Saturday, 26 February 2011

Chiron and Healing

"What we all want is DIVINE UNION which is the way to our (true) selves... which is the way Home"  Jeff Brown

I have just moved my lap top into another room so I can sit in the sunshine pouring through my window. It's golden warm stirs again this discussion I am having on here...and in my own head lately...about the Sun/Moon alchemical stuff.

The Sun is so powerful and bright..its glare makes me need to shield my eyes. The Moon, on the other hand, sheds a soft glow of diffused light which invokes moods and feeling rather than an outward focus. The Sun draws us outward, the Moon inward.

I have been exploring these qualities for some time as part of my own personal journey. The image above is from my Master Degree project (Fine Art) where in I examined the archetypal imagery of gold. As it says in the subtitle, 'Aurum' is Latin for gold. I had been painting women's portraits on gold plates,  in reference to the gold halos in icons and religious painting, exploring  gold itself seemed the next step.

Up to that point, I had been focused on female iconography in Art History, which is what led me to the religious iconography in the first place.

Due to my own history of health and family abuse issues, I have been on a healing journey for most of my life. My focus on the female form was very much an outgrowth of that journey and though it began as an examination of how women are sexualized, objectified and stereotyped in our history, culture and art, it evolved into an amazing healing journey (as art making often does).

In relation to all this, I recently discovered a website all about Chiron. Chiron is called the wounded Healer and is about our vulnerable wounded selves. It holds a key to understanding those parts of us that just don't seem to heal.

"Before Chiron was discovered, humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar predicted that there would be a new planetary body found between Saturn and Uranus that would act like a 'higher Moon.' " 
(from above link)

Its designation as a 'Higher Moon' makes sense to me. The Moon is associated with the inner world, the unconscious, and represents the Feminine...which is where we are carrying our deepest wounding. In our over rationalized, (Solar, ego based) left brain dominant culture, the inward (and often unconscious) qualities of intuition and feeling are denigrated in favour of a more yang, masculine focus on achievement and outward success.

Through my own Chiron journey, I have been getting in touch with a deeper more authentic self, and in that process come to understand my own need of healing and rebalancing of the masculine and feminine.

That process resulted in the Aurum project, which led me to into the world of Alchemy. The work became Alchemy  (quite beyond my own conscious intent).  Anyway, thats another art website (sidebar) will have it one of these days.

Meanwhile, this is an example of how the symbols of Astrology are not just abstract mental constructs but are based on powerful archetypal forces which move within us and around us.

And with Chiron's recent move into Pisces, the healing of our unconscious (feminine)  can begin in earnest. Just in the nick of time.


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