Monday, 28 February 2011

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Right now in the sky,  Mars has recently entered soft and dreamy Pisces (highly creative but rarely on time) and Venus is in the last few degrees of serious Capricorn...and about to enter quirky freedom loving Aquarius.

And in a few days we have a New Moon in Pisces. Did you know that  New Moon is also a Sun/Moon conjucntion? That's why its so powerful. It sets the tone for the coming month.  The one coming up on Friday  will be joined by a whole load of planets...making it a super charged day to set intentions.With so much Piscean energy about pay attention to your dreams.

Speaking of....I really went off on a tangent there didn't I? Valentines Day post became quite a ramble on the 'Alchemy of Love'! (Transitting Venus squaring my natal Neptune had me under its dreamy spell)

And now, with Saturn still going backward in Libra, I feel I must go over the planets I missed in relation to the discussion on  people's relatoinship charts. Valentines Day has long passed...but who doesnt have some kind of love issue in their life? Either new love or old, we are always in some kind of realtionship with someone, and therefore always having to learn how to relate.

Besides the cosmic Sun/Moon conjunction (as well as any other Sun Moon aspects)  two other key planets that signify our relationship patterns are Mars and Venus. Mars represents masculine, sexual, yang, aggressive energy, and Venus symbolizes feminine, receptive Yin energy. It is said that Venus shows how we receive love and Mars how we express it. Venus is about relating, and Mars about acting.

In a womans chart, the Sun and Mars shows what kind of masculine energy we carry and are attracted to.  The Moon and Venus in a man's chart signifies the inner femine as well as the kind of female he attracts. Angles between Mars and Venus show how they relate to each other. For example, A Mars Venus square will show some tensions and issues will arise in male female relationships.

 A trine or sextile will show an easy flow of energy while squares or oppositions are a but more testy. With Mars and Venus, testy can be good, if you want sparks to fly, though having them work in harmony is perhaps better for longevity.

And of course links between Sun and Moon with Mars and Venus all tell us something about how two  get along(or not), and really any planet hitting one of our personal markers will add to that discussion. Saturn can indicate a rather dour, heavy influence, yet is often seen in the charts of people with long term relationswhips. And as mentioned in an earlier post, Neptune can impart a dreamy, idealized factor, and though they may feel like your soul mate, be careful with this aspect; Neptune canobscure clarity and lead you down the garden path.

In the end, no astrologer can tell you if a relationship will last, but we can show you where your strengths and weaknesses are. Every realtionship will teach you something.

 It can be highly liberating to understand the underlying dynamics you have with someone, and often free you from taking it all too personally.  It was seeing my husbands chart (back when I had one) that first got me into Astrology. I was so blown away by the extremely accurate descriptions of some of his particular character traits that I had to get a book and study it more closely. The marriage didn't last but my interest in astrology did!

             "You are in love with me, I shall make you perplexed.
               Do not build much, for I intend to have you in ruins."

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chiron and Healing

"What we all want is DIVINE UNION which is the way to our (true) selves... which is the way Home"  Jeff Brown

I have just moved my lap top into another room so I can sit in the sunshine pouring through my window. It's golden warm stirs again this discussion I am having on here...and in my own head lately...about the Sun/Moon alchemical stuff.

The Sun is so powerful and bright..its glare makes me need to shield my eyes. The Moon, on the other hand, sheds a soft glow of diffused light which invokes moods and feeling rather than an outward focus. The Sun draws us outward, the Moon inward.

I have been exploring these qualities for some time as part of my own personal journey. The image above is from my Master Degree project (Fine Art) where in I examined the archetypal imagery of gold. As it says in the subtitle, 'Aurum' is Latin for gold. I had been painting women's portraits on gold plates,  in reference to the gold halos in icons and religious painting, exploring  gold itself seemed the next step.

Up to that point, I had been focused on female iconography in Art History, which is what led me to the religious iconography in the first place.

Due to my own history of health and family abuse issues, I have been on a healing journey for most of my life. My focus on the female form was very much an outgrowth of that journey and though it began as an examination of how women are sexualized, objectified and stereotyped in our history, culture and art, it evolved into an amazing healing journey (as art making often does).

In relation to all this, I recently discovered a website all about Chiron. Chiron is called the wounded Healer and is about our vulnerable wounded selves. It holds a key to understanding those parts of us that just don't seem to heal.

