Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturn in Libra. That Sinking Feeling?

Today Sun and Mars close together in Aquarius are trine Saturn (retrograde) in Libra. This can provide a positive flow of focused energy to kick start new projects,  get jobs done etc. Saturn can direct the impatient energy of Mars in useful and concrete ways.

As previously mentioned (see last few articles) , the Aquarian theme of freedom, independence and originality can manifest as rebellion, revolution and inventiveness. A trine (positive connection)  with Saturn in Libra could signal a good time for some productive work and/or  analysis of our relationships to see if they are working and if not, what to do about it.
A bit about Saturn:

Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle, and thus spends on average close to 2-1/2 years in a sign.

Saturn challenges us to grow up.  It represents our lessons and duties that lead us to develop a sense of achievement and maturity, and can bring up issues with authority if we resist the rules and restrictions it imposes.

If it is aspecting a personal area of our chart one can sometimes feel a bit downtrodden and heavy for the duration of the transit. Saturn is not an easy planet, but it has its uses. It builds structure and discipline…without it we would have no boundaries, no clarity, no accomplishment.

Of course how a planet affects us is largely influenced by its prominence in our personal chart. For instance, the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and its cycles will have a stronger impact on people with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Capricorn, or a prominent placing of Saturn.

Or, for example, I have Saturn in my first house, making me more attuned to Saturnine energy. The closeness of a transiting planet by degree to one of your own planets will increase how much we feel its impact.

That is why the daily horoscopes in papers (and even the general descriptions I give here) are only sometimes applicable, because they are based on the general placements of the Sun and Moon etc. We really  have to look at your whole chart to see how that current planetary  cycles fits within the whole.

Which makes sense doesn’t it? If a friend dies, for example, you may be strongly impacted. If a friend of a friend dies you may feel sad for them but not feel it too strongly yourself. If your mom passes on you will experience something else again. It’s a matter of degree.

Sorry for the rather heavy reference but in a way that is rather fitting, for Saturn highlights key cycles in our lives and often marks an ending of something as it comes full circle.

Significant decisions are often made during Saturn's transits. When Saturn returns to its original spot (Saturn Return)  people get married, divorced, have children, leave home, change countries, change jobs…etc etc. It's as if what has gone before is finished and we must begin again in a new way.

The lessons of Saturn can hit hard, as what is outworn and outmoded in our life gets removed; yet it can also bring stability and focus to our lives. We are forced to develop discipline and boundaries and learn to knuckle down to the tasks at hand. A powerful mirror is held up for us to take a good look at ourselves. 

The house or sign Saturn is will show what kind of mirror that might be.

With Saturn currently moving backwards in Libra…we may be revisiting/repeating some old lessons around how we relate to others.  

And because Saturn has been a key part of the Cardinal Grand Square that was dominating the skies all last year, these lessons will be amplified both in our own charts and in the world at large. Great transformations (Pluto Square Saturn) are underway and we are all in the midst of a powerful global shift.

Considering the intensely violent and revolutionary tone of the current Uranus Pluto square (culminating in 2012) , how we relate to and get along with others is pretty important right now.

Libra is about balance and harmony and getting along. Saturn in Libra is about relationships, social contracts (marriage for instance) social constructs (our ideas of race, family, country etc could fall into this heading).

Overall, we have the opportunity to redefine our sense of ‘self’ in relation to ‘other’ in new and exciting ways (Aquarius) that allow for freedom, equality,  independence from stereotypes etc.   And as the old paradigm shifts, who knows, maybe peace on earth really is possible.   One can only hope. 

I suspect that Saturn’s lessons will have to be well grounded before that can ever happen!  The breaking down of the old structures is well under way, with Uranus and Pluto building up tension, but change/ peace may not come easily as the old guard put up a fight. 

(One could take that as a metaphor for the internal battles as well)

On the personal front, we may find ourselves needing to take a more serious look at our partnership, relationships etc under this transit. We need to begin to take responsibility for our own happiness and stop blaming others.
As Saturn goes backward for a while (until the end of June this year) , any unfinished business will need to be addressed. Saturn can slow things down considerably, and it can feel like we are never going to get out of whatever it is that is we feel is holding us back.

Also, right now Venus (love) (ruler of Libra) is hitting Pluto (power issues, intensity, control, obsession, addiction) and squaring Uranus/Jupiter…that’s a whole discussion in itself…big time pressure…power struggles, need to break away, excessive behaviour…obsessive behaviour amplified… sudden unexpected reactions are out.

But don’t worry, as Saturn ‘s energy brings us down to earth and makes us face reality… face the music so to speak…and we begin to work on those things still needing adjustment, a sense of deep satisfaction and completion will arise that will guarantee that our forward movement, when it comes, will be based on something real, and not mere fantasy or wishful thinking.

So, if your boat has a leak, this is a good time to either fix it, or start bailing!!     (or…...get a new boat!)

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