Thursday, 20 May 2010

Holy shit

A quick glanse at the sky shows a a pretty powerful set up happening. A Grand Square or Grand Cross (sometimes called a Cosmic cross) has been spoken about for a while as there is such a powerful one this year.(read some of the past blogs). A square is a tense 90 degree angle between planets. An opposition is two planets opposite each other(duh). The Grand Square is when there are four squares which creates two oppositions as well. Looks like a huge square with a cross in it. Its a very concentrated and powerful energy that can be likened to how a diamond is formed...under immense pressure. With Pluto and Saturn and Uranus involved it brings a dynamic worth paying attention to(as if you could not).

The planets involved today are Saturn square Venus Square Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto. Yikes. Every time a planets transits the first few degress os Cancer it will set off this configuration. Today it is Venus, the planet of love. Love brings up anything unlike itself is a saying I heard somewhere. This would be the day to test out that theory.

The Moon is also conjunct Mars (fiery)in Leo (me, me, me)opposite Uranus Chiron (cost of freedom)on the Auquarius/Pisces border. Squared the Sun in Gemini. Breaking free of restricting or wounding situations. feelings of abandonment? Sun in Gemini can be superficial and chatty and especially noncommittal. Someone is being tempted to have an afair perhaps? Or at least will not be wanting to be tied down by anyone's demands, moods or expectations.

Then there is a Grand Trine (three 120 degree angles...make up a triangle)between Pluto in Capricorn , the Leo Moon/Mars and Mercury in Taurus. Some deep issues (Pluto) are being worked on today. It is a good time to express yourself truthfully...just be careful or reactions(Mars/Moon) and fiery tempers.

I feel its about breaking free from restrictive situations or people. The Trine with Pluto, Mercury and Mars, Moon will perhaps allow for a sober discussion around who or what or why. Maybe the change that is happening (Jupiter, Uranus) will not be too dramatic. But as its square the Sun there a chance for some rebellious behaviour today. Some of this energy has been happening for a while. Venus connecting to it puts it into the realm of relationships and love. With Venus just moving into Cancer, some emotion is going into the mix.

Take a deep breath. Speak your truth.Be honest. Be sincere. Be fair. be kind. To yourself as well. Namaste.

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