Saturday, 23 April 2011

(Mother) Earth Day Happy Easter

Yesterday, Friday April 22 was Earth Day. I just read an article about the state of the Gulf of Mexico one year after the BP oil spill fiasco. Don’t believe what they tell you…it’s not all ok. And the Japan nuclear disaster is becoming more serious every day.

Dear oh dear what have we done to this beautiful planet?

With the Sun now in Taurus, it is the perfect time to honour and celebrate Mother Earth. And on this Easter weekend we also celebrate rebirth and renewal. Oester (oestrogen) was/is a Goddess of Fertility. All those eggs and rabbits are symbols of fecundity and new life. And with that renewal there is hope.

Yes, before there can be new life, a new way of existing together on this planet earth, the old has to die…… we are in the midst of that process…and it’s not easy.

Yet despite all the craziness and fear and tension we can buy into on any given day…and with all the planetary pressures that seem to keep on building… there is this other thing going on…  

Life is happening.      

 New possibilities abound. There is still beauty in our world ….and today the smell of spring is in the air.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, Happy/Spring and let’s make this Earth Day into an Earth Year…every year.

“This existence that you have, this life that you have, despite all the problems, is beautiful, wonderful… Look at the desert. When it rains, mysteriously, even the desert holds in it the promise of beautiful life, of delicate flowers.”                                                                Prem Rawat


  1. nice quote Sue, the desert in bloom, hold onto hope!
    happy easter/oestre/estrogen?
    to you too

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