Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Lovers in a Dangerous Time'

The chart for current skies brings to mind a charioteer holding the reins of a group of rearing wild horses.

Saturn in Libra, opposite so many planets together in Aries has a tense job trying to steer these unruly energies. The pressure will ease soon as the planets begin to separate from each other. Till then, it’s a balancing act all way round.

Last week love got real dangerous (or exciting) as Venus squared Pluto. There are still remnants left of this energy being lit up by today’s Moon. Beware the marauder; beware the shadowy figure in the corner (of your mind)…beware compulsion to force your way; beware the urge to pillage or procure…

Compulsion can feel like liberation at first. Until it becomes obsession. Until it owns you.

Today’s Moon conjuncts Venus and squares Pluto. Emotional outbursts are not only possible they are highly likely for some folk. With the Moon in Aries your patience may be tried…if you do feel blocked, I wouldn’t suggest messing with Pluto. This is emotional intensity at its best. Patience required...though not likely.

We all feel this tension, so that advice is there for the taking. If you have personal planets in the area of the ongoing Cardinal T-square…(in Aries, Libra and Capricorn)…(roughly from 4 degress to 10 degrees(ish)…)
then I might suggest that, if you haven’t already figured out how to duck... as the crockery goes flying…
this would be a good time to learn.

Squares to Pluto create such deep tension and pressure there is an urge to escape (or explode) by any route possible. Yet of you can hold your ground and weather the storm, there are benefits to be had.  Pluto can bring deep transformation, and inner healing.... if you can survive such a transit you can survive anything (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). 

That is the shaman’s path. 

The Sun at 10 degrees Taurus today is trine Pluto in Capricorn…this stabilizes things a great deal and brings a positive outlet for some of the emotional tension. Time to go dig in the garden and plants those seeds in the rich earth. Grounding our ego through physical activity can save us from those obsessions and compulsions. The higher self can steer us through the obstacle course.

There is a new Moon coming up on Tuesday in Taurus. If we plant our seeds of intention in solid Taurian ground, with the added impetus of the abundant Aries energy, those seed ideas…. can become possibilities… can become realities.

Here’s the truest thing I heard today about life:

“The blessing is given, and the blessing is received”

                                                Prem Rawat          

Splitting Open  by Sue Raven

Saturday, 23 April 2011

(Mother) Earth Day Happy Easter

Yesterday, Friday April 22 was Earth Day. I just read an article about the state of the Gulf of Mexico one year after the BP oil spill fiasco. Don’t believe what they tell you…it’s not all ok. And the Japan nuclear disaster is becoming more serious every day.

Dear oh dear what have we done to this beautiful planet?

With the Sun now in Taurus, it is the perfect time to honour and celebrate Mother Earth. And on this Easter weekend we also celebrate rebirth and renewal. Oester (oestrogen) was/is a Goddess of Fertility. All those eggs and rabbits are symbols of fecundity and new life. And with that renewal there is hope.

Yes, before there can be new life, a new way of existing together on this planet earth, the old has to die…… we are in the midst of that process…and it’s not easy.

Yet despite all the craziness and fear and tension we can buy into on any given day…and with all the planetary pressures that seem to keep on building… there is this other thing going on…  

Life is happening.      

 New possibilities abound. There is still beauty in our world ….and today the smell of spring is in the air.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, Happy/Spring and let’s make this Earth Day into an Earth Year…every year.

“This existence that you have, this life that you have, despite all the problems, is beautiful, wonderful… Look at the desert. When it rains, mysteriously, even the desert holds in it the promise of beautiful life, of delicate flowers.”                                                                Prem Rawat

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Full Moon In Libra cont'd: Love the one your with...

The Moon (our emotions, our dreams, our inner self) has now made it through the obstacle course of Aries oppositions... (hopefully unscathed) and now, shining out round and radiant in Libra,  speaks to us of love and compassion.

In a time where polarized thinking, tension and strife abound, and the world as we know it is undergoing great upheaval and change, there is a call to reach within and find out what we are really made of.

The challenge is: can we rise above petty squabbles and oppositions to find the meeting place where only love remains?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing

there is a field.
 I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.          

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Full Moon coming up in Libra

Man how are we at yet another Full Moon?

Since I started writing this blog I have become more focused on the lunar cycles and am amazed the how quickly we move through each phase. . The quickening of Uranus in Aries is making my head spin. Time truly does seem to be speeding up.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs on Sunday eve North America…Midday in UK.   Libra is all about finding the balance between self and others. Yes, again. More lessons in love and acceptance.   'Love the one your with'.

Aries is all about me me me. Love for self is healthy... unless we regress into childish egocentric demands for attention.  How do we find the balance? Our effort will be reflected in the mirror of this Libra Full Moon. 

