Saturday, 16 April 2011

Full Moon coming up in Libra

Man how are we at yet another Full Moon?

Since I started writing this blog I have become more focused on the lunar cycles and am amazed the how quickly we move through each phase. . The quickening of Uranus in Aries is making my head spin. Time truly does seem to be speeding up.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs on Sunday eve North America…Midday in UK.   Libra is all about finding the balance between self and others. Yes, again. More lessons in love and acceptance.   'Love the one your with'.

Aries is all about me me me. Love for self is healthy... unless we regress into childish egocentric demands for attention.  How do we find the balance? Our effort will be reflected in the mirror of this Libra Full Moon. 

Moving from Thursday to Sunday,  the Moon travels from Virgo to Libra…starting with an opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces…infusing our dreams with mystic visions and stirring a deep longing for something that seems unattainable yet which in truth lies at the deepest core of our being. The longing continues as the Moon opposes Venus in Pisces....and our dreams are filled with music and beauty and tender touch and loving caresses…

Suddenly we are routed from our reverie as Madame Moon starts to run opposite the long line up of planets in Aries by one. … it’s like going through a medieval obstacle course.

 Jolting us into consciousness, the alarm bells of Uranus at the Aries point urge us to hurry up and awaken to who we are, which is tricky to remember while cautiously ducking the swinging heavy weights of conflict, tension and violence (Mars square Pluto)…that can tear you to shreds ….or crush you if you get caught between them. Add the intense emotional drama of Moon square Pluto and its a full scale emotional battle..

We are then forced by Saturn to stand still or tiptoe blindfolded past retrograde Mercury, who is wandering about in a bit if a mental fog looking for that letter you said you sent last week,

We whip off the blindfold in time for a duel between Jupiter and Saturn (parry - thrust ….back and forth… the standoff delays, rules and restrictions and obligations get in the way of joyful expansion…)

At last we arrive at the Full Moon. (…whew!)

Finally by Sunday evening (here in Canada) the Moon stands illuminated in all its glory as it reflects the Suns rays at 27 degrees Libra. The sign of the scales is under tremendous pressure to maintain a precarious balance...just for a day or so...

Full moons are a culmination of what was sown at the New Moon. Our seed thoughts planted with the last New Moon in Aries were especially potent and may have already sprouted into full blown manifestations. What did you wish for? Has it begun to come true? (Be careful what you wish for)

All this dynamic fiery energy provides the impetus to move forward, yet while it is opposed by Saturn and confused by Mercury Retrograde, we are still having to be creative to find ways around the obstacles put in our path.

Don’t worry. The sheer force of the stellium in Aries will out-wit Saturn’s resistance and as the Full Moon passes… it’s  Warp-Speed ahead Scotty.

Meanwhile, we may all be joining coyote for a good ol' howl at the Moon....        (to be continued)

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  1. well said Sue, I love your writing. Lots of juicy metaphors. I love the Moon, and last night she shone in through my window, lighting up the lake with tiny points of light on the waves.