Sunday, 2 May 2010

Back to Basics

I have been doing some current forecast type writing...partly because I need the practice and partly because the sky this year is so exciting and powerful and significant.We are in the midst of such significant change and upheaval who wouldn't want to see what it is all about?

Nonetheless, I originally intended this site to be more about personal astrology because that is my own area of interest. There are many advanced astrologers out there that weave the story of the current sky into political discourse and assess the trends and tendencies and tell us how the world will be in a month or a year etc.

I am deeply impressed by their insights and skill at deciphering the signs...and if you want that kind of forecast I have put a few links on the sidebar.

The area that most fascinates me is the human psyche. Birth chart astrology is not about predictions, its about understanding ourselves. Most of us can use a little help in figuring out why we do the things we do or fell the things we feel or say the things we say. Its really quite amazing that a grid of lines made by a group of big objects floating through the heavens can create such an accurate map of the human psyche. Yet it can and it does. I just did a chart for a newborn who is only weeks old.

It is impossible to know whether any of it will turn out to be true. Its a chance to see if its possible (for me) to describe someones life who hasn't had the chance to be much of anything. Yet already some significant and dramatic events have occurred in his little life (hence the request for the chart) and some of that is evident in his chart already.Its extremely humbling (to say the least) to attempt any description and the years ahead we'll see if any of it turns out to be accurate.

The point is, its not about trying to second guess fate or life or take away personal choice. Its about reading the signs and seeing the map and figuring out what route we want or need to take to get us to our goal. And it even helps us figure out what the goal is.It was all laid out for us the day we were born. So if you have never had your chart done, I highly recommend you give it a try.


  1. Thank you for this post.
    I had a call this past week from a woman who I sometimes forward astro articles that I feel are insightful for her. She just called to say that she had a little voice tell her that all of this star stuff is unimportant as all there is is God. Astrology, being a passion, I felt quite offended. I felt that by saying there is only God or only a religion whatever, you make irrelevant all the fascinating seemingly illogical details that go into us being human. When people do this to me it feels like having water dousing my fire. I have learnt to accept it, but I'd still prefer to carry on shining and burning my warmth even if only for me.

  2. Thanks for your post. In a way I agree with your friend.Astrology is unimportant in relation to the ultimate reality. Yet that god or source or spirit (or whatever you call she/he/it...) has manifested in us and around us and the stars are part of that manifestation. They are markers and symbols and as such can help us understand and celebrate our existence. Yet in the end it is true...that whatever we think or say or do, there is one ultimate reality that surpasses all others.