Monday, 5 July 2010

Moon in Aries 'Lessons'

The Moon went into Aries yesterday and yet again the Grand Cross was triggered off for a day. If you felt extra tension just shrug it it should be lessened. Hmmm. Or 'lessoned'. All these tensions and oppositions and things that try us are all part of our lessons in the school of life. Ok, I know that sounds so cliche'. But cliche's happen because they are so long as we remember what the truth is.

Anyway Moon in Aries is fiery and impatient and gets us going. So though yesterday you may have felt stymied, today it opens up and we can move forward. Sun trine Mars and Pluto adds to that impetus, so its a good day for purposeful action.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is at the Aries point, which falls at beginning of the zodiac (Aries - spring) and hits each seasonal marker (Cancer-summer, Libra- autumn, Capricorn-winter) Another astrologer said this shows us at a crossroads. A time of great change and transformation. All one has to do is look around to see that is true. If we don't sort ourselves out ...on a global level...there may be dire consequences. There already are dire consequences.

And if we don't sort ourselves out on the inside we won't have the consciousness to sort ourselves out on the outside.

So as the mirror intensifies we have the chance to choose. To be conscious and to then manifest that consciousness in our life.With Pluto in Capricorn the transformation is definitely needing to happen on a material plane, and Saturn moving into Libra shortly will put pressure on our relationships.

The Uranus Jupiter conjunction in Aries set off new and exciting possibilities and visions. As Uranus goes retorgrade today ( appears to move backward in the sky) there will be some backward movement, and time to rethink/ reflect on those visions before we can move forward.

The Sun in Cancer and an upcoming Solar Eclipse (July 11th) in the same, heightens our emotional sensitivity and reflectivity. Depending on where this falls in your chart, you will find an increased sense of intuition and feeling dominating your consciousness...putting pressure on what needs to change and/or transform in your life. Whether it is something material (Pluto in Capricorn) or in your work or relationships (Saturn in Virgo/Libra), it always begins within you.

As within so without.

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