Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Full Moon already waning

What a Moon it has been.    Look outside tonight and though it  is waning it's still in its glory.  And still conjunct Saturn square Pluto  (means tension...big time).  The Pluto Saturn square has been pressurizing us all for some time now.  Soon Uranus will be exactly opposite Saturn again creating a rare Grand Cross in the sky....and something is going to have to shift. Meanwhile the tension will increase and likely result in some kind of eruption (Volcanoes have already happened...and earth quakes...they are apt metaphors for the type of pressure that these planets signify).  Depending on where they are in your birth chart you can expect some form of transformation and change. That much is guaranteed. Oh we can resist...and with the Saturn square we probably will.  But once Uranus is in the mix change is inevitable.

Uranus is like a lightning bolt that jars us into action.  The tension from Pluto can  amplify and transform the energy into a potential shift of consciousness. Pluto in Capricorn breaking down systems and structures, Saturn in Libra putting pressure on us for fairness and balance and connection even while Uranus tries to set us off balance.  It will come to a major head in mid-August.  Should be interesting.

And this Full Moon in Libra  has hit those points and set all that in motion. Libra is ruled by Venus.  Venus is about connection.  Its about love.  And balance.  Poor Moon... trying to balance these powerful planetary forces.  Talk about pressure. How are your relationships right now? This past week I have felt it building...had quite a few headaches.  ~~Did you? They should ease now that the Moon is waning. Pressure isn't always a bad thing...it can spur us into action.  Force us to shift and adjust and find new ways to maneuver.  

The Sun in Aries is also urging us to action and stirring new beginnings, and with Mars now surging forward we can make up lost ground and head forward. And on a global scale we can steer this great energy into something that has value (Libra) and solidity (Saturn) and depth (Pluto) Hopefully toward a new earth...a place where human beings know who they are and care for each other and also take care of the planet beneath our feet. One can only hope.

                "when a situation is not made conscious,
                      it happens outside us as fate."              Carl Jung

Friday, 26 March 2010

Take it easy.

Right now the Sun is setting off the Pluto Saturn Square that is causing so much tension. It is exactly square Pluto today so watch out for eruptions and power struggles. Uranus in the picture pushes standoffs and confrontations to extremes. Sudden flare-ups are very possible, and it might be wise to pause and take a breath before confronting someone over built up issues. Mars and Moon together in Leo mean egos will be involved. And Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries (which is ruled by Mars the warrior) indicate that more than a little patience may be required of us all.

Luckily Moon Trine Venus and Mercury means we really don’t want to fight. We can try some Moon/Venus softness and empathy along with Mercury for understanding and communication to help dissolve tensions. Nonetheless, the sharpness of these planetary alignments sets the tone of the whole year ahead as issues and situations will come to a head again and again. There is a feeling that something has to give; something has to change.

This extremely rare 'Cosmic Cross' or 'T-Square being triggered today by the Suns position will soon happening all on its own. All the astrologers have been writing about what an intense time 2010 will be. The sharp pattern these alignments are now forming will eventually dominate our sky, increasingly triggering big changes to everyone’s life and to the world at large. Some say a time of unparalleled opportunity is at hand. 

What we make of it is up to us.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Vernal Equinox

In the Solar calendar  today is the  Vernal equinox (equal day light and equal night darkness) which signifies a new beginning;  a new cycle. The Astrological calendar begins with Aries the Ram: Impatient. Impetuous. Instigator. Initiator.  Ruled by Mars: god of war.  Colour: Red. And Mars has just gone forward after being retrograde (backwards) for several months. Time to release the past and start to move forward. Beware of impatience after feeling held back for so long.  Don't forget to breath.

The Weekend:

Friday's Moon is in earthy Taurus emphasizes earthly  sensuality and pleasures... touch and taste are heightened. Don't be in a hurry though.  This slow and sensual sign needs to go slow, without pressure or pretension. Remember KISS? (Keep it Simple Stupid) Good time to stay in a eat some yummy food while watching a sexy movie.

Then, on Saturday evening  the Moon moves into  curious Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is all about communication...should be a good night to catch up on all the gossip. Saturday is also  first day of spring with the Sun charging into impetuous Aries, inspiring us to start something new and to explore new territory.

According to Jeff Hawyer at www.tarot.com, there is a warning about  "mixed planetary signals". He cautions that it may be hard to know when to push ahead and when to hold back.

                 "The Moon aligns with both assertive Mars and restrictive Saturn on Saturday, 
                  which could be confusing for everyone. The Sun also connects with these contrasting
                 planets on Sunday, March 21. The Moon in flighty and flirty Gemini requires us 
                 to think fast on our feet so that we can switch emotional gears with the rapidly
                 changing moods that make for an interesting but, perhaps, unsettling weekend."

Remember the kids game  'Red Light Green Light?'  Similarly, Mars tells us to go ahead,  Saturn tells us to stop.  And Pluto in the mix pushes everything to the surface while Saturn tries to keep it all down. And the impetuous and rebellious energy of Uranus so close to the Sun could set off the dynamics. Gemini's mercurial nature will help us to respond quickly to shifting moods and signals. That's a good thing cause Saturn is still squared Pluto and the intensity of that could cause some tension.  Should be fun.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Practice Random Act of Kindness

Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a
thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.

Astrology is a tool to describe the thousand ways.   And each and every way is fine... is perfect. There is no right or wrong. The planetary symbols merely help us understand how we function in our life. They can describe our basic personality (Sun). How we feel (Moon). How we express (Mercury). How we act (Mars), how we relate to others (Venus) etc. Yet the reality is somewhere beyond the symbols. It lies deep within us and all around us. It's in every breath we take. Our life force cannot be quantified or labeled. It just is.

