Friday, 4 June 2010

Check the Fine Print

I could go into the current sky...(Neptune and Mars are dancing together from opposite sides of the sky).... ok, I will.... in a bit. But once again I want to reiterate that my main purpose for this blog is to introduce you to some Astrological concepts and an understanding of how and /or why a chart of the sky at your time of birth can be such a powerful tool for self knowledge. Its not that I don't think it is useful to know what going on out there in the cosmos. I do. I just am more interested in the more personal workings of the human psyche and in human relationships in general. There are astrologers out there (see side bar) who are highly skilled at deciphering the signs of the times. And I will continue to do so on key days like New or Full Moons etc. The very cosmic Grand Cross, for example, coming up at the end of June, is one I will explore in the next few days. Yet my personal interest is in personal and interpersonal Astrology.

Jonathan Cainer (excellent daily site...see sidebar ) was asked about the charts of 'enlightened beings' such as Buddha or Christ etc. He said that our highest selves are beyond Astrology and in that sense we are no different from any enlightened being. Astrology is for when we are not in an enlightened state and we need to figure out why we are acting why we do the way we do (which is most of the time).

That triggered something I have questioned all along about all this stuff. That wouldn't it be better if we focused all our time and energy in developing our consciousness and becoming enlightened, rather than constantly trying to figure out how or why we get into the messes we do.

My conclusion, at this point in time, in that I want to do both. I want to devote my entire being to being the best I can be on all levels. On this material plane that means dealing with my desires and proclivities, my talents and my handicaps, my radiance. Yet, when I sit and focus within, all of these disappear into a place of stillness and light, and I know that is my true home and true destination. Still, when I am working or playing or relating or thinking about how or what I need to do on an everyday level, I find it most helpful to have some understanding and knowledge of my own chart.

Today Mars is opposite Neptune.Neptune dissolves what is comes into contact with, Mars is our desires and our outward drives. Neptune means death to the ego.You may find yourself desiring strange things. Or longing for what is unattainable. Or for the divine... (which is attainable, but not with the ego). This is all emphasized by the Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). Dreamy, soft energy drawing us into the intangible realms of spirit. You may find whatever you do today comes to naught. Things will be a bit unclear. Possibly even downright dodgey. Check the fine print.

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