Monday, 14 February 2011

Love Love Love 'Love makes the world go round'....

One of the big questions often dealt with in Astrology and Chirology (handreading)  is:       Will I find Love?

We all want it, seek it, long for it, and/or  mourn it.

As today is Valentines day I figured I would write about it...(in astrological terms).

Many couples get charts done and ask for signs of intimacy and attraction as well as endurance and longevity.

And single people seek advice on how to find   'the one" .

 When I was younger (oh so long ago...!), I was told there was a certain marker on the hand that signified one's soul mate,  and my friends and I would scour our hands to find it. I looked and looked (and I did find it as a matter of fact).  

Yet, at the risk of sounding cliche...I truly believe all the love we seek is already inside of you/me/us. 

Ahh...if what I seek is already inside of me...what am I doing with you/him/her?

Are they merely projections of our own inner psyche, as many psychologist would have us believe, or are there truly specific people who are matches for us by their very nature?

There are  many indicators of how people will interrelate, connect and or oppose each other, and these can be very helpful in understanding ones connection to another. Whether that will signify a long lasting and or meaningful relationship is really so individual and unique to each person and/or couple that it is impossible to predict outcomes. Some couple that have very stressful aspects seem to thrive, while others with supposed easy angles don't last. 

Having said that, its still worth it to look at various inter aspects to see how and why two people relate the way they do, positive or negative.

We often first look to see if our Sun (sense of self, identity, ego) is compatible with another's Sun.  Some signs are considered more compatible than others....and some elements supposedly don't mix well (fire and water for example).

We usually feel more compatible with our own sign  and/or element  yet are also attracted to our opposites. There are many places online, books etc where you can read about each sign, element  and their compatibility etc so I wont go into all the details (see Bob Marks in side bar : he has Astrology lessons, or Jonathan Cainer in his side links, plus probably also on

Just be careful here. People often say "oh he or she's an '-----'   and my sign doesn't get along with them".  That is far too simplistic... and is about as accurate as the daily horoscopes in the paper. We have to look at both charts to see what is really going on.

There are many factors that connect people we must include them all to be accurate. So while Sun Sign harmony is a good start, don't get caught in that. We need to look at  the house your Suns are in, their aspects to each other, then the placement of their Moon (emotions) or Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) and Mars (sex)  etc will all give a more complete picture of your relationship.

I did someone's chart who was having a very difficult time letting go of her ex. Even after many years she still carried a torch for him, despite his many affairs etc. Right away I noticed his Neptune was conjunct (together with) her Venus. Neptune can represent fantasy and ideals ... as well a deep soulful experiences, and Venus is how we perceive and receive love.

Because his Neptune triggered such deep longing in her,  she was caught in the ideal rather than the reality. Some might say that Neptune's position meant they had a past life/soul mate  connection. (Other factors might support that...or not).

The key was/is to understand the nature of the energy to get a handle on it.  Showing her the Neptune aspect helped her to see this,  and also helped her step back from the unconscious hold he had on her. It didn't disappear overnight...she had to still move through it...but now she knew what she was dealing with. This demonstrates how we can gain insights by looking at two people's charts together (synastry).

While the Sun represent the Self, the Moon represents emotions. They are said to be Yin and Yang. Links between two people's Moons will indicate the level of emotional compatibility between them. Also, aspects between one's Sun and another's Moon can again be influenced  by their respective elements (water, fire, air, fire).

 For example,  perhaps though your Sun is Leo (fire) and theirs is in Pisces (water) and thus considered  less compatible,  your  Moon may be in the same or complimentary signs or element...  which will create a sense of harmony and well being between you even if you are quite different.

 After we look at Sun and then Moon compatibility, Sun Moon aspects are next and are seen as very important. This is what I want to focus on for now.

Brother Sun,  Sister Moon.   Our Masculine and Feminine energy.

One particular  connection between the Sun and Moon is highly significant in synastry (relationship) charts...and perhaps, more than any other aspect, signifies the essential and archetypal union that underpins our deep longing  for love and realtionship.

Psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by this signature, called the 'Conjunctio',  and explored its meaning in many of his writings.  It represents the archetypal union of masculine and feminine energies, a union of opposites that  is at the root of alchemy.

A  Sun Moon Conjunction (between two people's charts) will in the very least indicate a deep bond and sense of instant connection, and at its highest level, portend a hugely significant relationship based on a most deep and profound love.

More tomorrow.

"I been searching for a heart of gold...."  Neil Young

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  1. cool - J is Gemini, I'm Scorpio and I've never seen that as an ideal match in any books, however his Moon is in Scorpio, (I think), and we are very deeply connected and soul mates. so the brother sun sister moon (or brother moon sister sun in this case) works! thanks Sue, great post.