Thursday, 13 May 2010

New Moon in Taurus

A New Moon.... another new cycle. In Taurus it is all about connecting to the Earth, to our bodies, to our senses. Bet those seeds you planted in Aries are now sprouting. Good time to celebrate the Taurean desire for beauty, comfort and security.

The Moon conjunct Sun is square Mars and also Uranus/Jupiter so a bit intense ( is there a theme here?) Flare ups can happen. Feeling a need for reassurance? Mars in Leo is all about me... and Sun/Moon in Taurus is a tad stubborn. Uranus/Jupiter bit impulsive and very Pisces.... might jump to protect whoever is losing.

So...a few squares together with this New Moon may ignite a little bit of drama. Its trine Saturn which is a easier aspect the ability to solidify those Taurian urges into something real...though as everyone knows by now Saturn is in a push pull dynamic with Uranus/Jupiter. Out with the old in with the new.

According to Robert Wilkenson, squares help us shift directions and oppositions bring us new awarenesses.

The New Moon's inconjunct to Pluto gives another little edge to it all...inconjuncts create a kind of subtle stress; an out of the corner of your eye sort of warning. What was that you said? What was that I heard? Just enough to get the whole thing going.

Let the more laid back (if a bit stubborn) earthly quality of Taurus bring you down to earth. Have a bath, eat a good meal, dig in the garden, feel the Taurus pull to indulge your comfort zone. Enjoy sensual appreciation of ...whatever you fancy. Your body is your friend ... listen to it. If you feel insecure, be your own best friend.

Some believe that New Moon is a time to make a wish as it is the seed stage of the next cycle. What do you wish for with all your heart?

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