"Before Chiron was discovered, humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar predicted that there would be a new planetary body found between Saturn and Uranus that would act like a 'higher Moon.' " 
(from above link)

Its designation as a 'Higher Moon' makes sense to me. The Moon is associated with the inner world, the unconscious, and represents the Feminine...which is where we are carrying our deepest wounding. In our over rationalized, (Solar, ego based) left brain dominant culture, the inward (and often unconscious) qualities of intuition and feeling are denigrated in favour of a more yang, masculine focus on achievement and outward success.

Through my own Chiron journey, I have been getting in touch with a deeper more authentic self, and in that process come to understand my own need of healing and rebalancing of the masculine and feminine.

That process resulted in the Aurum project, which led me to into the world of Alchemy. The work became Alchemy  (quite beyond my own conscious intent).  Anyway, thats another art website (sidebar) will have it one of these days.

Meanwhile, this is an example of how the symbols of Astrology are not just abstract mental constructs but are based on powerful archetypal forces which move within us and around us.

And with Chiron's recent move into Pisces, the healing of our unconscious (feminine)  can begin in earnest. Just in the nick of time.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"The Alchemy of Relationship: Mysterium Conjunctionis" (Sacred Marriage) cont'd from Feb 15

Through the mirror of other we meet the self.  
The most basic symbol of this is the Sun/Moon Conjunction:    The 'Sacred Marriage'

The "conjunction" refers to an alignment, joining, or resolution of conflict between poles/dualities that define human beings.   The Astrological backdrop to this discussion is the current position of Saturn in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus and represents our relationships. Saturn is where our lessons are. And Venus is now in what called Mutual reception to  Saturn...(both in each others signs). So double emphasis on relationship skills. 

What can relationship teach us? Saturn encourages us (that’s putting it lightly) to take responsibility for our own happiness. Can we be with others and still maintain our own authentic self? Do we even know what that is?

The symbol of Libra is a set of scales, representing the balancing and integration involved in relating to another.

Love(between self and other) = Duality
Duality = Polarity
Polarity= Balance
Balance = Harmony


How to go beyond duality to find harmony? We need to integrate all parts of ourselves to be truly whole.

The masculine without the feminine is brutal. The feminine without the masculine is weak. The masculine needs the feminine to feel, to care, to reach within. The feminine needs the masculine for protection and step out into the world.  

 Together they represent  wholeness. 

Together they rule as the king of the day and the queen of the night.  (and BTW these are qualities in us all...not just separate genders) 

The ‘conjunctio mysterium’ of alchemy, symbolized by the conjunction of Sun and Moon, thus represents a sacred meeting that leads us into personal transformation. This  archetypal meeting can have a significant impact on those who share it.

If you have a Sun Moon conjunction between your charts,  the other may feel so compelling, so familiar, so right with this combination that you will struggle to keep your distance. There is instant recognition. Merger is already underway. 

(on my i tunes in the background, Carol King is singing "I feel the Earth Move under my Feet...I feel the sky come tumbling down..." )

And through the process of tumbling down...of uniting and separating, there can arise a middle place, where you are neither separate, nor alone. From that state of oneness all true love arises.

If you  are already in a Sun conjunct Moon relationship,you have chosen (consciously or unconsciously)  to go to the heart of the alchemy of opposites; to transform and transmute those into a greater whole.  

If the search for a perfect love  really is a search for our own self, the Sun Moon conjunction will ultimately take you to the core of you. 

Any imbalance there will have to be healed for this meeting to work.  Any internal schism between the Masculine and Feminine, Yang and Yin, Conscious and Unconscious aspects of your own nature will be magnified and highlighted by this relationship, whatever its nature. (aspects within your own chart will show where some of these issues lie…beginning with the aspects between your own Sun and Moon)

The mirror is there to bring you into balance. Carl Jung called this process individuation. 

Some say the conjunction works best with a man’s Sun and a woman’s Moon…yet I am sure that it can work either way. Some women are more yang; some men are more yin etc. (not to mention same sex partnerships)

The key point of all this is that when the Sun and Moon meet , something bigger than the two of us is created. An archetype is invoked. There is an opportunity to undergo a spiritual transformation. And, the resulting experience …the Sacred Marriage…. becomes…the return to the self…the true, unified  self. 

Blessed be. 

p.s. formatting on this is a bit apologies.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chiron Neptune septile Pluto

 Here's to the Grand Irrationality: a lesson of freedom in uncertain times. 
Tarot Card: The Fool

You inhabit that transitional world between the past and the future.

