Friday, 25 June 2010

Full Moon Eclipse

Today around midday ( depending where you live) the Moon will be full in Capricorn. There will also be a partial the Earth moves between the Sun and the for short while the Moons energy will be weakened.

A Full Moon amplifies the qualities of the sign it is well as highlighting the opposite as well. But during the eclipse the energy of the Moon will be lessened(eclipsed) in favour of the Sun's energy in a strong emotional quality to today's energy. Since Cancer is the Moons domain, either way, there will a lot of emotions about today.

I wish I had a way to show the image of today's chart of the looks looks like a big square. Pluto and Moon and North Node all huddle together in Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury are exactly opposite in Cancer. And at right angles to that are Uranus and Jupiter together in Aries. Then, opposite them, Saturn sits on the Virgo side of the Virgo/Libra cusp. They all together make a big box like shape.The 90 degree angles and the oppositions are what create the tension and the power of this configuration.

The Full Moon's conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn emphasizes Capricornian there will be plenty of energy on both sides.

Cancer and Capricorn are the archetypal parents. Capricorn is associated with the Father archetype and Cancer the Mother. In Cancer the Sun rules emotions and nurturing. It deals with family and also the past. As a Cardinal sign it is soft yet strong.Emotional expression is its domain.

Capricorns are very stoic. They need a sense of purpose and carry a strong work ethic. Duty is a key element and so is hard work. Capricorns can be tender and soft, just as Cancers...only they would never admit it. They don't like to cry, won't shed a tear if they can help it, while we Cancerians can't help it at all.

My daughter and I, both Cancerians,sensitive caring souls that we are, often bemoan the crying thing...its hard on one's dignity to be so tearful so easily. Especially when those sturdy Capricorns resist admitting their vulnerability...heaven forbid they should let anyone down by being soft.

So today may bring up issues in these areas. Our rigidity or our softness may come to the fore. Some of us will struggle to surrender control (Pluto), let go and drop our guard, some of us will be especially soppy. There will be pressure in some way and finding a middle ground is a good idea.

Take care of those you love..protect them (Capricorn) and nurture them (Cancer). Show your heart yet stand your ground. Perhaps that's what the protesters at the G8/20 summit in Toronto will need to do. Hopefully it will not get too heavy. With the Grand Cross activated (see previous blogs) there will certainly be an intensity in the air. Bound to be a bit of push and shove.

Luckily, there is also what's called a Mystic Square, made out of Sun/Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Virgo, the Pluto group in Capricorn and Neptune Chiron at the Pisces/Aquarius border. Its a beautiful image somehow. All the planets are part of the square or the rectangle or both...there are no stragglers. The Rectangle is a very auspicious and protective a safety net. And with Neptune/Chiron part of it, I feel somehow that there is healing coming in the midst of all this tension and pain and crisis going on in the world. (and all that out of a square and a rectangle!!)

Oh, and a comet as well! Now I don't know anything much about it only that it appeared right at the Solstice and is still in the sky...can apparently be seen at dusk.

Comets are said to be harbringers of change. Good or ill? We will have to see.

It's all a play and the stars and planets light up the stage....our planet Earth ... spinning around on its axis and circling the Sun year after year. And here we all are in the midst of it, looking up and asking... "what the hell are we doing here?"

...or we should be...( asking)

My wish on this auspicious occasion is that somehow, some day, we figure that out, so we can all live in harmony on this blessed planet.

It starts today.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

Eclipse details:

Thursday, 24 June 2010

new beginnings

Read the Previous article on the Summer Solstice Extraordinaire for more on the current Grand Cross.

Uranus and Saturn opposition is part of the current Grand Cross which will be highlighted this Saturday by a partial Lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Cancer. As I have mentioned before, this is a time of tension, of potential standoffs and heightened polarities… which creates an excellent impetus for us to raise our consciousness and become more aware of some of the seeming contradictions that we have within ourselves. And with both planets changing signs almost simultaneously, there are immanent new beginnings possible. So it’s a challenging time (for some) as well as an exciting one.

