Wednesday, 14 July 2010


With the recent eclipses and New Moon in Cancer, as well as the current crisis in the Gilf of Mexico, I have been thinking about...water. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. Water is necessary for life to exist. Remember the excitement last year when they found ice on the moon? That meant the possibility of life.

Water is powerful yet subtle. It has no colour and also no shape or takes whatever form it is in.

"Water flows on uninterruptedly and reaches its goal:it never loses its own essential nature. " From I Ching, Willheilm Banes (29. The Abyss)

Water powers our hydro electric dams and in turn, our computers, our lights, our fridges, our stoves. Its flushes our toilets, it cleans away our dirt. It can wear away even the hardest stone, and yet it's so soft it leaves you skin feeling soft and fresh. We can go many days without food, yet without water we will die quickly. It hydrates our cells and washes impurities out of our bodies. It satisfies our thirst.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are highly intuitive and emotionally sensitive. They pick up on the slightest emotional undercurrants (!). If you are like that then it is highly likely you have a strong water element in your chart. Water  is a carries vibrations. Have you ever heard a loon's call drifting over a lake in the evening? And if there is a lightning storm, stay away from water!

So, the nature of water in our being is receptive yet powerful.

Our watery selves can swim and dive in the sea of the unconscious and bring up hidden treasures. To dive deep is to know the expansiveness of an uncharted universe within. Learn to swim in the inner ocean. Drink from the inner well.

(Some say that the whole ocean is contained in a single drop of water....)

" Everything changes. The town changes, the people change. The well never changes."
I Ching, Willhelm Banes ( 49.The Well)

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  1. cool post. the natural elements are so elemental! as in basic, necessary to life.