The Fool is associated with circumstances that are unique, unpredictable, inscrutable -- one who is suspended between realities.

 The Fool is often portrayed as an empty headed simpleton unaware of the forces that move him to and fro, following his impulses. But tradition tells us that this Fool has a secret that protects him/her:

... the magic of synchronicity. 

S/he proceeds without calculation, spontaneously, without hesitation or resistance.

 If you trust in your own mystery and that of Divine Providence, you can step into a new realm of opportunities. For now, trust your instincts.

 If you have no expectations, you have nothing to lose. 


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Full Moon in Leo

Man…how did it get to be the Full Moon again? Is it just me or is time speeding up?

Early today (late yesterday for those across the pond) a stellium (whole bunch) of planets in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and independence, are opposite the Full Moon in Leo, sign of the self centered ego and the need to be noticed, adored, revered…etc.(our noble self...our bossy self)  

 Leo Full Moon: the need to be yourself; love yourself. 

Wherever you are, watch out for the usual release of energy a Full Moon brings. So many planets close together intensify each other as well, so there will be a magnification of issues they represent.

Leo's need for acknowledgment might be blocked, opposed or highlighted  by all these planets in Aquarius wanting to go their own way (the self vs the collective/group?)

 Aquarius = need for freedom, independence, originality; manifesting through:

Sun: self will ego
Mercury: communication, thought process, siblings,
Mars: aggression, action, sexual drive
Neptune: sensitivity, intuition, visions, dreams and illusions,
Chiron (cusp of Pisces):  vulnerablilties and inner wounds, the wounded healer.

All these energies will be acting out under this lit up sky. Which ones do you relate to? Which ones dominate your sky? 

Every Full Moon is a fruition of the seed that was planted at the New Moon. Think about what intention you put out at that time. How is it manifesting?

Have you broken free from what oppresses you? (it may be internal or external)   

There has been an atmosphere of revolution and rebellion these last weeks, and with so many planets hanging out together in Aquarius, as well as its ruler Uranus squaring Pluto (god of destruction) ….expect more eruptions.

Expect the unexpected.

Tomorrow, I will continue to look at the alchemical fusion represented by the meeting and combining of opposites: Solar/Lunar, Male/Female, Spirit/Matter, Yang/Yin in the 'sacred conjunction.'

p.s. Eric Francis(sidebar) called this a very weird and warped Full Moon. I guess with the Full Moon opposite all those planets in wacky Aquarius.... linking into what Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers, sidebar) calls the "Grand Irrationality"... there is/was some strange energy about.  So besides revolution there may have been some convolution !!!  

Don't worry, this too shall pass.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

"The Mysterium Conjunctionis" (Sacred Union)

A little background research.....courtesy of the internet.....

“The alchemists of the Renaissance period were invariably as well trained in the discipline of astrology as they were in alchemy.”

“Carl Jung (1875-1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist who made many important innovations in the study of psychology and personality. Many of his ideas, such as complexes, archetypes, the collective unconscious, synchronicity, the persona, and introversion and extroversion have become established in modern language and culture.”    

“Jung came to greatly value alchemy for its rich symbolic content and imagery.... and in his studies, Jung eventually unearthed numerous indicators that even some of the earliest Greek alchemists were aware of a corresponding internal process taking place within the human psyche.” 

Excepted from Unis Mundis with Dr Oz

"My studies of alchemy may seem obscure and baffle many people, but taken symbolically - the symbolic gold of great worth, or the transforming philosopher's stone 'lapis philosophorum' hunted for centuries by the alchemists - is to be found in man." C.G. Jung

“The Mysterium Conjunctionis, or Mystery of the Conjunction, is considered by many to be Jung's master work.

In this book Jung reviews the vast literature of Medieval, Renaissance, and post-Renaissance alchemy from a psychological perspective. Jung contends, and convincingly demonstrates, that alchemy at this time was not, as many mistakenly believe, mainly concerned with the transmutation of lead into gold.

Rather, the aim was more spiritual and mental transformation of the alchemist him/her-self. In this sense, alchemy was a kind of precursor to modern depth psychology.

The "conjunction" referred to in the title refers to an alignment, joining, or resolution of conflict between poles dualities that define human beings.

