Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Full Moon in Sagitarius

Sagittarius is ...half centaur half man. He holds a bow and arrow and represents our hopes and ideals...our bigger self. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the largest planet. Jupiter expands everything it touches. Likewise, Sagittarians are expansive,optimistic, adventurous and playful. At the same time they are deep thinkers and visionaries.

When the Moon is full in Sagittarius we all can dream a little higher, and seek a bit farther than usual. Maybe a sudden urge to hop in the car and just drive. Maybe a ponderous book suddenly appeals. Maybe we want to laugh and play and let our hair down. The highest form of Sagittarius is the seeker. Maybe it will have us asking the important questions like" who am I " and " why am I here"?

Whatever bit of Sagittarius touches you today, I can hope it will broaden your horizon just a little and/or touch a need to step out of your limited self. Be all you can and everyday. Carpe diem (seize the day!)

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