An Astrologer highlights key issues that current planets are setting off either personally or on a global level. Sometimes it all seems like so much hyperbole, a lot of doomsday talk or exaggerated projections. And no one really knows for certain how things will manifest…though based on our understanding, we can take a guess. Yet, it’s much easier to look back later and see which planets influenced various key events, than to predict how they will manifest ahead of time. This can be highly helpful and does not mean Astrology is a lot of made up bunk.

Understanding the energies around us and in us is a very useful tool (I believe). It just means there is no quick fix or way to avoid the lessons we need to learn.
And we can describe the general atmosphere, and point out certain possibilities,, with the understanding that we all have our own expression and our own take on these things. So, for example, though it may be a given that right now any Capricorn with their Sun in the first 10 degrees of their chart is probably going through an intense time, how and where that intensity will play out is so personal and determined by so many factors that it would be, for myself personally, unfair to predict and there for lead them in a certain direction.

Better to use Astrological input to gain a sense of where to look (or feel) and activate your own spidey sense to see what might be up for you. Deep down we all know we have issues and blind spots (as well as gifts and talents) which we tend to ignore. Having a planetary hit to a particular aspect in our chart gives us a chance to explore that in a more personal way.

Years ago Pluto (the destroyer) hit my Moon. I won’t go into the details but needless to say it was pretty devastating. I lost (or thought I lost) a relationship in the process and it was generally a pretty rough ride. When it was over I had definitely gone through some major pruning of my emotional and karmic patterns (Moon). Speaking to a friend who’s Moon was a only few degrees after mine, I warned her of the coming devastation. She got quite annoyed and told me to stop projecting my own experience onto her. And interestingly, in her case, it was not a negative but a highly positive time. She regained a relationship she had thought was lost. (Moon = emotions…not always relationship oriented but can be…especially karmic ones). So how it manifested for her was very similar, in that it was dealing with a deep soul connection, and both were potential life partners, yet the results were obviously different.

Perhaps other aspects of each of our charts would give more details as to why things worked in one way for her and another for me….and of course that is the benefit of having a personal chart reading….yet, the main point here is that we do have free will, and we are all unique, so no two people will respond to the same influence in the same way.

So , as Liz Greene often quotes…(from where I do not know):

“the planets impel , they do not compel.”

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Solstice Extraordinaire

As of 4:30 am PDT, 7:30 Eastern, and 12:30 pm, Greenwich Mean time, we will arrive at a very powerful Summer Solstice. The Sun moves into Cancer today, marking the first day of summer, leading to Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse later this week, on June 26th. Today the Solstice Sun is opposite Pluto, and in a few days, the Full Moon will be in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn,and exactly conjunct Pluto. Pluto is associated with the Hindu god Shiva, the Destroyer. Also known as the god of the underworld, Pluto forces issues to the surface through upheaval, crisis and intense pressure, destroying the old to make way for the new.

As the Solstice and then the Full Moon set off Pluto’s energy big time, they also trigger a planetary aspect that has been building all year, which I have been going on about for a while now. It's called a Cardinal Grand Cross, and represents very concentrated and powerful energy created by tense aspects between Pluto (the transformer) in Capricorn (material manifestation, work, duty, structures) squared Uranus and Jupiter at the beginning of Aries ( big dreams, expansion, sudden change, new initiatives),which are opposite (challenging )and shaking up Saturn (lord of material form and structure, authority, systems, time) in Virgo and Libra (service and work ethics/relationships with others).

The Grand Square or Cross at the Aries point (beginning of Zodiac) brings us the possibility of new visions, new agendas; of pioneering a new world. The Summer Solstice and Full Moon will amplify these energies and bring us closer to the peak of the Grand Cross that occurs during a solar eclipse mid August.

As many things are set into motion that would be an understatement to call ‘frictional’, immovable, solid parts are pushed and shoved by intense and powerful forces of change, the tension will be felt both internally and externally.

You only have to switch on the news to see some pretty heavy stuff going on. This next few days something may accelrate what is already in process. I have no idea what that will look or feel like but a solstice Sun then Full Moon plus an eclipse are a lot all together pushing on a very tense situation energywise.

