Sunday, 13 June 2010

Gemini New Moon

Make a wish on the New Moon. Its in Gemini...make two!!!

The New Moon brings fresh energy in a Gemini way which is communication, trivialities, quick changes (Gemini is ruled by Mercury...who has wings on his feet).

Gemini's are good at witty conversation and flirting. It seems superficial but that depends on how it is applied. Getting many views on a subject or situation is often prudent if one wants a wider perspective. Gemini will help you do this.

In June big things are happening. Jupiter conjoins Uranus at the Aries point(beginning of the zodiac), bringing new energy energy to Pisces, Sagittarius, and Aquarius and Aries. There's a life-changing lunar eclipse in Capricorn that will also impact Cancerians,and set off the ongoing Cosmic Cross between Pluto, Saturn etc(see previous posts). And after a very long visit in Leo, Mars finally departs, and its moves into Virgo. Taureans and Librans will have their moments as well. So lots going on ... expect positive movement this month. Expect the unexpected.

more next time.....

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