Friday, 14 May 2010

Dark Moon

A New Moon ( Taurus) is actually not visible in the sky. Right now this empty sky is called 'the dark of the Moon' and lasts a day or two until a tiny sliver appears in the darkness. It is said that at the dark of the Moon the veil thins and sensitive souls have a little more access to the unformed world. It's potentially a magical, mystical time - as past, present and future melt together into a brief moment where we have a chance to see what's normally hidden from view. So watch your dreams, make those wishes and feel the subtle yet oh so powerful breath that keeps you alive.

On another note. In our own birth charts, we all have a variety of planets in setting up moods and patterns and themes which can be read and understood as a map of the psyche. If you read back through some of my latest posts I have been describing whats happening on a general level. The same kind of discussion goes on when you have your chart read. If your own Sun is close to your Moon and is squared Mars for example (as it is in the sky right now) you will be feisty and moody and have a tendency to look for a fight.

The houses (the chart is divided up into sections called houses) where the planets sit will tell you what areas of your life this energy will activate. So if you Sun is in the 3th house (communication, thinking, words, brothers and sisters) is squared Mars in 6th house(work health service details) you may find you fight with co workers or have some health issues triggered by hot foods (Mars) or get into fights a lot with siblings or ...on a positive note...have a passion for details, can voice your opinion strongly, etc.

The Sign the planets are in will define their mode of expression. Today's Mars in Leo has a flair for the dramatic, being a bit self centered yet also very warm and loyal. Mars in Leo will stand up for friends while making sure they get their just deserts.

That's just a bit of an idea. The various angles between planets influence their effects, as we see with the current Saturn opposite Uranus for example. An opposition creates an either /or scenario. With Uranus being the bringer of change, the pressure is on the old and stable (Saturn) to let go its hold and allow for transformation (Pluto...square) to occur. Many current events reflect this pressure as systems tumble under all the pressure.

In a birth chart these sorts of patterns are there for a lifetime rather than a period of time, as in current transits. Some people feel intimidated by that and see it as a kind of sealed fate or prediction that limits one to certain behaviours, events etc. Actually, the point is that we all do have certain tendencies, yet how we express them and what we do with them is up to our free will. I personally believe that, on a soul level, we chose our moment and place of birth. The chart we come in with is the perfect description of our own evolution and knowing what these factors are really helps us take responsibility for our own journey.

SO whether it is our choice or fate or some random act that brought us here, we can look at the map and see the layout of the terrain. Let the journey begin.

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