Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"The Alchemy of Relationship: Mysterium Conjunctionis" (Sacred Marriage) cont'd from Feb 15

Through the mirror of other we meet the self.  
The most basic symbol of this is the Sun/Moon Conjunction:    The 'Sacred Marriage'

The "conjunction" refers to an alignment, joining, or resolution of conflict between poles/dualities that define human beings.   The Astrological backdrop to this discussion is the current position of Saturn in Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus and represents our relationships. Saturn is where our lessons are. And Venus is now in Capricorn...in what called Mutual reception to  Saturn...(both in each others signs). So double emphasis on relationship skills. 

What can relationship teach us? Saturn encourages us (that’s putting it lightly) to take responsibility for our own happiness. Can we be with others and still maintain our own authentic self? Do we even know what that is?

The symbol of Libra is a set of scales, representing the balancing and integration involved in relating to another.

Love(between self and other) = Duality
Duality = Polarity
Polarity= Balance
Balance = Harmony


How to go beyond duality to find harmony? We need to integrate all parts of ourselves to be truly whole.

The masculine without the feminine is brutal. The feminine without the masculine is weak. The masculine needs the feminine to feel, to care, to reach within. The feminine needs the masculine for protection and clarity...to step out into the world.  

 Together they represent  wholeness. 

Together they rule as the king of the day and the queen of the night.  (and BTW these are qualities in us all...not just separate genders) 

The ‘conjunctio mysterium’ of alchemy, symbolized by the conjunction of Sun and Moon, thus represents a sacred meeting that leads us into personal transformation. This  archetypal meeting can have a significant impact on those who share it.

If you have a Sun Moon conjunction between your charts,  the other may feel so compelling, so familiar, so right with this combination that you will struggle to keep your distance. There is instant recognition. Merger is already underway. 

(on my i tunes in the background, Carol King is singing "I feel the Earth Move under my Feet...I feel the sky come tumbling down..." )

And through the process of tumbling down...of uniting and separating, there can arise a middle place, where you are neither separate, nor alone. From that state of oneness all true love arises.

If you  are already in a Sun conjunct Moon relationship,you have chosen (consciously or unconsciously)  to go to the heart of the alchemy of opposites; to transform and transmute those into a greater whole.  

If the search for a perfect love  really is a search for our own self, the Sun Moon conjunction will ultimately take you to the core of you. 

Any imbalance there will have to be healed for this meeting to work.  Any internal schism between the Masculine and Feminine, Yang and Yin, Conscious and Unconscious aspects of your own nature will be magnified and highlighted by this relationship, whatever its nature. (aspects within your own chart will show where some of these issues lie…beginning with the aspects between your own Sun and Moon)

The mirror is there to bring you into balance. Carl Jung called this process individuation. 

Some say the conjunction works best with a man’s Sun and a woman’s Moon…yet I am sure that it can work either way. Some women are more yang; some men are more yin etc. (not to mention same sex partnerships)

The key point of all this is that when the Sun and Moon meet , something bigger than the two of us is created. An archetype is invoked. There is an opportunity to undergo a spiritual transformation. And, the resulting experience …the Sacred Marriage…. becomes…the return to the self…the true, unified  self. 

Blessed be. 

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  1. I have a double sun/moon conjunction with my current bf and I feel such an extremely strong connection with him even though our relationship is an online relationship. I'm hoping we will meet soon. We are both yearning for this to happen. Unfortunately, there are some financial barriers there but I don't think anything can stop us.
    I really enjoyed this post. It really spoke to me. Thanks.

  2. That kind of connection is very archetypal. It will be interesting to see if it translates into something concrete. Either way it is showing a deep level of male female interaction. Good luck and let me know how it goes

  3. Thank you for this,
    This was so insightful.

    How would this play out in Pisces

  4. Sorry, I didn't get notification of this comment. I would say in Pisces a Sun Moon conjunction would signify a very deep spiritual bond. The other spectrum of Pisces is disillusionment... so either a true soul mate or a complete fantasy.