Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chiron Neptune septile Pluto

 Here's to the Grand Irrationality: a lesson of freedom in uncertain times. 
Tarot Card: The Fool

You inhabit that transitional world between the past and the future.

The Fool is associated with circumstances that are unique, unpredictable, inscrutable -- one who is suspended between realities.

 The Fool is often portrayed as an empty headed simpleton unaware of the forces that move him to and fro, following his impulses. But tradition tells us that this Fool has a secret that protects him/her:

... the magic of synchronicity. 

S/he proceeds without calculation, spontaneously, without hesitation or resistance.

 If you trust in your own mystery and that of Divine Providence, you can step into a new realm of opportunities. For now, trust your instincts.

 If you have no expectations, you have nothing to lose. 


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