Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Full Moon in Sagitarius

Sagittarius is ...half centaur half man. He holds a bow and arrow and represents our hopes and ideals...our bigger self. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the largest planet. Jupiter expands everything it touches. Likewise, Sagittarians are expansive,optimistic, adventurous and playful. At the same time they are deep thinkers and visionaries.

When the Moon is full in Sagittarius we all can dream a little higher, and seek a bit farther than usual. Maybe a sudden urge to hop in the car and just drive. Maybe a ponderous book suddenly appeals. Maybe we want to laugh and play and let our hair down. The highest form of Sagittarius is the seeker. Maybe it will have us asking the important questions like" who am I " and " why am I here"?

Whatever bit of Sagittarius touches you today, I can hope it will broaden your horizon just a little and/or touch a need to step out of your limited self. Be all you can and everyday. Carpe diem (seize the day!)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It's all in the Stars. Is it?

Astrology brings up the issue of “free will” versus “fate”

People often resist the idea of planets having an effect on ones life, as that seems to reek of superstition and fatalistic thinking. We are the captains of our own ships are we not? Yet if you went on a sea voyage you would need to consult the stars to navigate (nowadays it’s via satellite...same idea) and use sea charts to be sure of the shoals and reefs that could sink your ship. We are dependent on our environment in so many ways.

I personally feel that we always have a choice in how we respond to life events, and our birth chart will show us what our personal tendencies are. I also believe we are evolving beings and chose our birth time to create the perfect template for our continued soul development and growth.

Now no one can prove this and it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to understand the patterns of behaviour we manifest in our life and learn to become more conscious of what operates within and around us so we can optimize our short time here on planet earth.

It has been said that if we don’t live our lives consciously, then the things that happens to us “happen” as “fate”. So what do we have control of and what is beyond our control?

“Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent transpersonal forces that affect EVERYONE. The rising or sinking tide that floats all boats, so to speak.”
Robert Wilkenson

The rest are called the “personal planets” and describe our own distinctive expressions of self (Sun) through emotion, feelings (Moon), desire, will, action (Mars), relationships, beauty, love (Venus), restriction, structure, lessons (Saturn) and expansiveness, travel, learning and Joy (Jupiter) .

So the idea is that the outer planets bring situations into our lives that are (seemingly) out of our control and the inner planets describe how we will respond to them.

Through our free will or choice, we learn and grow and develop a sense of who we are and why we are here.

It is our true essence that remains when the template is thrown away, so who we are is bigger than all the manner of expressions we live through in one life. Yet I want to know both: the expansive me that transcends this mortal coil, and will go on when it ends, and the personal me that has to live in this world, here and now, and has its own proclivities and tastes and wishes and desires.

I see getting the two together as the great task of life; bringing harmony and balance between the fragments of self and weaving them together as a beautiful whole. Harmonious and disharmonious experiences are part of that evolution, and the challenges of life that are flagged up by the passing planets, will motivate us to examine the nature of the current gift or lesson(or both).

Sometimes we must tear down old structures and ways of being to allow for new growth to emerge. This tearing down can be a painful process and sometimes ignite fierce resistance (look at the world right now). The current Pluto Saturn square with Uranus opposite Saturn is definitely giving us a chance to experience this kind of tension and change (see earlier posts). Having this same configuration in my own chart, I often find myself resisting change… even though with Uranus conjunct my Sun I also continually invite it.

As I surrender control and allow the winds of change to take hold of my sails, I can look up at the stars to steer my way home. Then again...wherever I go, there I am.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Holy shit

A quick glanse at the sky shows a a pretty powerful set up happening. A Grand Square or Grand Cross (sometimes called a Cosmic cross) has been spoken about for a while as there is such a powerful one this year.(read some of the past blogs). A square is a tense 90 degree angle between planets. An opposition is two planets opposite each other(duh). The Grand Square is when there are four squares which creates two oppositions as well. Looks like a huge square with a cross in it. Its a very concentrated and powerful energy that can be likened to how a diamond is formed...under immense pressure. With Pluto and Saturn and Uranus involved it brings a dynamic worth paying attention to(as if you could not).

The planets involved today are Saturn square Venus Square Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto. Yikes. Every time a planets transits the first few degress os Cancer it will set off this configuration. Today it is Venus, the planet of love. Love brings up anything unlike itself is a saying I heard somewhere. This would be the day to test out that theory.

The Moon is also conjunct Mars (fiery)in Leo (me, me, me)opposite Uranus Chiron (cost of freedom)on the Auquarius/Pisces border. Squared the Sun in Gemini. Breaking free of restricting or wounding situations. feelings of abandonment? Sun in Gemini can be superficial and chatty and especially noncommittal. Someone is being tempted to have an afair perhaps? Or at least will not be wanting to be tied down by anyone's demands, moods or expectations.

