Thursday, 8 July 2010

July month of the Moon

July brings a solar eclipse, a stationary Jupiter, a repeat of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, a conjunction of Mars and Saturn, and an exact right angle from Jupiter to Pluto. When powerful planets have formed a T-square in the sky and the pressure point is Pluto in Capricorn...then a planet passes through Cancer which is opposite capricorn.... it turns it into a Grand Cross. When there is also an eclipse of a luminary setting off the Grand Cross, something quite transformative is coming to life in the sky. This Sunday is a solar eclipse in Cancer doing just this.

Re Jupiter: When a planet goes stationary its kind of on hold...then it reverses backward. Some say this reverses its energies or makes them go inward. Let's hope some help will come from benevolent Jupiter backing into Pisces (ruled by Neptune, god of the seas). The horrible disaster of the oil spill may soon find some resolution. One can only hope.

And the Saturn/Uranus conjunction first started off the financial collapse. Its exact again and one might wonder.... Whats next?

With Mars hitting Saturn, when it is in opposition to Uranus and part of the T square grand cross thingy..things could get tense. Again. (Arent they already dramatic enough!)

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