Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Lovers in a Dangerous Time'

The chart for current skies brings to mind a charioteer holding the reins of a group of rearing wild horses.

Saturn in Libra, opposite so many planets together in Aries has a tense job trying to steer these unruly energies. The pressure will ease soon as the planets begin to separate from each other. Till then, it’s a balancing act all way round.

Last week love got real dangerous (or exciting) as Venus squared Pluto. There are still remnants left of this energy being lit up by today’s Moon. Beware the marauder; beware the shadowy figure in the corner (of your mind)…beware compulsion to force your way; beware the urge to pillage or procure…

Compulsion can feel like liberation at first. Until it becomes obsession. Until it owns you.

Today’s Moon conjuncts Venus and squares Pluto. Emotional outbursts are not only possible they are highly likely for some folk. With the Moon in Aries your patience may be tried…if you do feel blocked, I wouldn’t suggest messing with Pluto. This is emotional intensity at its best. Patience required...though not likely.

We all feel this tension, so that advice is there for the taking. If you have personal planets in the area of the ongoing Cardinal T-square…(in Aries, Libra and Capricorn)…(roughly from 4 degress to 10 degrees(ish)…)
then I might suggest that, if you haven’t already figured out how to duck... as the crockery goes flying…
this would be a good time to learn.

Squares to Pluto create such deep tension and pressure there is an urge to escape (or explode) by any route possible. Yet of you can hold your ground and weather the storm, there are benefits to be had.  Pluto can bring deep transformation, and inner healing.... if you can survive such a transit you can survive anything (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). 

That is the shaman’s path. 

The Sun at 10 degrees Taurus today is trine Pluto in Capricorn…this stabilizes things a great deal and brings a positive outlet for some of the emotional tension. Time to go dig in the garden and plants those seeds in the rich earth. Grounding our ego through physical activity can save us from those obsessions and compulsions. The higher self can steer us through the obstacle course.

There is a new Moon coming up on Tuesday in Taurus. If we plant our seeds of intention in solid Taurian ground, with the added impetus of the abundant Aries energy, those seed ideas…. can become possibilities… can become realities.

Here’s the truest thing I heard today about life:

“The blessing is given, and the blessing is received”

                                                Prem Rawat          

Splitting Open  by Sue Raven

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