The poles of one duality of special importance can be variously interpreted as Solar/Lunar, Male/Female, Spirit/Matter, Yang/Yin or various other antinomies.”

Version 10 2007-Nov-12 13:07 UTC
Last edit by John Uebersax

( be continued...)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Love Love Love 'Love makes the world go round'....

One of the big questions often dealt with in Astrology and Chirology (handreading)  is:       Will I find Love?

We all want it, seek it, long for it, and/or  mourn it.

As today is Valentines day I figured I would write about it...(in astrological terms).

Many couples get charts done and ask for signs of intimacy and attraction as well as endurance and longevity.

And single people seek advice on how to find   'the one" .

 When I was younger (oh so long ago...!), I was told there was a certain marker on the hand that signified one's soul mate,  and my friends and I would scour our hands to find it. I looked and looked (and I did find it as a matter of fact).  

Yet, at the risk of sounding cliche...I truly believe all the love we seek is already inside of you/me/us. 

Ahh...if what I seek is already inside of me...what am I doing with you/him/her?

Are they merely projections of our own inner psyche, as many psychologist would have us believe, or are there truly specific people who are matches for us by their very nature?

There are  many indicators of how people will interrelate, connect and or oppose each other, and these can be very helpful in understanding ones connection to another. Whether that will signify a long lasting and or meaningful relationship is really so individual and unique to each person and/or couple that it is impossible to predict outcomes. Some couple that have very stressful aspects seem to thrive, while others with supposed easy angles don't last. 

Having said that, its still worth it to look at various inter aspects to see how and why two people relate the way they do, positive or negative.

We often first look to see if our Sun (sense of self, identity, ego) is compatible with another's Sun.  Some signs are considered more compatible than others....and some elements supposedly don't mix well (fire and water for example).

We usually feel more compatible with our own sign  and/or element  yet are also attracted to our opposites. There are many places online, books etc where you can read about each sign, element  and their compatibility etc so I wont go into all the details (see Bob Marks in side bar : he has Astrology lessons, or Jonathan Cainer in his side links, plus probably also on

Just be careful here. People often say "oh he or she's an '-----'   and my sign doesn't get along with them".  That is far too simplistic... and is about as accurate as the daily horoscopes in the paper. We have to look at both charts to see what is really going on.

There are many factors that connect people we must include them all to be accurate. So while Sun Sign harmony is a good start, don't get caught in that. We need to look at  the house your Suns are in, their aspects to each other, then the placement of their Moon (emotions) or Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) and Mars (sex)  etc will all give a more complete picture of your relationship.

I did someone's chart who was having a very difficult time letting go of her ex. Even after many years she still carried a torch for him, despite his many affairs etc. Right away I noticed his Neptune was conjunct (together with) her Venus. Neptune can represent fantasy and ideals ... as well a deep soulful experiences, and Venus is how we perceive and receive love.

Because his Neptune triggered such deep longing in her,  she was caught in the ideal rather than the reality. Some might say that Neptune's position meant they had a past life/soul mate  connection. (Other factors might support that...or not).

The key was/is to understand the nature of the energy to get a handle on it.  Showing her the Neptune aspect helped her to see this,  and also helped her step back from the unconscious hold he had on her. It didn't disappear overnight...she had to still move through it...but now she knew what she was dealing with. This demonstrates how we can gain insights by looking at two people's charts together (synastry).

While the Sun represent the Self, the Moon represents emotions. They are said to be Yin and Yang. Links between two people's Moons will indicate the level of emotional compatibility between them. Also, aspects between one's Sun and another's Moon can again be influenced  by their respective elements (water, fire, air, fire).

 For example,  perhaps though your Sun is Leo (fire) and theirs is in Pisces (water) and thus considered  less compatible,  your  Moon may be in the same or complimentary signs or element...  which will create a sense of harmony and well being between you even if you are quite different.

 After we look at Sun and then Moon compatibility, Sun Moon aspects are next and are seen as very important. This is what I want to focus on for now.

Brother Sun,  Sister Moon.   Our Masculine and Feminine energy.

One particular  connection between the Sun and Moon is highly significant in synastry (relationship) charts...and perhaps, more than any other aspect, signifies the essential and archetypal union that underpins our deep longing  for love and realtionship.

Psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by this signature, called the 'Conjunctio',  and explored its meaning in many of his writings.  It represents the archetypal union of masculine and feminine energies, a union of opposites that  is at the root of alchemy.

