Sunday, 10 April 2011

Take a walk on the wild side

So… how’s the dance going? Stepping on anyone toes lately? (see last post)

This weekend’s Moon in Cancer sets off the Grand Cross again…aeyaeyeai!!  Upside down and all around, there is tension and confrontation and emotional pressure. Watch your step. Watch your words…(Mercury Jupiter Sun conjunct in Aries). Emotional intensity is the catch word for this weekend. Compulsivity. Impulsivity.Drama.

Before I expand on that theme,  I wanted to tell you all about something that happened round the time that Uranus moved in Aries…(that would be when everything suddenly sped up into warp speed…about a month ago) 

I was walking near the river close to where I live on the outskirts of the city.  Chatting away to my friend, I Iooked over to my left, and there on the railway tracks running beside us were two coyotes sauntering along.

I have been living in England for quite a few years and am still getting used to the wildness of Canada.  I pointed at the coyotes in amazement to my friend, and we spoke in whispers as walked along parallel to them for several minutes.  I was deeply touched by the experience and knew there is often meaning in such encounters.

Coyote is considered a trickster. If it walks into your life or your path, you can be sure things will be turned upside down and everything will start to go a bit crazy or backward. A bit like Mercury retrograde.

And like Uranus, the planet that brings sudden surprises, Coyotes tricks are meant to shake us up and wake us up. Coyotes are trickster teachers.

“Coyote teaches us by his folly and misadventure.  Coyote is the mirror that shows us our shadow and makes us laugh at the same time….We almost always benefit from Coyote’s teaching but often there is a price paid for the knowledge. 

Most people miss the message with Coyote. They either think he is being silly or disrespectful.  He is neither, he is just trying to get you take an honest look at your own actions.      
                                                             Robert Oaks

Hmmm. Does sounds a lot like either Mercury Retrograde or Uranus to me. Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury rules the mind and our thoughts and communication. Mercurial types are mentally agile and good communicators. Uranus brings the vibration up a notch to the level of intuitive flashes or visions and sudden awakenings.

Mercury rules the telephone…Uranus the internet.

With Uranus in Ares things have definitely sped up considerably.

And it easy to see how Mercury retrograde looks a lot like coyote medicine. This past week I have had emails disappear, all my inbox erased, several serious miscommunications…double billed incorrectly by my credit card etc etc. I was working on a graphic design all sorts of things went completely wonky on my computer....meaning I had to redo it it again and again. At one point  my computer almost crashed ...photoshop kept switching itself off. Help!  (it knew I had had too much)   

I have been going way too fast, with all this Uranus energy triggering my own Uranus SunMercury feels like my life has moved into warp speed overnight. And that is not always a good thing. My body has been revving way to fast for my own good. 

So Coyote came to disrupt my movement enough to get my attention. There is always a message with Mercury and/or Uranus…as there is with Coyote, and for me, it was/is to stop and check what I am doing, how I am doing it, why I am doing it, and also when I expect to do it   (Mercury Ret. messes with timing, makes us go back over things till we get it right). Sometimes I get going way too fast and lose my centre.

                     Stop Think Observe Proceed

Thanks coyote. Sort of.

Meanwhile,  in the rest of the sky, Mercury Sun Jupiter are creating exaggerated statements of grandiose thinking….tense stand offs can result from Jupiter’s opposition to Saturn in Libra.

As mentioned in other posts, Saturn in Libra is teaching us about having clear boundaries in relationships with others, and asking us to redefine how we relate in general. How to dance the dance.

And  with Mars so close to Uranus in Aries, furious outbursts of righteous indignation and outrage (Jupiter, Mercury, Sun)  can get us into trouble, while the added square to Pluto triggers or increases intense anger, rebellion and violence. 

The Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto is the key trigger this weekend as it can stir up strong, compulsive emotions (that may be even a tad bit over dramatic). Playing the victim won’t get you anywhere, and standing up for yourself doesn’t have to involve putting others down. Trying to control yours or others emotions won’t be easy under this transit.

Watch out or coyote will turn your righteousness on its head and rub your nose in your own s**t.

Let Neptune,Venus or Chiron in Pisces give you a little humility and compassion for others.  Breathe. Step. Breathe. Step. Twirl.

If coyote is your dance partner, it’s definitely going to be a  wild and crazy ride. 

Just remember this :   Coyote is a survivor. 

 “Coyotes always adapt to changing circumstances. Remember it was Coyote that figured out how to steal fire from the Gods when man was freezing.”                                     Robert Oaks


  1. great post Sue, especially the coyote cartoon at the end. Road Runner always wins the day in those wacky merry melodies.
    my weekend was musically intense, but mostly harmonious. not too many crushed toes.

  2. Music comes under the rulership of Neptune which has recently moved into Pisces...the sign it rules. So double emphasis on creativity art music etc. Plus Venus in Pisces right now inspires the artist,poet, musician in us. Love and appreciation for beauty. Sounds like thats where you were hanging out!