Moving from Thursday to Sunday,  the Moon travels from Virgo to Libra…starting with an opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces…infusing our dreams with mystic visions and stirring a deep longing for something that seems unattainable yet which in truth lies at the deepest core of our being. The longing continues as the Moon opposes Venus in Pisces....and our dreams are filled with music and beauty and tender touch and loving caresses…

Suddenly we are routed from our reverie as Madame Moon starts to run opposite the long line up of planets in Aries by one. … it’s like going through a medieval obstacle course.

 Jolting us into consciousness, the alarm bells of Uranus at the Aries point urge us to hurry up and awaken to who we are, which is tricky to remember while cautiously ducking the swinging heavy weights of conflict, tension and violence (Mars square Pluto)…that can tear you to shreds ….or crush you if you get caught between them. Add the intense emotional drama of Moon square Pluto and its a full scale emotional battle..

We are then forced by Saturn to stand still or tiptoe blindfolded past retrograde Mercury, who is wandering about in a bit if a mental fog looking for that letter you said you sent last week,

We whip off the blindfold in time for a duel between Jupiter and Saturn (parry - thrust ….back and forth… the standoff delays, rules and restrictions and obligations get in the way of joyful expansion…)

At last we arrive at the Full Moon. (…whew!)

Finally by Sunday evening (here in Canada) the Moon stands illuminated in all its glory as it reflects the Suns rays at 27 degrees Libra. The sign of the scales is under tremendous pressure to maintain a precarious balance...just for a day or so...

Full moons are a culmination of what was sown at the New Moon. Our seed thoughts planted with the last New Moon in Aries were especially potent and may have already sprouted into full blown manifestations. What did you wish for? Has it begun to come true? (Be careful what you wish for)

All this dynamic fiery energy provides the impetus to move forward, yet while it is opposed by Saturn and confused by Mercury Retrograde, we are still having to be creative to find ways around the obstacles put in our path.

Don’t worry. The sheer force of the stellium in Aries will out-wit Saturn’s resistance and as the Full Moon passes… it’s  Warp-Speed ahead Scotty.

Meanwhile, we may all be joining coyote for a good ol' howl at the Moon....        (to be continued)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Take a walk on the wild side

So… how’s the dance going? Stepping on anyone toes lately? (see last post)

This weekend’s Moon in Cancer sets off the Grand Cross again…aeyaeyeai!!  Upside down and all around, there is tension and confrontation and emotional pressure. Watch your step. Watch your words…(Mercury Jupiter Sun conjunct in Aries). Emotional intensity is the catch word for this weekend. Compulsivity. Impulsivity.Drama.

Before I expand on that theme,  I wanted to tell you all about something that happened round the time that Uranus moved in Aries…(that would be when everything suddenly sped up into warp speed…about a month ago) 

I was walking near the river close to where I live on the outskirts of the city.  Chatting away to my friend, I Iooked over to my left, and there on the railway tracks running beside us were two coyotes sauntering along.

I have been living in England for quite a few years and am still getting used to the wildness of Canada.  I pointed at the coyotes in amazement to my friend, and we spoke in whispers as walked along parallel to them for several minutes.  I was deeply touched by the experience and knew there is often meaning in such encounters.

Coyote is considered a trickster. If it walks into your life or your path, you can be sure things will be turned upside down and everything will start to go a bit crazy or backward. A bit like Mercury retrograde.

And like Uranus, the planet that brings sudden surprises, Coyotes tricks are meant to shake us up and wake us up. Coyotes are trickster teachers.

“Coyote teaches us by his folly and misadventure.  Coyote is the mirror that shows us our shadow and makes us laugh at the same time….We almost always benefit from Coyote’s teaching but often there is a price paid for the knowledge. 

Most people miss the message with Coyote. They either think he is being silly or disrespectful.  He is neither, he is just trying to get you take an honest look at your own actions.      
                                                             Robert Oaks

Hmmm. Does sounds a lot like either Mercury Retrograde or Uranus to me. Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury rules the mind and our thoughts and communication. Mercurial types are mentally agile and good communicators. Uranus brings the vibration up a notch to the level of intuitive flashes or visions and sudden awakenings.

Mercury rules the telephone…Uranus the internet.

With Uranus in Ares things have definitely sped up considerably.

And it easy to see how Mercury retrograde looks a lot like coyote medicine. This past week I have had emails disappear, all my inbox erased, several serious miscommunications…double billed incorrectly by my credit card etc etc. I was working on a graphic design all sorts of things went completely wonky on my computer....meaning I had to redo it it again and again. At one point  my computer almost crashed ...photoshop kept switching itself off. Help!  (it knew I had had too much)   

I have been going way too fast, with all this Uranus energy triggering my own Uranus SunMercury feels like my life has moved into warp speed overnight. And that is not always a good thing. My body has been revving way to fast for my own good. 

