Friday, 1 April 2011

New Moon in Aries this Sunday Step in Time

This Sunday's New Moon in Aries is THE New Moon of the year…as it sits at the beginning of the zodiac. We have yet another chance to revision how we dance the cosmic dance of life. Make a wish. Let it be so.

There is quite a dance happening in the skies these days. Planets are squaring off yet again as the T-square in Cardinal signs bring tension and pressure to our beleaguered world.

The New Moon joins an already crowded Aries, and the atmospheric buildup increases.

As we whirl and hop and spin to the increased tempo of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, we may step on each other’s toes and crash and bump into people as the opposition of so many planets to Saturn in Libra creates tension and opposition. Jupiter’s proximity is exaggerating our movements and increasing the tempo.

The Moon in Aries is all about ‘me’ , while Saturn in Libra forces us to become aware of the others around us. We’re a mad swirling mass of humanity trying to find a pattern (Saturn) or meaning (Jupiter) to it all.

Me thinks we need some dancing lessons (Saturn in Libra)…unfortunately, those instructions didn’t arrive in the post… because Mercury Retrograde has screwed up all the mail.  Yet, by making us go back over things, Mercury retrograde can bring us new insights and understandings …taking a few steps back can help slow us down so we can feel the rhythm more clearly. Back step- back step -one two three four.

It doesn’t last for long…we start to hurry again as  the music is being turned up and the dance is getting frantic. We need to pay attention but it’s a bit hard to concentrate (Merc Ret) with all the noise of symbols crashing in the background (Mars Aries), violins whining….a bassoon  is blasting away.

It’s a cacophony of sound …the sharps are extra-sharp and the flats extra-flat, as we try to follow the tendencies of the key and harmonic changes.

The music is at moments deafening, jarring…as the drums of Pluto in Capricorn square off against the trumpet blast of Uranus in Aries.

The staccato rhythm of so many planets in Aries  is stirring up confrontation and many march (and fight) to confront the misuses and abuses of power all over the globe (Saturn Uranus Pluto all squared each other)

While Jupiter opposite Saturn is bringing everything to a head…the combined energy of so many planets in Aries and especially Uranus ...can  bring us new insight and understanding… expanding our vision through flashes of insight so we can see our place in the dance.

And though it's not so easy to pause now to get our bearings…. if we listen closely... the sweet, gentle flute solo of Venus in Pisces can lift our spirits and evoke our more subtle  senses. Todays Moon in Pisces will help us go there. 

Let it become a slow waltz as you twirl and swirl to the music of the spheres. Our heart's longing (Venus, Chiron in Pisces) is calling us  to slow our pace and listen to the music playing deep inside us. 

Chiron adds a haunting, melancholic undertone as tears of compassion wet our faces... for others...for ourself (we cannot love another if we cannot love ourself)  Compassion and suffering are a part of the dance, as is joy.

 Perhaps we need time for a moment  alone to  'dance like there's no one watching...'

Joy - pain - joy - twirl - step - twirl ….the dance goes on.

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