gives a blast of that energy as well, and it then permeats the atmosphere for months afterward. As the Sun is being eclipsed by the Moon coming between it and earth, the Moon energy will be emphasised. The Eclipse also hits the Grand Cross energy I have been going on about (scroll back over past entries to see what its about) so altogether its a very intense configuration.

Needless to say this a very powerful and significant eclipse. Now astrologers always seem to be hyping about various significant amazing events going on, and to be honest, I tend to roll my eyes and think yes, ok, so what?

Maybe its because I am doing a lot of astrological writing these day, but when I look at the chart of the sky it does look pretty amazing. The planets are all so neatlty lined up within the Grand Cross. That itself is such an interesting signature which brings great tension and pressure as well as an opportunity for deep transformation.

Today I will focus on the Cancerian energy in todays blog as this is being so highly emphasised. The Sun in Cancer being eclipsed by the New Moon in Cancer, where the Moon is also the ruling planet. Thats a lot of one thing. So lets look at what the sign Cancer is all about.

Cancer is a Cardinal water sign and is signified by the crab. A crab has a tough shell but is pretty soft inside. Its lives in and near water (the sea or ocean) which is affected by the tides of the Moon. Cancers are deeply emotional and caring, and though they may act tough, it is only to protect their highly sensitive insides. I know this well as I am a Cancerian myself. Like the tides of the moon our moods are highly changable, and we feel the environment very deeply.

The Fourth house is ruled by Cancer and is about mother, home, family, and our roots.The cyclical nature of the Moon means it has an influence over life cylces and is said to rule the past. And as the Moon is mostly seen at night, it is associated with dreams and the unconscious (which is also ruled by water).

So the energy we are about to be flooded with is highly intuitive, soulful, emotional, deeply nurturing and may bring up issues relating to your past. As the feminine has been greatly subdued in this patriarchal, solar (reason,logic) based epoch, this eclipse heralds the turning point back toward a renewed connection to the Femine Principal. It is time to heal our inner selves as well as heal our Mother Earth, and to do so we first need to turn within and awaken to our instinctive, intuitive, feeling selves.

It is therefore important to be aware of dreams at this time, and to make an effort to hold a focused intention. It is said that wishes made on a New Moon have a lot of power...and that effect will be greatly maginified at this time due to the eclipses and the Grand Cross.

This New Moon Eclipse energy says to take care of your inner self, listen to your heart, nuture yourself and others, (connect with your mom) (or your children) and allow the moon waves to bring a new tide of love and wellbeing into your consciousness. Let every breath take you deeper into your feelings and ask them what message they have for you. Then make a heartfelt wish...and know it will be so.


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  1. well, my dear, this is very good advice. "make a heartfelt wish and know it will be so."
    thank you, new focus has arrived with the retreat course I'm taking, I love it.