A  Sun Moon Conjunction (between two people's charts) will in the very least indicate a deep bond and sense of instant connection, and at its highest level, portend a hugely significant relationship based on a most deep and profound love.

More tomorrow.

"I been searching for a heart of gold...."  Neil Young

Saturday, 12 February 2011


 I have often explained I am not a political blogger, nor do I foray much into social commentary. I don't even pretend to have a grasp on the world to one astrology has been my area of study and exploration for many years. Still, these are exciting times and one can't help noticing whats going on around us.

For example, the exciting and dramatic events in Egypt are completely in line with the revolutionary energy of the Uranus Pluto square I have mentioned recently. Add to this  Pluto  in Capricorns' recent  square to Saturn ... bringing a challenge to authority and death to the old order...and we are definitely living in interesting times.  Shades of the 60's!!

Many pundits are predicting all sorts of upheaval and change over the next two years as we approach the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012. The current line up of powerful planets in our Western Astrology  are also harbingers of great change and upheaval.  Some say it will be the end of the world as we know it, others insist this is the dawning of a new age of light and love, while others predict  Armageddon (or the second coming!!).

The current square of Uranus and Pluto...following two years of Saturn square Pluto (Opposite Uranus) sometimes forming a Cardinal Grand Cross...guarantees a profound level of disruption and transformation of our lives.

So, although psychologically based Astrology is  more focused on the inner psyche, and the personal chart, there is  no doubt that our environment has a deep impact on those psyches and on our daily experience of life. With our current  access to whats happening around the world in a split second (a very Uranian concept) through various forms of electronic media, we are all now (consciously) linked to each other in a way that has never happened before. (I said consciously because I believe we are all more connected on a larger  scale than we may be able to grasp with our logic or intellect and which can't necessarily  be measured.).

Anyway, my point is, there's a lot going on these days on many levels and we can see it and hear about it and it can't help having an impact.

The Uranus Pluto square is about fighting for freedom, and breaking away from what oppresses us. And at the moment, with many planets currently in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus ... there is something in the air. Having a strong Uranus (conjunct my Sun) a part of me is extremely excited about whats stirring. Ok it's also a bit scary....Pluto also can bring violence and is not a tame planet. And both Pluto and Uranus can shock and disturb in unsettling ways (thats their purpose).

Still...things have to change ...  (both inside and out) and these are definitely the planets to do the job.

Just sayin.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dig Deep

Venus conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn)
Moon Trine Venus Pluto
Mercury semi sextile Pluto 
Chiron moves into Pisces

Time for some inner work!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

All These Parts of Us

“The birth chart is like a conference table, and the planets circling around it are like the different parts of your Self sitting around the table. 

The Sun is the chairperson and represents your basic identity, the Moon reflects your emotional nature, the Ascendant is your style of “moving” in the world, and the Nodes are about your life direction and soul purpose. 

The aspect lines cris-crossing in the center of the chart connect all this—all these voices in our psyche—showing where the conversation is divided and aligned, where it’s tense and where it’s flowing…. ” 

(excerpt from book: "North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose" by Elizabeth Spring)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturn in Libra. That Sinking Feeling?

Today Sun and Mars close together in Aquarius are trine Saturn (retrograde) in Libra. This can provide a positive flow of focused energy to kick start new projects,  get jobs done etc. Saturn can direct the impatient energy of Mars in useful and concrete ways.

As previously mentioned (see last few articles) , the Aquarian theme of freedom, independence and originality can manifest as rebellion, revolution and inventiveness. A trine (positive connection)  with Saturn in Libra could signal a good time for some productive work and/or  analysis of our relationships to see if they are working and if not, what to do about it.
A bit about Saturn:

Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle, and thus spends on average close to 2-1/2 years in a sign.

Saturn challenges us to grow up.  It represents our lessons and duties that lead us to develop a sense of achievement and maturity, and can bring up issues with authority if we resist the rules and restrictions it imposes.

If it is aspecting a personal area of our chart one can sometimes feel a bit downtrodden and heavy for the duration of the transit. Saturn is not an easy planet, but it has its uses. It builds structure and discipline…without it we would have no boundaries, no clarity, no accomplishment.

Of course how a planet affects us is largely influenced by its prominence in our personal chart. For instance, the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and its cycles will have a stronger impact on people with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn, or a prominent placing of Saturn.

