Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Solstice Extraordinaire

As of 4:30 am PDT, 7:30 Eastern, and 12:30 pm, Greenwich Mean time, we will arrive at a very powerful Summer Solstice. The Sun moves into Cancer today, marking the first day of summer, leading to Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse later this week, on June 26th. Today the Solstice Sun is opposite Pluto, and in a few days, the Full Moon will be in Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn,and exactly conjunct Pluto. Pluto is associated with the Hindu god Shiva, the Destroyer. Also known as the god of the underworld, Pluto forces issues to the surface through upheaval, crisis and intense pressure, destroying the old to make way for the new.

As the Solstice and then the Full Moon set off Pluto’s energy big time, they also trigger a planetary aspect that has been building all year, which I have been going on about for a while now. It's called a Cardinal Grand Cross, and represents very concentrated and powerful energy created by tense aspects between Pluto (the transformer) in Capricorn (material manifestation, work, duty, structures) squared Uranus and Jupiter at the beginning of Aries ( big dreams, expansion, sudden change, new initiatives),which are opposite (challenging )and shaking up Saturn (lord of material form and structure, authority, systems, time) in Virgo and Libra (service and work ethics/relationships with others).

The Grand Square or Cross at the Aries point (beginning of Zodiac) brings us the possibility of new visions, new agendas; of pioneering a new world. The Summer Solstice and Full Moon will amplify these energies and bring us closer to the peak of the Grand Cross that occurs during a solar eclipse mid August.

As many things are set into motion that would be an understatement to call ‘frictional’, immovable, solid parts are pushed and shoved by intense and powerful forces of change, the tension will be felt both internally and externally.

You only have to switch on the news to see some pretty heavy stuff going on. This next few days something may accelrate what is already in process. I have no idea what that will look or feel like but a solstice Sun then Full Moon plus an eclipse are a lot all together pushing on a very tense situation energywise.

Pluto breaks down and transforms, and Saturn squared Pluto resists the changes as it clings to old structures and systems; Uranus shakes up and rattles them both through sudden upheaval, while Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

Think of it as being like a diamond forming under immense pressure. We are now in a powerful transformational process that is said to auger the Dawn of a new era.

And …before you freak out and think… That’s it! It’s the end of the world!! …today’s Solstice also brings much hope.. Mars and Chiron, aspecting both Pluto and the Sun, form what is called a Mystic Rectangle. This will bring in supportive, protective energy... a kind of safety net. Then Uranus and Jupiter, together in Aries, form a trine to Venus in Leo , bringing generosity, freedom and joy our relationships.

Plus, a Grand Trine between the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio, and Neptune and Chiron on the Aquarius/Pisces border, carries a profound message of harmony and healing. So today’s solstice, while intense, also brings with it a blessing…a port in the storm.

All will be well. (one can only hope)

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  1. so that's where all the tension is coming my chorus we are trying to get rid of the old, and usher in the new, as is our dear teacher PR, so it is a time of change and upheaval, once again