Monday, 12 July 2010

Moving right along

The eclipse has passed and the tension will ease for a while. Right now the Moon in Leo is conjunct Mercury and trine the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction at the Aries point. Means some nice easy energy for a change, energizing the current T-square with positive and optimistic feelings.

When there is a pressure point ( like a t-square) which has a trine attaching to it (positive channel of energy) the intense energy can get channeled into the trine. In this case, pressure goes to the Moon conjunct Mercury in Leo, combining warm, generous and possibly a bit dramatic expression (Leo) with an intuitive, emotional feeling(Moon). The result will be creativity.

Our communications can also be emotionally powered by the T Square and this can not only mitigate some of the fallout from the last few days, it can provide the positive vibes to move us forward. Inspiration and insight abound.

Plus, the Sun trine the Jupiter/Uranus conjuction and sextile Mars can energize us in a positive and productive direction.

So make hay while the sun shines. And laugh while you are at it.

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