"The Tao one can describe is not the true Tao."

What can be described is the thousand ways (sort of ... kind of).

Right now there are a group of planets together with a New Moon in Pisces. Things begin at the New Moon and come to fruition when it is Full. Then the energy gradually dissipates as the Moon wanes,  starting again at the next new Moon in the next sign. . . bringing the next cycle.  Round and round it goes.

 Pisces is a water sign and relates to our higher or divine nature. It brings up our  compassion and caring, our deep unconscious; our dreams.  It relates  to the sea (Neptune, god of the sea, is the ruler of Pisces). Things that cannot be pinned down yet influence us in deep ways. Mediation can bring us into Piscean realms.  And so can fantasies, illusions, drugs,addictions escapism.  We have a choice to be present or not.

Today the new Moon is joined by the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and  Uranus... all close together (called a stellium), which greatly amplifies the Piscean signature of this New Moon.  Some people say you can make a wish on a New Moon. With all these planets lined up I would say there is more chance than usual that your wishes could come true.  Just make them real. What do you truly long for in your deepest soul? And...how can we awaken  compassion and serve the highest good in our life?

 All these planets are hanging out exactly where Mars sits in my birth chart.   Mars is about action.   In the current sky, Mars has been retrograde (going backwards) for several months...and has just started to move forward again.  We can all can expect stalled activities to gradually begin to pick up steam as Mars gets going forward.  I don't know about you but  I certainly have felt stymied in my ability to get things done (retrograde Mars means going back over things rather than moving forward). Though I cant blame it all on the planets (darn) I have to admit I been looking forward to this change of Mars' direction.

And with the New Moon plus all  these planets is lining up with my Mars today, I feel hopeful that I  may now be able to do what needs to be done more clearly and swiftly.  Jupiter is very auspicious and an optimistic, happy go lucky planet; it expands where it touches.  Uranus, like a lightning bolt, brings change and sudden flashes of electric energy ( Mars with Uranus can bring accidents...be careful if you too have Mars in Pisces).  The Sun...well...its the Sun..it lights up whatever it touches.  Combine all of these and  perhaps I can throw off the inertia I have been fighting and finally finish  the college work  I have been feeling so overwhelmed by.  Onward ho!

And the Pisces quality of it all reminds me  to remain  humble.  To kneel and kiss the earth. To appreciate: my life. This earth. Whatever I am being given at any moment.

So today's New Moon is very positive energy for all of us.  The compassion of Pisces combined with the Optimism of Jupiter and the Light of the Sun and the impetus of Uranus should mean some positive energy pulsing out to all of us on planet earth. 

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
   Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. 

Practice random acts of kindness

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Changing Sky : transits

Well after having said I would not do predictive Astrology I find myself wanting to give it a go. I am realizing I actually do use it all the time in Astrology readings. When I am looking at someone’s chart I always look at the current planets in the sky (transits) to see what issues are being focused on or brought to the fore. They often point me to a particular aspect in the chart that may not have otherwise caught my attention. There’s a kind of synchronicity that occurs and usually what ends up being discussed is particularly timely.

Once, when doing Astrology readings at a holistic fair, I printed out a chart for the day and noticed there was a Grand Cross in the sky at the time. A Grand Cross is a powerful and not too common configuration where there are four planets all 90 degrees apart creating a square or a cross of planets. It’s a bit of a rare and powerful kind of chart and yet that day, I had five different people come to me for readings that had Grand Squares in their charts! I have no idea what the actual odds are of that happening but I can assure you it was quite something. I guess it was my day to learn something about Grand Squares.

So…transits do matter. And yes, it is tricky, as I have said. I don’t want to influence a person negatively…or build up expectations. And I don’t want the responsibility of creating any self-fulfilling prophecies.

Have said that, it is helpful to know what kinds of energies are stirring around in the heavens and how they may affect us on our particular chart. It is our choice how we respond to these influences. Liz Greene, at Astro.com, often quotes an ancient saying: “the planets impel, they do not compel.”

So… I am going to eat a little humble pie and admit that current transits are important and I do use them… and if no one minds, I just may slip them in here now and then. Not in the way they appear in newspapers… “today you will have…..” …but perhaps I might try an overview of each month.

So stay tuned for a mid-March overview coming to a blog near you.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


        I have been asked about the image (and name) on my blog.  It's from my Masters of Fine Art final project. I was painting and studying female iconography and got very interested in the gold halos in religious paintings and also in Bizantine icons.  I had previously created some work around the Madonna /Whore dichotomy which led to painting halos on ordinary women (the idealization of the feminine). This then led to looking at gold as a subject in itself, and someone along the way told me that Aurum was gold in Latin.  Aurum/aura...there I was painting auras(halos!!).  In the Periodic Table  the symbol for gold/aurum is a circle with a dot at the center. In Astrology that is the symbol for the sun.  The sun in Astrology represents the Self.

     Meanwhile I has started reading about Alchemy (as part of the iconography around gold). According to Carl Jung, in Alchemy, the transformation from base metal to Gold is a metaphor for the transformation of the Self. So....long story short...I decided to create an installation about Gold.  I wanted to have gold dust either falling or sprinkled on the floor in a pattern...or cover walls with it etc ( this is art school...!!) though for obvious reasons using bronze dust...but it turns out is toxic.  So I decided to film it falling...

     Around the same time I was listening to a talk by someone named  Prem Rawat (see Words of Peace Global on side bar) and he was speaking about how we are  rich in life in a way we don't understand...and we don't realize it.  He said it is like gold is falling/ raining all around us (and in us) and yet we think we are poor. And yet all we have to do is put out our hands to catch it.  He said  thats what consciousness is .... putting out our cupped hands.

Catching the gold.