Friday, 25 June 2010

Full Moon Eclipse

Today around midday ( depending where you live) the Moon will be full in Capricorn. There will also be a partial the Earth moves between the Sun and the for short while the Moons energy will be weakened.

A Full Moon amplifies the qualities of the sign it is well as highlighting the opposite as well. But during the eclipse the energy of the Moon will be lessened(eclipsed) in favour of the Sun's energy in a strong emotional quality to today's energy. Since Cancer is the Moons domain, either way, there will a lot of emotions about today.

I wish I had a way to show the image of today's chart of the looks looks like a big square. Pluto and Moon and North Node all huddle together in Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury are exactly opposite in Cancer. And at right angles to that are Uranus and Jupiter together in Aries. Then, opposite them, Saturn sits on the Virgo side of the Virgo/Libra cusp. They all together make a big box like shape.The 90 degree angles and the oppositions are what create the tension and the power of this configuration.

The Full Moon's conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn emphasizes Capricornian there will be plenty of energy on both sides.

Cancer and Capricorn are the archetypal parents. Capricorn is associated with the Father archetype and Cancer the Mother. In Cancer the Sun rules emotions and nurturing. It deals with family and also the past. As a Cardinal sign it is soft yet strong.Emotional expression is its domain.

Capricorns are very stoic. They need a sense of purpose and carry a strong work ethic. Duty is a key element and so is hard work. Capricorns can be tender and soft, just as Cancers...only they would never admit it. They don't like to cry, won't shed a tear if they can help it, while we Cancerians can't help it at all.

My daughter and I, both Cancerians,sensitive caring souls that we are, often bemoan the crying thing...its hard on one's dignity to be so tearful so easily. Especially when those sturdy Capricorns resist admitting their vulnerability...heaven forbid they should let anyone down by being soft.

So today may bring up issues in these areas. Our rigidity or our softness may come to the fore. Some of us will struggle to surrender control (Pluto), let go and drop our guard, some of us will be especially soppy. There will be pressure in some way and finding a middle ground is a good idea.

Take care of those you love..protect them (Capricorn) and nurture them (Cancer). Show your heart yet stand your ground. Perhaps that's what the protesters at the G8/20 summit in Toronto will need to do. Hopefully it will not get too heavy. With the Grand Cross activated (see previous blogs) there will certainly be an intensity in the air. Bound to be a bit of push and shove.

Luckily, there is also what's called a Mystic Square, made out of Sun/Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Virgo, the Pluto group in Capricorn and Neptune Chiron at the Pisces/Aquarius border. Its a beautiful image somehow. All the planets are part of the square or the rectangle or both...there are no stragglers. The Rectangle is a very auspicious and protective a safety net. And with Neptune/Chiron part of it, I feel somehow that there is healing coming in the midst of all this tension and pain and crisis going on in the world. (and all that out of a square and a rectangle!!)

Oh, and a comet as well! Now I don't know anything much about it only that it appeared right at the Solstice and is still in the sky...can apparently be seen at dusk.

Comets are said to be harbringers of change. Good or ill? We will have to see.

It's all a play and the stars and planets light up the stage....our planet Earth ... spinning around on its axis and circling the Sun year after year. And here we all are in the midst of it, looking up and asking... "what the hell are we doing here?"

...or we should be...( asking)

My wish on this auspicious occasion is that somehow, some day, we figure that out, so we can all live in harmony on this blessed planet.

It starts today.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi

Eclipse details:

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