Then there is a Grand Trine (three 120 degree angles...make up a triangle)between Pluto in Capricorn , the Leo Moon/Mars and Mercury in Taurus. Some deep issues (Pluto) are being worked on today. It is a good time to express yourself truthfully...just be careful or reactions(Mars/Moon) and fiery tempers.

I feel its about breaking free from restrictive situations or people. The Trine with Pluto, Mercury and Mars, Moon will perhaps allow for a sober discussion around who or what or why. Maybe the change that is happening (Jupiter, Uranus) will not be too dramatic. But as its square the Sun there a chance for some rebellious behaviour today. Some of this energy has been happening for a while. Venus connecting to it puts it into the realm of relationships and love. With Venus just moving into Cancer, some emotion is going into the mix.

Take a deep breath. Speak your truth.Be honest. Be sincere. Be fair. be kind. To yourself as well. Namaste.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Dark Moon

A New Moon ( Taurus) is actually not visible in the sky. Right now this empty sky is called 'the dark of the Moon' and lasts a day or two until a tiny sliver appears in the darkness. It is said that at the dark of the Moon the veil thins and sensitive souls have a little more access to the unformed world. It's potentially a magical, mystical time - as past, present and future melt together into a brief moment where we have a chance to see what's normally hidden from view. So watch your dreams, make those wishes and feel the subtle yet oh so powerful breath that keeps you alive.

On another note. In our own birth charts, we all have a variety of planets in setting up moods and patterns and themes which can be read and understood as a map of the psyche. If you read back through some of my latest posts I have been describing whats happening on a general level. The same kind of discussion goes on when you have your chart read. If your own Sun is close to your Moon and is squared Mars for example (as it is in the sky right now) you will be feisty and moody and have a tendency to look for a fight.

The houses (the chart is divided up into sections called houses) where the planets sit will tell you what areas of your life this energy will activate. So if you Sun is in the 3th house (communication, thinking, words, brothers and sisters) is squared Mars in 6th house(work health service details) you may find you fight with co workers or have some health issues triggered by hot foods (Mars) or get into fights a lot with siblings or ...on a positive note...have a passion for details, can voice your opinion strongly, etc.

The Sign the planets are in will define their mode of expression. Today's Mars in Leo has a flair for the dramatic, being a bit self centered yet also very warm and loyal. Mars in Leo will stand up for friends while making sure they get their just deserts.

That's just a bit of an idea. The various angles between planets influence their effects, as we see with the current Saturn opposite Uranus for example. An opposition creates an either /or scenario. With Uranus being the bringer of change, the pressure is on the old and stable (Saturn) to let go its hold and allow for transformation (Pluto...square) to occur. Many current events reflect this pressure as systems tumble under all the pressure.

In a birth chart these sorts of patterns are there for a lifetime rather than a period of time, as in current transits. Some people feel intimidated by that and see it as a kind of sealed fate or prediction that limits one to certain behaviours, events etc. Actually, the point is that we all do have certain tendencies, yet how we express them and what we do with them is up to our free will. I personally believe that, on a soul level, we chose our moment and place of birth. The chart we come in with is the perfect description of our own evolution and knowing what these factors are really helps us take responsibility for our own journey.

SO whether it is our choice or fate or some random act that brought us here, we can look at the map and see the layout of the terrain. Let the journey begin.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Moon in Taurus

A New Moon.... another new cycle. In Taurus it is all about connecting to the Earth, to our bodies, to our senses. Bet those seeds you planted in Aries are now sprouting. Good time to celebrate the Taurean desire for beauty, comfort and security.

The Moon conjunct Sun is square Mars and also Uranus/Jupiter so a bit intense ( is there a theme here?) Flare ups can happen. Feeling a need for reassurance? Mars in Leo is all about me... and Sun/Moon in Taurus is a tad stubborn. Uranus/Jupiter bit impulsive and very Pisces.... might jump to protect whoever is losing.

So...a few squares together with this New Moon may ignite a little bit of drama. Its trine Saturn which is a easier aspect the ability to solidify those Taurian urges into something real...though as everyone knows by now Saturn is in a push pull dynamic with Uranus/Jupiter. Out with the old in with the new.

According to Robert Wilkenson, squares help us shift directions and oppositions bring us new awarenesses.

The New Moon's inconjunct to Pluto gives another little edge to it all...inconjuncts create a kind of subtle stress; an out of the corner of your eye sort of warning. What was that you said? What was that I heard? Just enough to get the whole thing going.

Let the more laid back (if a bit stubborn) earthly quality of Taurus bring you down to earth. Have a bath, eat a good meal, dig in the garden, feel the Taurus pull to indulge your comfort zone. Enjoy sensual appreciation of ...whatever you fancy. Your body is your friend ... listen to it. If you feel insecure, be your own best friend.

