Thursday, 17 February 2011

Full Moon in Leo

Man…how did it get to be the Full Moon again? Is it just me or is time speeding up?

Early today (late yesterday for those across the pond) a stellium (whole bunch) of planets in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion and independence, are opposite the Full Moon in Leo, sign of the self centered ego and the need to be noticed, adored, revered…etc.(our noble self...our bossy self)  

 Leo Full Moon: the need to be yourself; love yourself. 

Wherever you are, watch out for the usual release of energy a Full Moon brings. So many planets close together intensify each other as well, so there will be a magnification of issues they represent.

Leo's need for acknowledgment might be blocked, opposed or highlighted  by all these planets in Aquarius wanting to go their own way (the self vs the collective/group?)

 Aquarius = need for freedom, independence, originality; manifesting through:

Sun: self will ego
Mercury: communication, thought process, siblings,
Mars: aggression, action, sexual drive
Neptune: sensitivity, intuition, visions, dreams and illusions,
Chiron (cusp of Pisces):  vulnerablilties and inner wounds, the wounded healer.

All these energies will be acting out under this lit up sky. Which ones do you relate to? Which ones dominate your sky? 

Every Full Moon is a fruition of the seed that was planted at the New Moon. Think about what intention you put out at that time. How is it manifesting?

Have you broken free from what oppresses you? (it may be internal or external)   

There has been an atmosphere of revolution and rebellion these last weeks, and with so many planets hanging out together in Aquarius, as well as its ruler Uranus squaring Pluto (god of destruction) ….expect more eruptions.

Expect the unexpected.

Tomorrow, I will continue to look at the alchemical fusion represented by the meeting and combining of opposites: Solar/Lunar, Male/Female, Spirit/Matter, Yang/Yin in the 'sacred conjunction.'

p.s. Eric Francis(sidebar) called this a very weird and warped Full Moon. I guess with the Full Moon opposite all those planets in wacky Aquarius.... linking into what Robert Wilkinson (Aquarius Papers, sidebar) calls the "Grand Irrationality"... there is/was some strange energy about.  So besides revolution there may have been some convolution !!!  

Don't worry, this too shall pass.


  1. ...and they are only going to get interestinger....!!