Thursday, 24 June 2010

new beginnings

Read the Previous article on the Summer Solstice Extraordinaire for more on the current Grand Cross.

Uranus and Saturn opposition is part of the current Grand Cross which will be highlighted this Saturday by a partial Lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Cancer. As I have mentioned before, this is a time of tension, of potential standoffs and heightened polarities… which creates an excellent impetus for us to raise our consciousness and become more aware of some of the seeming contradictions that we have within ourselves. And with both planets changing signs almost simultaneously, there are immanent new beginnings possible. So it’s a challenging time (for some) as well as an exciting one.

An Astrologer highlights key issues that current planets are setting off either personally or on a global level. Sometimes it all seems like so much hyperbole, a lot of doomsday talk or exaggerated projections. And no one really knows for certain how things will manifest…though based on our understanding, we can take a guess. Yet, it’s much easier to look back later and see which planets influenced various key events, than to predict how they will manifest ahead of time. This can be highly helpful and does not mean Astrology is a lot of made up bunk.

Understanding the energies around us and in us is a very useful tool (I believe). It just means there is no quick fix or way to avoid the lessons we need to learn.
And we can describe the general atmosphere, and point out certain possibilities,, with the understanding that we all have our own expression and our own take on these things. So, for example, though it may be a given that right now any Capricorn with their Sun in the first 10 degrees of their chart is probably going through an intense time, how and where that intensity will play out is so personal and determined by so many factors that it would be, for myself personally, unfair to predict and there for lead them in a certain direction.

Better to use Astrological input to gain a sense of where to look (or feel) and activate your own spidey sense to see what might be up for you. Deep down we all know we have issues and blind spots (as well as gifts and talents) which we tend to ignore. Having a planetary hit to a particular aspect in our chart gives us a chance to explore that in a more personal way.

Years ago Pluto (the destroyer) hit my Moon. I won’t go into the details but needless to say it was pretty devastating. I lost (or thought I lost) a relationship in the process and it was generally a pretty rough ride. When it was over I had definitely gone through some major pruning of my emotional and karmic patterns (Moon). Speaking to a friend who’s Moon was a only few degrees after mine, I warned her of the coming devastation. She got quite annoyed and told me to stop projecting my own experience onto her. And interestingly, in her case, it was not a negative but a highly positive time. She regained a relationship she had thought was lost. (Moon = emotions…not always relationship oriented but can be…especially karmic ones). So how it manifested for her was very similar, in that it was dealing with a deep soul connection, and both were potential life partners, yet the results were obviously different.

Perhaps other aspects of each of our charts would give more details as to why things worked in one way for her and another for me….and of course that is the benefit of having a personal chart reading….yet, the main point here is that we do have free will, and we are all unique, so no two people will respond to the same influence in the same way.

So , as Liz Greene often quotes…(from where I do not know):

“the planets impel , they do not compel.”

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