Some believe that New Moon is a time to make a wish as it is the seed stage of the next cycle. What do you wish for with all your heart?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Push and Pull of Saturn opposite Uranus

I have a migraine today so am posting a copy from another astrologer....Steven Forest at

I will refer back to these points in the next few days.

Steve says:

"We are 3/5ths of the way through a pattern of five oppositions of Saturn and Uranus:

* on 11/04/08 at 19 Virgo (Saturn) -Pisces (Uranus)
* on 2/5/09 at 20 Virgo-Pisces
* on 09/15/09 at 25 Virgo-Pisces
* on 4/24/2010 at 29 Virgo-Pisces
* on 7/26/2010 at 1 Libra-Capricorn

Transiting Uranus galvanizes whatever planet or point it is aspecting, and whatever house it is passing through in your birthchart. It asks you to overhaul and transform these areas, particularly where you may have been clinging to traditions, habits, fears and restrictive conservatism about them. The more "trapped" you have felt here, the more acutely you may feel this Uranian call to progress and freedom.

To work well with these transits, you must use the Uranian virtue of being fully yourself--not someone else's idea of you, and not a living symbol of "the Revolution" at the expense of your own identity.

Transiting Saturn asks you for a realistic and objective assessment of what is and is not working about whatever planet or point it is aspecting, and about whatever house it is passing through in your birthchart. It asks you to use the Saturnian virtues of good reality-testing and shrewd, consistent effort to make a concrete, practical change of whatever isn't working for you.

Reflect on these oppositions, and remember you don't have to figure it out yesterday. Two more partile oppositions are still ahead. Don't stall in a way that could end up hurting you (too much Saturn). And don't rush blindly ahead (too much Uranus) without thinking things through about what structures you might want to keep or change (Saturn) rather than just tear down (Uranus).

The transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition is further affected by the action of transiting Pluto, which is in early Capricorn and in the process of squaring transiting Saturn three times. The first square occurred at 1 Libra on Nov. 15th. The second was on Jan. 31, 2010, at 4 Libra. The third is on Aug. 21, 2010 at 3 Libra.

Transiting Pluto tends to ask us, as a group, to become aware of the shadow side of the sign through which it's transiting. (It recently left Sagittarius, whose shadow sides include the potentials for religious fanaticism and self-righteousness, for unchecked, overreaching growth, expansion and greed, and for difficulty in limiting one's options, whether they're real or perceived. Can you see some parallels to recent world events?)

Capricorn's shadow sides include the potential for abuses by the patriarchal mindset and by authority in general, for overly- controlling behavior, and for narrow-minded focus on the goal and the bottom line regardless of what means are taken toward that end.

As a group, we are being asked to see how those shadow expressions of Capricorn can challenge the reality (Saturn) of how we build (Saturn) and negotiate (Libra) healthy relationships, fairness, equality, moderation and aesthetics (all Libra), and what the actual value of those things is in our lives. As individuals, that dynamic is operating in your life wherever the early degrees of Capricorn and Libra fall in your chart, and also where those degrees make aspects to the rest of your chart." Steve Forrest Astrology

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Back to Basics

I have been doing some current forecast type writing...partly because I need the practice and partly because the sky this year is so exciting and powerful and significant.We are in the midst of such significant change and upheaval who wouldn't want to see what it is all about?

Nonetheless, I originally intended this site to be more about personal astrology because that is my own area of interest. There are many advanced astrologers out there that weave the story of the current sky into political discourse and assess the trends and tendencies and tell us how the world will be in a month or a year etc.

I am deeply impressed by their insights and skill at deciphering the signs...and if you want that kind of forecast I have put a few links on the sidebar.

The area that most fascinates me is the human psyche. Birth chart astrology is not about predictions, its about understanding ourselves. Most of us can use a little help in figuring out why we do the things we do or fell the things we feel or say the things we say. Its really quite amazing that a grid of lines made by a group of big objects floating through the heavens can create such an accurate map of the human psyche. Yet it can and it does. I just did a chart for a newborn who is only weeks old.

It is impossible to know whether any of it will turn out to be true. Its a chance to see if its possible (for me) to describe someones life who hasn't had the chance to be much of anything. Yet already some significant and dramatic events have occurred in his little life (hence the request for the chart) and some of that is evident in his chart already.Its extremely humbling (to say the least) to attempt any description and the years ahead we'll see if any of it turns out to be accurate.

The point is, its not about trying to second guess fate or life or take away personal choice. Its about reading the signs and seeing the map and figuring out what route we want or need to take to get us to our goal. And it even helps us figure out what the goal is.It was all laid out for us the day we were born. So if you have never had your chart done, I highly recommend you give it a try.