Pluto breaks down and transforms, and Saturn squared Pluto resists the changes as it clings to old structures and systems; Uranus shakes up and rattles them both through sudden upheaval, while Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

Think of it as being like a diamond forming under immense pressure. We are now in a powerful transformational process that is said to auger the Dawn of a new era.

And …before you freak out and think… That’s it! It’s the end of the world!! …today’s Solstice also brings much hope.. Mars and Chiron, aspecting both Pluto and the Sun, form what is called a Mystic Rectangle. This will bring in supportive, protective energy... a kind of safety net. Then Uranus and Jupiter, together in Aries, form a trine to Venus in Leo , bringing generosity, freedom and joy our relationships.

Plus, a Grand Trine between the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron on the Aquarius/Pisces border, carries a profound message of harmony and healing. So today’s solstice, while intense, also brings with it a blessing…a port in the storm.

All will be well. (one can only hope)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Gemini New Moon

Make a wish on the New Moon. Its in Gemini...make two!!!

The New Moon brings fresh energy in a Gemini way which is communication, trivialities, quick changes (Gemini is ruled by Mercury...who has wings on his feet).

Gemini's are good at witty conversation and flirting. It seems superficial but that depends on how it is applied. Getting many views on a subject or situation is often prudent if one wants a wider perspective. Gemini will help you do this.

In June big things are happening. Jupiter conjoins Uranus at the Aries point(beginning of the zodiac), bringing new energy energy to Pisces, Sagittarius, and Aquarius and Aries. There's a life-changing lunar eclipse in Capricorn that will also impact Cancerians,and set off the ongoing Cosmic Cross between Pluto, Saturn etc(see previous posts). And after a very long visit in Leo, Mars finally departs, and its moves into Virgo. Taureans and Librans will have their moments as well. So lots going on ... expect positive movement this month. Expect the unexpected.

more next time.....

Friday, 4 June 2010

Check the Fine Print

I could go into the current sky...(Neptune and Mars are dancing together from opposite sides of the sky).... ok, I will.... in a bit. But once again I want to reiterate that my main purpose for this blog is to introduce you to some Astrological concepts and an understanding of how and /or why a chart of the sky at your time of birth can be such a powerful tool for self knowledge. Its not that I don't think it is useful to know what going on out there in the cosmos. I do. I just am more interested in the more personal workings of the human psyche and in human relationships in general. There are astrologers out there (see side bar) who are highly skilled at deciphering the signs of the times. And I will continue to do so on key days like New or Full Moons etc. The very cosmic Grand Cross, for example, coming up at the end of June, is one I will explore in the next few days. Yet my personal interest is in personal and interpersonal Astrology.

Jonathan Cainer (excellent daily site...see sidebar ) was asked about the charts of 'enlightened beings' such as Buddha or Christ etc. He said that our highest selves are beyond Astrology and in that sense we are no different from any enlightened being. Astrology is for when we are not in an enlightened state and we need to figure out why we are acting why we do the way we do (which is most of the time).

That triggered something I have questioned all along about all this stuff. That wouldn't it be better if we focused all our time and energy in developing our consciousness and becoming enlightened, rather than constantly trying to figure out how or why we get into the messes we do.

My conclusion, at this point in time, in that I want to do both. I want to devote my entire being to being the best I can be on all levels. On this material plane that means dealing with my desires and proclivities, my talents and my handicaps, my radiance. Yet, when I sit and focus within, all of these disappear into a place of stillness and light, and I know that is my true home and true destination. Still, when I am working or playing or relating or thinking about how or what I need to do on an everyday level, I find it most helpful to have some understanding and knowledge of my own chart.

Today Mars is opposite Neptune.Neptune dissolves what is comes into contact with, Mars is our desires and our outward drives. Neptune means death to the ego.You may find yourself desiring strange things. Or longing for what is unattainable. Or for the divine... (which is attainable, but not with the ego). This is all emphasized by the Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). Dreamy, soft energy drawing us into the intangible realms of spirit. You may find whatever you do today comes to naught. Things will be a bit unclear. Possibly even downright dodgey. Check the fine print.