Or, for example, I have Saturn in my first house, making me more attuned to Saturnine energy. The closeness of a transiting planet by degree to one of your own planets will increase how much we feel its impact.

That is why the daily horoscopes in papers (and even the general descriptions I give here) are only sometimes applicable, because they are based on the general placements of the Sun and Moon etc. We really  have to look at your whole chart to see how that current planetary  cycles fits within the whole.

Which makes sense doesn’t it? If a friend dies, for example, you may be strongly impacted. If a friend of a friend dies you may feel sad for them but not feel it too strongly yourself. If your mom passes on you will experience something else again. It’s a matter of degree.

Sorry for the rather heavy reference but in a way that is rather fitting, for Saturn highlights key cycles in our lives and often marks an ending of something as it comes full circle.

Significant decisions are often made during Saturn's transits. When Saturn returns to its original spot (Saturn Return)  people get married, divorced, have children, leave home, change countries, change jobs…etc etc. It's as if what has gone before is finished and we must begin again in a new way.

The lessons of Saturn can hit hard, as what is outworn and outmoded in our life gets removed; yet it can also bring stability and focus to our lives. We are forced to develop discipline and boundaries and learn to knuckle down to the tasks at hand. A powerful mirror is held up for us to take a good look at ourselves. 

The house or sign Saturn is will show what kind of mirror that might be.

With Saturn currently moving backwards in Libra…we may be revisiting/repeating some old lessons around how we relate to others.  

And because Saturn has been a key part of the Cardinal Grand Square that was dominating the skies all last year, these lessons will be amplified both in our own charts and in the world at large. Great transformations (Pluto Square Saturn) are underway and we are all in the midst of a powerful global shift.

Considering the intensely violent and revolutionary tone of the current Uranus Pluto square (culminating in 2012) , how we relate to and get along with others is pretty important right now.

Libra is about balance and harmony and getting along. Saturn in Libra is about relationships, social contracts (marriage for instance) social constructs (our ideas of race, family, country etc could fall into this heading).

Overall, we have the opportunity to redefine our sense of ‘self’ in relation to ‘other’ in new and exciting ways (Aquarius) that allow for freedom, equality,  independence from stereotypes etc.   And as the old paradigm shifts, who knows, maybe peace on earth really is possible.   One can only hope. 

I suspect that Saturn’s lessons will have to be well grounded before that can ever happen!  The breaking down of the old structures is well under way, with Uranus and Pluto building up tension, but change/ peace may not come easily as the old guard put up a fight. 

(One could take that as a metaphor for the internal battles as well)

On the personal front, we may find ourselves needing to take a more serious look at our partnership, relationships etc under this transit. We need to begin to take responsibility for our own happiness and stop blaming others.
As Saturn goes backward for a while (until the end of June this year) , any unfinished business will need to be addressed. Saturn can slow things down considerably, and it can feel like we are never going to get out of whatever it is that is we feel is holding us back.

Also, right now Venus (love) (ruler of Libra) is hitting Pluto (power issues, intensity, control, obsession, addiction) and squaring Uranus/Jupiter…that’s a whole discussion in itself…big time pressure…power struggles, need to break away, excessive behaviour…obsessive behaviour amplified… sudden unexpected reactions are out.

But don’t worry, as Saturn ‘s energy brings us down to earth and makes us face reality… face the music so to speak…and we begin to work on those things still needing adjustment, a sense of deep satisfaction and completion will arise that will guarantee that our forward movement, when it comes, will be based on something real, and not mere fantasy or wishful thinking.

So, if your boat has a leak, this is a good time to either fix it, or start bailing!!     (or…...get a new boat!)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Moon Aquarius Imbolc Groundhog Day

The New Moon in Aquarius brings out our need to be different, free, independent.  This is a good day to try something new and daring. New projects are begun, new seeds are sown, new thoughts are thunk...!!

Innovative! Invent. Inspire...yourself. No one else is gonna do it for you.

But watch our for Mars' feisty energy. Use it productively not destructively. There's enough fighting and rebellion happening in the world already. Not that that's a bad thing. Only we also need some positive good ol' Aquarian brotherly, sisterly, universal love thrown in the keep things in balance.

 Peace Man!!!

So make a wish, focus on your goal, set your intention.  Here's to an interesting and creative day, week, month.

Imbolc is a Celtic Sacred Day marking the Half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. We're already halfway there folks. Light a candle or go find a Groundhog.

See Saturdays blog(scroll down) for details.