So Coyote came to disrupt my movement enough to get my attention. There is always a message with Mercury and/or Uranus…as there is with Coyote, and for me, it was/is to stop and check what I am doing, how I am doing it, why I am doing it, and also when I expect to do it   (Mercury Ret. messes with timing, makes us go back over things till we get it right). Sometimes I get going way too fast and lose my centre.

                     Stop Think Observe Proceed

Thanks coyote. Sort of.

Meanwhile,  in the rest of the sky, Mercury Sun Jupiter are creating exaggerated statements of grandiose thinking….tense stand offs can result from Jupiter’s opposition to Saturn in Libra.

As mentioned in other posts, Saturn in Libra is teaching us about having clear boundaries in relationships with others, and asking us to redefine how we relate in general. How to dance the dance.

And  with Mars so close to Uranus in Aries, furious outbursts of righteous indignation and outrage (Jupiter, Mercury, Sun)  can get us into trouble, while the added square to Pluto triggers or increases intense anger, rebellion and violence. 

The Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto is the key trigger this weekend as it can stir up strong, compulsive emotions (that may be even a tad bit over dramatic). Playing the victim won’t get you anywhere, and standing up for yourself doesn’t have to involve putting others down. Trying to control yours or others emotions won’t be easy under this transit.

Watch out or coyote will turn your righteousness on its head and rub your nose in your own s**t.

Let Neptune,Venus or Chiron in Pisces give you a little humility and compassion for others.  Breathe. Step. Breathe. Step. Twirl.

If coyote is your dance partner, it’s definitely going to be a  wild and crazy ride. 

Just remember this :   Coyote is a survivor. 

 “Coyotes always adapt to changing circumstances. Remember it was Coyote that figured out how to steal fire from the Gods when man was freezing.”                                     Robert Oaks

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Moon in Aries this Sunday Step in Time

This Sunday's New Moon in Aries is THE New Moon of the year…as it sits at the beginning of the zodiac. We have yet another chance to revision how we dance the cosmic dance of life. Make a wish. Let it be so.

There is quite a dance happening in the skies these days. Planets are squaring off yet again as the T-square in Cardinal signs bring tension and pressure to our beleaguered world.

The New Moon joins an already crowded Aries, and the atmospheric buildup increases.

As we whirl and hop and spin to the increased tempo of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, we may step on each other’s toes and crash and bump into people as the opposition of so many planets to Saturn in Libra creates tension and opposition. Jupiter’s proximity is exaggerating our movements and increasing the tempo.

The Moon in Aries is all about ‘me’ , while Saturn in Libra forces us to become aware of the others around us. We’re a mad swirling mass of humanity trying to find a pattern (Saturn) or meaning (Jupiter) to it all.

Me thinks we need some dancing lessons (Saturn in Libra)…unfortunately, those instructions didn’t arrive in the post… because Mercury Retrograde has screwed up all the mail.  Yet, by making us go back over things, Mercury retrograde can bring us new insights and understandings …taking a few steps back can help slow us down so we can feel the rhythm more clearly. Back step- back step -one two three four.

It doesn’t last for long…we start to hurry again as  the music is being turned up and the dance is getting frantic. We need to pay attention but it’s a bit hard to concentrate (Merc Ret) with all the noise of symbols crashing in the background (Mars Aries), violins whining….a bassoon  is blasting away.

It’s a cacophony of sound …the sharps are extra-sharp and the flats extra-flat, as we try to follow the tendencies of the key and harmonic changes.

The music is at moments deafening, jarring…as the drums of Pluto in Capricorn square off against the trumpet blast of Uranus in Aries.

The staccato rhythm of so many planets in Aries  is stirring up confrontation and many march (and fight) to confront the misuses and abuses of power all over the globe (Saturn Uranus Pluto all squared each other)

While Jupiter opposite Saturn is bringing everything to a head…the combined energy of so many planets in Aries and especially Uranus ...can  bring us new insight and understanding… expanding our vision through flashes of insight so we can see our place in the dance.

And though it's not so easy to pause now to get our bearings…. if we listen closely... the sweet, gentle flute solo of Venus in Pisces can lift our spirits and evoke our more subtle  senses. Todays Moon in Pisces will help us go there. 

Let it become a slow waltz as you twirl and swirl to the music of the spheres. Our heart's longing (Venus, Chiron in Pisces) is calling us  to slow our pace and listen to the music playing deep inside us. 

Chiron adds a haunting, melancholic undertone as tears of compassion wet our faces... for others...for ourself (we cannot love another if we cannot love ourself)  Compassion and suffering are a part of the dance, as is joy.

 Perhaps we need time for a moment  alone to  'dance like there's no one watching...'

Joy - pain - joy - twirl - step - twirl ….the dance goes on.